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A closeup from the makeup from my prior post 🙏🖤🎩 .
Makeup from #backstageamsterdam #beneyecosmetics
Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world - Oscar Wilde

Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first? - J.M.Barrie
From one of my performances inspired in Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter.
Photo by @jeroen_aalders 
Location: #koepelkerkamsterdam
Organisation: #lloydacardi
Make-up, styling and edit by Atreyasdream .
Video editing, song, music and lyrics by Atreyasdream
You can find the lyrics on my website. Link on my ig profile. Xoxo 😘 . 
This is a minute from the video from my track "Running Faster" and it is the end, difficult to choose which minute you want 2 post. You can find the all song online, it was released in 2013. 
I always liked that song and wanted to make a video, well it is almost done. After my next 2 weeks in Ibiza (yeah) I will post it on my website and on YouTube.

Have a great night darklings 🖤😘💣
Your memories are fighting back at you
The crow flies above you head, awaits your dead
Your lovely lies are a comedy and your tale is tragedy
And you cannot run from yourself, from yourself
Are you running? Oh yes
Are you running? Oh yes
Faster, faster, faster
Running, running, faster, faster - Atreyasdream
An appreciation repost from @portraits_of_beauty_and_style 
I'm really glad about being featured on their page and @jeroen_aalders 2

Go follow them if you like portraits.
Have a nice day everyone xoxo 😘🖤

Photo by Jerome van Niftrik
Edit, makeup by Atreyasdream
Styling by Brenda and Atreyasdream
Hair by Vera and Atreyasdream
Location: Kasteel de Haar
Models: Brenda (left) and Elayza (right)
Dragon stick and glass was sponsored by Chimera Fantasy Shop #fantasyshopchimera
And I never stop
And I see you happy
And I wish you well
But in my wish
Is my invitation
To a different dream - Emilie Autumn

I couldn't find this picture with Alice and Ariel, but I'm glad I did, this was precisely when I arrived to Castelfest. Xoxo have a great day 🤗😘
Picture by @jeroen_aalders 
Makeup, styling and model in red Atreyasdream
. .
Alice: How long is forever?
White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second - Lewis Carroll
Ariel: There is a world where hope and dreams can last forever .
Atreyasdream:  Be a warrior not a worrier, life is a  theater and you are playing the important role

Photo by @jeroen_aalders
Makeup, styling, edit by Atreyasdream
Location: Herman van Veen centrum
Crown, dress from @darkincloset 
Makeup from #backstageamsterdam .
Another one from my evil queen is watching you photohoot from this year.
I hope you like it. Have all a great weekend 🖤🌟
Space dementia in your eyes and
Venus will arise
And tear us apart
And make us meaningless again - Muse

This is the edit from my friend @kieronknight40_fx
The 4th collaboration together. It is so chill and funny to work with him. I really appreciate it, he's a creative mind and a good artist. 

Photo by Mark Kruse
Studio's Moenkust

This is a pic from my Ego goes ego photoshoot and EP with the same name I wrote as criticism about the Ego. Ego can be suffocating sure for people with a big one. It dominates and control them. They're not anymore themselves, they become their EGO.

I sent this picture 2 @kieronknight40_fx and he made a lovely dark edit. You will see it on my next post.
#fancygoth_edit #livingdoll #thecosplayalliance #womanofcosplay #beautyindarkness

A swan flew across the moon
The image in my mind remains
It touched my heart and made me swoon
I do not know the reason why
But if the swan had not been free
I would not have seen it fly - Timothy Emil Birch

An appreciation repost from @queen_editt for this featured. Much appreciated 😉🖤
Follow their page if you like picture edits.

I can't say it often enough but I really thank you all for your comments, likes and daily support 🖤♥️😘🙏

Picture by Jerome van Niftrik
Makeup, styling, edit and model Atreyasdream
This dress was from #cyberdogclothing
Location: Sloterdijk Industriële terrein
#queen_editt #flairlight #super_photoeditz #dreamer_theater #asi_es_edits
Audrey Hepburn — 'There is a shade of red for every woman'