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I help women understand the intersection between nutrition, mental health, and menstruation.
From The Bronx, NYC | Living in Seattle | 🇵🇷

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So excited for this! Thank you to the Seattle Chapter of @lta1975 for having me as their special guest tomorrow! Contact @erykahenciso for more information! 
Be sex positive. It’s all about perspective #whatsinyourbox
The only person you should be comparing yourself to... is yourself. Exist on your own terms. 
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Let’s get mindful! Meditation has been known to improve emotion and mental symptoms of PMS #truth

Still have a couple open spots this month for free consultations! Schedule yours today @ nicolenegron.com
It’s called balance! 
Still have a couple open slots this month for free consultations! Schedule yours @ nicolenegron.com
What visuals about being a woman are you consuming every day? Do you feel jealousy and self contempt or inspiration and self acceptance?
I love you. You annoy me. I want chocolate. Give me space. Hug me. Go away. Can we go to the movies? Yea, it’s PMS week. 
#hormotional #andthatsok
When you're tuned in spiritually but got a little ghetto in you 😉✌🏽 #alignyourchakras #bronxgirl
Don’t ignore the signs your body is giving you. It knows you better than you think! 
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#neverlosehope ✊🏽
Shout out to Coretta Scott King. First Lady of the civil rights movement. Without her there would be no MLK Day. Your legacy will live on...
Did you know: MLK supported the work of Planned Parenthood and was a contraception advocate? He was quoted saying “women must be considered as more than ‘breeding machines.” He understood the basic human right to choose, and understood the challenges women and families of color faced just to get by. 
#feminist #mlk