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Another pic from this photohoot. I hope you like it. This was also my EP cover for the album "Ego goes ego"
Enjoy your weekend lovelies 🤗🖤✨
Picture by Marc Kruse
Moenkust studios were sponsored thanks to DJ Marly Mar
Makeup, styling Atreyasdream
Clothes #poisonindustries #sinisterclothing via #attitudeholland
Your side, your dark side
I want you to turn off the light
Your side, your dark side - Boy Harsher

An edit with 2 pictures of mine and a diamond from an app. I hope you like it 🖤
Have a great day lovelies 🤗
My pulse is slowing down
I can hear my voice again
Wrapped up in silence 
My mind clears up - File Not Found

This was from a roaring 20's performance.
Sometimes I would love to go back 2 that time just to dance a charleston and to be a flapper girl (without the jazz thing, I'm not to much into jazz, it is more the attitude, the innovation, makeup, hair a la garçon, rebel woman who made a change)

Xoxo I'm back in Amsterdam, have a lovely day 🖤🖤❤️😘 .

Face it or leave it - Atreyasdream
Just a flower I saw today while I was walking.
I'm going to sleep, I'm exhausted. Xoxo have a good night darklings 😘🤗🖤
Words. Borne on the ever swelling current of hatred, like flowers opening in the current, petals peeling back, then falling apart -Anne Rice
Second edit with a close-up.
Have a wonderful Saturday lovelies 🤗🖤
Though I'm far away
Across the sea 
this moon keeps haunting me - Mako mermaids
An edit from one of my dark mermaid photohoot in Ibiza.
I have 2 edits, I'm going to post both. 
Tomorrow I'm flying to Ibiza for 3 days that means I will be busy. 
I  hope you like it. Xoxo 😘🙏🤣
Daydreaming, daydreaming all the time
Daydreaming, daydreaming into the night
And I'm alright - Paramore
🖤Silently mouthing the words🖤

An edit I made about that idea when it is better 
to keep the mouth shut or not to talk, better to leave it there or sometimes it is nonsense talking. I'm sure everyone has known that feeling.
I wish you a good weekend xoxo 🤗🤣🙏🖤
- A girl does not need anyone who doesn't need her (Marilyn Monroe)
🖤King Of The Gypsies🖤 
Where? At Rozentheater, Rozengracht 117 in Amsterdam
I’m glad to be part of this extraordinary NYE costume party in Amsterdam as a promotor, part of the creative minds team, artist and night butterfly for seven years now. 
It’s going to be a great party again!
Lloyd&Acardi only brings exclusivity, charm, fun, cozy and sexy ambiance.
Be fast if you wanna be part of it, the first tickets are allmost sold out 🎩
Photo by Jerome van Niftrik
Model: Michael Taylor 
Edit, styling and model Atreyasdream
Location: Industrial complex in Sloterdijk
I'll dance with your demons...
And let them lead.
And as soon as they 
Think they're
In charge;
I'll make them bleed -Jordan Sarah Weatherhead
I'm editing the good pictures from this photohoot.
Have a wonderful day 🤗🖤 .
Picture by @jeroen_aalders
Makeup, styling and model Atreyasdream .
The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which to burn - David Russell
This was also for a masquerade theme party organized by our friend Jochem, again #lloydacardi of course. 
Xoxo have a nice Sunday ♥️ I will have a relaxing one.
Picture by @jeroen_aalders 
Styling, make-up, model me
Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme - Alan Menken / Howard Ashman
This was a blast I really needed, good techno beats with only the ups and not the downs, thanks 2 the talented @reinierzonneveld and Secret Cinema. I'm glad I was on the guestlist and to get to know the organisation. The mix was great and my feet moved untill now that I'm back and relaxing on the couch.

Xoxo 😘🖤