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She and I met through the most unlikely introduction during English Lit freshman year at ASU. It wasn’t unlikely that we would meet, but more so the cis gender white male doing the introduction! I have ponder this phrase for years only to know that being in this world requires Me to fully embody that rite and that embodiment is where our Power resides! In being Alive, in being Woman, in being Colored... taking into account we are all those things and all of those are one! Thank you for giving words to my traumas, journey and dreams long before I knew there were words to articulate! May your Grand Rising be a welcoming celebration with friends and family, long forgotten about; delighted that you took the long way home! Rest Great One, Ashe!
Hi Fam! You Love your Nieces, Nephews, little cousins, the neighbors kid that turns the event out every time you get together!? Well train’em up right, go let my sister friend @ryneasoul assist in cultivating that greatness!
That kind of Day!!! 🎶 Dance, there’s nothing left for me to do🎶 #cannedHeat #southerngirlsantics #thebeautifulfeminine #donotfallasleep
I woke up! Grateful to have the opportunity to acknowledge another Solar Return! Blessings are not lost on me and I am truly humbled! So, crystals charged? Check! Body Movement? Check! Welcome to the Real, People! If you don’t know a Libra Born in October you need to meet one! We are Beyond expectations! #southerngirlsantics #HappySolarReturn #EarthdayBlessings #TekaTeka #southernwomanist #artistinBloom #Librasarebetter
And then sometimes Moon Bathing is better! Welcome to the New Year!!! #Fullmoon #ritualistic #thebeautifulfeminine #southerngirlantics #Libragang #fullmooninAries
Earthday Blessings to All my Libra’s. Re-new, re-fresh, and re-connect with the center...We are the balancing Act the World is trying to Master! #Month1 #librarising #Sun #Moon #HappyNewYear #selfappreciation #TheBeautifulFeminine #southerngirlanticsinhighfrequency #lightjourney
Man I can’t get my time back...ugh! #wakeup
Friday Night! Stop Two, not sure about this New Bham but this is my Spot! #southerngirlantics #wtfriday
Ladies and Gentlemen. LoveMoor @lovelookingatmoor #fridaynightout #southerngirlantics #SaturnGyrlAntics
TBT- often iForget who iAm within my own gifts. talents that I’ve hidden away due to comparison, due to the fact that I don’t Yell, Scream, nor eat the mic. iSing! But just as I was turning a singing gig down, my mother handed me this program! 😢 Man, this was ages ago but iRemember saying iWould sing at Carnegie Hall and then it happened! Great reminder for me! iLove how the goddess moves on my behalf. Wow! The third photo is of the only two Choir directors that took the stage that night at Carnegie Hall! Mr. Perry L Anderson was lite years ahead of time in his teaching. He was an Alchemist!
SaturnDay Nights! Day two! Check it out...Met a few of these people. The love of the artistry is beyond words! In order: if you don’t know them, you’re Welcome! @oshun @sammusmusic @ozu8lack @highonbassheadjazz @githeartist @dommel_mosel @sarocthemc  This week has been southern girl antics, mix with other worldness so its #SaturnGyrlAntics  @secretstages is always full of surprises! #musichealsthesoul #southerngirlantics #quartermoon
Man! Look! I am so excited and exhausted and enthusiastic about this next phase! There are no words! #saturngirlantics #southerngirlantics #nuseason