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Josh bought one of those touristy basket weaving kits from our AZ trip and just completed his first coil basket. I’m impressed! I think he’s going to make one out of pine needles next! 💗⚱️
The best evening hikes are when my trail mates are a trio of mule deer, a horned owl and a baby king snake.
I have to get to school 45 minutes early to park, because even the accidents are in slow motion. 😂
Today’s nerd post is brought to you by sandstone crossbedding. These 100+ foot canyon walls used to be sand dunes. If you look closely you can see how the wind direction changed in each layer over the last few million years. Kinda neat. Thanks Professor Farquharson for my tiny Geo-skillz.🤓🌵
#geology #crossbedding #canyondechelly #walnutcanyon #nerdpost #miramarcollege
We found this interesting little potsherd in Walnut Canyon and couldn’t figure out how the design would go. Then, we went into the visitor’s center at Wupatki National Monument a few miles away and found the whole mug! ☕️ .
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Today is National Navajo Code Talker Day. It was an honor to have spent the last few days talking to Tribal members and exploring Navajo land. .
#wukoki #wupatki #canyondechelly #monumentvalley #navajonation
Josh has been flirting with this guy for a couple days now. We think he’s a Cooper’s Hawk, and that he wants to eat the cats 🐈 🦅 . Edit: iNaturalist says he’s a Red Shoulder Hawk
#kumeyaayterritory #kumeyaayland #hawk #missiontrailsregionalpark #redshoulderhawk
She gave it all to send up that shoot. She’ll topple over soon but her little clones will carry on. I don’t know why I found this is so comforting today.🌵 #kumeyaayterritory #kumeyaayland #agave
Found a dead California Sister Butterfly today. No obvious signs of trauma so I’m not sure how she died, but I am happy to have an opportunity to check her out. 🦋 
#californiasisterbutterfly #kumeyaayterritory #kumeyaayland
The smell of a wet desert is something not to be missed. Yesterday after work we chased the thunderheads east and arrived to Blair Valley just after a downpour. This is the first time I’ve felt happy in weeks. Even getting stung in the side 4 times by a wasp was preferable to my recent human interactions in the cotton world. 🤪
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Snapshots from the real world. .
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