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currently living in a car somewhere in australia.

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We found this little cutie while cleaning out a caravan. He woke us up running around in our caravan a few nights later. ❤️
Took a spur of the moment trip yesterday to trial run our car set up before we leave Melbourne. Ended up at a lovely camping spot with no one around but us and acres of forest to explore. We were going to spend two nights but it was pretty cold outside and we forgot to bring jumpers. Oops.
#tbt because I'm trying to learn Kicks from @lights (and failing spectacularly) and meeting her was hands down one of the greatest moments of my life.
If you follow me on twitter, you might've seen me mention that I finally have Wattpad. I'll be publishing Seafarer, which I'm finally getting round to editing after just over a year, so be sure to check it out, leave a comment and vote if you like it! Link in the bio. 😊
I'm talking about how to travel in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way in the latest blog post! Be sure to check it out and comment with your own tips. 🌎 LINK IN BIO.
Another day, another afternoon spent in the sun fitting our platform bed together for the car. 🚘 I didn't have today's blog post scheduled in advance so that'll be up later in the day - for now, read all about our trip to Yarra Ranges National Park on the blog! 🌲 Link in bio ❤️
@neilc25 and I are both off work today but instead of exploring in this 38 degree heat, we're working on a platform bed for the car! 🚘 Leave your countries flag in the comments and an emoji to describe how you're spending the day! 🇦🇺
I've been quiet because I've finally got a job 🤑 but I've also been posting 3x a week on my blog. The latest is about our little trip to Yarra Ranges National Park! 🌲 LINK IN BIO ✖️Don't forget to leave a comment while you're there! 🖤
I'm talking about the album releases I can't wait for this year on my blog today. 🎧 Check out the latest post! LINK IN BIO 🖤
I used my camera on manual for the first time since 2013 (when I became too blind to use it without glasses) and it's reminded me why I hate auto focus so much. I'm never going back again, even if I have to deal with steamed up glasses sometimes. 😊
2018 has been a good food year so far. We started with a BBQ that had enough meat to feed an army; ordered takeaway 2 days in a row; had a housemate treat us to the most delicious crepes from his favourite takeout place; and demolished a mint chocolate lava cake for dessert today. 
So much for the diet, am I right? 😂
Finally got around to sorting through photos from our time in Hualien and found a rare photo of me. 🖤 Read about our trip on the blog. ✖️Link in the bio 📷: @neilc25