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That's a wrap! @raiarapida #raiarapida
Back in Brazil
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It is a great honor to welcome the reigning Olympic champion @anthonyervin to #weswimclub later this month. It is going to be an amazing swim camp with the help of @hara_vincitore 💪💪💪 #Repost @wonderyears_swim

#福岡 #久留米 #水泳 #ワンダーイヤーズ
#オリンピック #金メダル
#クロール #anthonyervin #japan #swimcamp #sydney2000 #rio2016 #fukuoka #kurume #swimming
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Nada menos do que DUAS medalhas de OURO olímpicas!
@anthonyervin é nome certo no Desafio @raiarapida 2017.
Será que alguém vai conseguir derrotar esse monstro sagrado?
O Desafio Raia Rápida é apresentado por @shell e Lei do Incentivo ao Esporte e patrocinado por @piraque .
Realização: @fazsport
#raiarapida #raiarapida2017 #fastlane
Early stage handstand development. Date trees everywhere. #movementculture 📸: @roye_gold
Hanging in the park. #movementculture #movementstrength
Starts-play today with @roye_gold. Check his Instagram for his first start attempt in 10 years.
Only one person in this photo didn't go to Cal. Thank you to the Cal Alumni of Hong Kong and @harvest_sky for making this meeting happen! And thank you @mo_landmarkhk for hosting the event! #landmarkmandarinoriental #gobears
A 12-hour time shift flying over the Arctic ice-cap from NYC to Hong Kong. Greeted at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel #mo_landmarkhk with distinguished courtesy and pastries (1). Slept a few hours then went to the gym (2) to get after it with some kettle bells, dumbbells, and weighted bars amongst other mobility methods and movements learned from @portal.ido and @roye_gold (and of course #teamae coach @ziofit). Still a little crusty around the eyes before jumping into the @myrtha_pools (3) where I evolved from the ape to the otter yet again. Feeling better as I made my way into #theorientalspa sauna (4) to collect myself and dry out. And then to the steam room 🤣(5). A quick jacuzzi (6) before returning to my suite (7) to get ready for all the people in my day. #harvest_sky #landmarkmandarinoriental
North Carolina Swimming Awards Banquet! Congrats to all of you!
Found @portal.ido again yesterday and had a good session. Humbled by weakness and ignorance. Awed by how much potential I still have.
@imagineswimming, from New Amsterdam to its original. @eptasnik