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A b&w edit I did with my #matryoshkadoll outfit I used at #valtifest festival 
I hope you like it and enjoy your Sunday 😉
I couldn't care less - Atreyasdream

Just a shadow pic of me at #kasteldehaar 
Picture by Jerome van Niftrik
Have a lovely weekend dearies 🖤❤️
Where will I end up, tonight
Getting fucked or frying my mind - Iamx
🖤Welcome 2 my mansion🖤
Picture by @jeroen_aalders
Make-up, styling by Atreyasdream
Location: All around Soest and Hilversum
Hello dearies, just have some fun this night.
Where? at my place
Please bring some champagne, dalmatians and bonbons, otherwise you will not be able to come in.
The secret word at the door: Cruellalalala
See you from 23:00 untill ??? 😂😂😂🖤🖤🎩💍 .
An edit for all the lovelies out there with or without a valentine ❤️❤️
I like to keep my artist and private life often separated. Those who follow me on my private Facebook page can see more about me and here on my stories.
I hope you enjoy life, keep it real, talk with eachother about everything including feelings or situations and just stand for what you believe, also when that's not always easy 2 reach, you must always make choices. Some people never does that's why I make mine. I will always choose those who dare, show their feelings and do care in real life!!!❤️
Showing some love 😂
I'm not like celebrating exactly today, my valentine must work and me 2. For us it's always ❤️✨🎩🦋😎😜🙄😈 and we don't really care about the traditional party days @jeroen_aalders
Loving this pic I found from this absolutely absurd theme party (nuit absurdist). In b&w it is more fancy weirdo.
I hope you have a great week all. 🦋🖤🖤 .
Pic by @jeroen_aalders
Make-up, styling by Atreyasdream (joker-clown)
#lloyd_acardi #lloydacardi 
Life is a joke, joker 🃏 - Atreyasdream
White and black version from one pic of this set (Ego goes ego)
Picture by Marc Kruse
Makeup, styling by Atreyasdream
👗 #poisonindustries  was available at #attitudeholland 
Xoxo have a great Sunday 🖤
Faded - Alan Walker
🖤The magic book, the mirror and the candles🖤

Pic by @jeroen_aalders
Makeup, styling, dollclown Atreyasdream
To rewire my mind
I'm only human
I come with knives - IAMX
I thought I did post the pics from my doll clown  appearance at the location #nes116. 
Well I hope you like it 🖤
The picture was just like that, I don't use effects, the flare was natural because the lights and the ambiance of this wonderful room projected into the camera lens, one of the rooms for the Sense 8 episodes.

Just a picture of me with a more natural makeup.
I don't have jewels here, and that's the intention for this concept, that feeling like I'm feeling naked with my clothes on and thinking about you I can dream.
I hope you like it. I'm busy today, just saying hello and have a great evening 🖤

Picture by @jeroen_aalders 
Make-up by Atreyasdream
This was in Barcelona
I believe in your magic touch - Atreyasdream

Picture by Jerome van Niftrik
Models: Brenda, Atreyasdream and Elayza
Hair extensions by Vera
Styling by Brenda and Atreyasdream
Edit by Atreyasdream
Location #kasteeldehaar

An edit I did with one pic from this set. I hope you like it and have a magical day you 2 🎩🖤
The black and white version of one of the pictures.
I know with this ig algorithm you get less likes, you don't show up on the feed, if you post 2 pics at the same time you get less chances because the likes get lower or divided, but I keep doing this for art, I will be glad with those who see my pics.
Xoxo 🖤🖤 and have a great day lovelies.
I'm tired, I'm wasting 
Uh, morphogenic - Nostalghia
A selection of the pictures of the video editing for the track "Why are you killing my dreams?"
It was difficult to choose which ones to post so I did a slide. This is the coloured version I must say white and black versions are also cool. I will post one of the pics, the one I like the most in b&w.
I hope you have a great week, I'm really busy but fine. Xoxo dearies 🖤
You build him up, from toe to crown
He builds you up, to bring you down - Cody Crump