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Starboard beaver sleepover/Worthing Thunder night. Then they did their cycling badge lots of fun by all #8thworthing90
Starboard Troop had a very energetic afternoon on a trip to @jumpin_fun #8thworthing90
Starboard beavers at library doing Google logo play night. Loved it! #8thworthing90
Starboard beavers campfire/tea light songs night! Penguin song,button factory,baby shark-to name but a few! #8thworthing90
Skills Night at Port Troop Scouts (yes, they can change a duvet now!) #skillsforlife #8thworthing90
Starboard Troop had an evening on nautical skills ⚓🛶 #8thworthing90 #skillsforlife
Osprey Explorers dressed up in purple this evening as we worked in partnership with Heads On to raise awareness for Mental Health #8thworthing90
Awesome day whitewater kayaking with Osprey Explorers! #8thworthing90 #skillsforlife
Our jamboree participants are running a fab race night! Thank you to Ferring FC, Worthing Brazilian Masters football club and the Mortgage Advice Bureau for sponsoring this event. #8thworthing90
This evening Starboard Troop we're getting very creative with some bin bag fashion. Here is the super hero costumes. #8thworthing90
Some excellent artwork from Starboard pack tonight, each Cub made a square to build the whole picture, well done everyone!! #8thworthing90 #scout #skillsforlife #modernart
Osprey ESU this evening catching up and preparing for all levels of DofE #8thworthing90