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Exuma from above! Aerial view of mesmerising sand bar stretching through the island. I’m extremely thankful that I was able to celebrate my birthday and explore in the beautiful place, having everything I love. To the Bahamas, thank you for the memories🇧🇸
Now, let’s go back to my country Japan!!
Although I edited a tiny bit, it really was pink!
Another paradise for sharks called compass cay in Exuma.
Famous swimming pigs🐽
Here is my favorite seafood.
I found pigs adorable for the first time in my entire life.
I have never seen this kind of blue. The ocean in Exuma is always shining, and changes its color every day. One thing remains the same is that it’s always beautiful.
I guess I just turned 22. Grateful for everything up to this point and excited for what’s coming!!!


If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.
As soon as I found sting rays, I jumped into the water.
I’m in love with sharks!!!!!🦈🦈🦈 #sharkdiving #sharkdive #bahamadivers #scubadiving #bahamascuba #bahama #gopro #goprohero7
One of my goals as a scuba diver was achieved!🦈
#sharkdiving #sharkdive #bahamadivers #scubadiving #bahamascuba #bahamas #gopro #goprohero7