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[F]unemployment starts here. The post man was very surprised to see me sitting at home this morning. 👩🏽‍💻 Starting off this week with my continuous love for camel and an Autumn shoe update on the blog featuring @dune_london #dunelondon [📷 @styleminimalism] #ad
Finally ticked Paris off my list with a little help from @tomsuk. Misjudged distances and ramped up the step count (with ease) over the past 3 days in the #Lenox trainer, more of what I got up to will be making its way to the blog very soon. #TOMSeurope #oneforone [📷 @jordanbunker]
So glad the new house is coming together nicely...😏
The Lily Allen revival, circa ‘07 specifically. 👗👟
Where I’d rather be spending my Sunday, if only the UK could take a leaf out of Copenhagen’s book on working Sunday’s.
Testing, Testing. Winter layers passing the Copenhagen chill test last week. 🌬
🐪 season / @mrlarkin @nanushka
Always enjoy taking some time off to recharge with prett-ay, pretty-ay, prett-ay, pretty good company. [@mat_buckets] Head over to @jordanbunker blog to read more about the importance of making time to step away from the fast lane. ☕️ 📖 [📷 @jordanbunker]
Slow morning spent in good company, drinking coffee and appreciating the beautiful @framacph studio. CC: @johanneaure @styleminimalism @han_house ☕️
Relying on the basics to get me through seasonal limbo over on the blog today with @thewhitecompany #mywhiteco #thewhitecompany #ad | 📷 @dean_khalil
Where has this year gone? Anyone else excited October is here as much as I am? October is my favourite month and I can't wait to see what it brings, already off to a good start with a trip to Copenhagen on Friday 🇩🇰. I'm hoping time slows down a little so I can enjoy and appreciate the best seasons. [Photo taken from a trip to Aarhus earlier this year]
Never under estimate jeans and a other news the Olsen dream is over, thanks for the refresh @flint_hair_ @katieotto______ 💇🏼#kitrigirls #kitri #ad