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Ab workout! Tag your friends below! Do 10 reps each for a total of 4 sets (I don’t post many workout videos anymore because people don’t engage on them) it takes a lot to record and edit them for you guys.
We did Legs & Abs today! Tag a friend! Do 12 reps each exercise for 4 rounds! The more friends you tag the more videos I post daily
Hey ladies! All fitness programs start tomorrow! This will be the last week you can buy them. Go to for more or click the link in my bio ( I have some exciting stuff coming in a few weeks )
Repost from my husband @troyleehunt “Do you know your kids are watching and observing your marriage? They’re watching the way that you treat their mom. They’re watching how you talk, fight and love each other. Children learn by example. For me, my daughters will see how a woman should be treated and I will set the standard for what they will be treated like by their future husband. You also need to show your kids that your marriage is your priority. You can’t have a happy family without a happy marriage. It’s the same reason the flight attendant tells you to put your oxygen mask on first, because if you run out of oxygen you can’t help anyone else put their oxygen mask on. Be the example your children need you to be. One of the most important things we can do as parents, is put our marriage first!  Our kids need to know that Mom and Dad’s marriage is priority and it comes first and show them that they have a stable and secure environment. We need to show our kids how to fight for marriage; love your wife unconditionally, make time to date her, take her on trips, and show your kids how important she is to you.  To have a happy and sustainable marriage, your kids cannot be the center of everything, because one day they will move out, and it’ll be the two of you at home just like when it all began.”
🙌🏻🤓 gonna post this hair tutorial on @alexajeanbrown
After tons and tons of emails we’ve decided to extend the sale!! You guys there is only 1 hour to get my photo editing presets and fitness programs on sale! Go to or click the link in my bio
Repost from my husband @troyleehunt “This is how I always want to look at my wife. Sometimes we as people can forget how amazing that person we have next to us is because we focus on the wrong things. We focus on the things we wish they would do. We let the negative thoughts overcome the positive ones. Instead we have to remember to focus on everything they do for us. I want to always remember how incredible and how genuine and selfless her heart is. How much sacrifice she makes for everyone around her including me. I want to always remember how much of an amazing mom she is. Marriages are no easy task. It’s up to us to continue the fire that we have in our hearts for each other. To always remember we have a common goal in life. That day I asked her to be my wife is the day I took on a huge role to always be that person for her heart. That’s why we have to be intentional with our spouses. Give them the time and effort they deserve. To serve each other selflessly. To listen and confide in each other. Because at the end of the day there is a reason why we chose to say yes and devote our lives together. And in hard times in life you have to remember that.” @alexajeanbrown
Tag a friend! Chair workout today! Do 10 reps each exercise for a total of 4 sets. When Blake ran away I had to squeeze in the last exercise 🤣 what moms can relate?!
2005 vs 2018 and 2 kids later 😆😍 @alexajeanbrown 🤣🤣 the hair and glasses(I was 16)
Hot coffee or cold coffee!?! Troy loves hot but I’m a iced coffee girl all day ❤️
For those asking I put my FITNESS BUNDLE back on the website. We had a delay in a project coming up so I’m gonna give you another chance to get the fitness programs. Go to or click the link in my profile
What workout video next?! Are you guys enjoying the workout videos? TAG SOME FRIENDS IF YOU WANT MORE! Do 8 reps each exercise for a total of 4 sets!