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He is back! 🇰🇷 Lee Yong Dae and his partner Kim Ji Jung are Barcelona Spain Masters MD  winners after Lee's return to international competition.  Congratulations! 🏸🏆 #BarcelonaWT
The Barcelona Spain Masters XD winners are 🇩🇰 Niclas Nohr and Sara Thygesen after a very thight match against 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Marcus Ellis and Lauren Smith (21-19/21-17). Congratulations! 🏸🏆 #BarcelonaWT
🇯🇵 Minatsu Mitani wins the WS final after a very exciting game against 🇩🇰 Mia Blichfeldt (9-21/23-21/21-8). Congratulations! 🏸🏆
WS final! 🏸💪🏼🔝
🇩🇰 Mia Blichfeldt
🇯🇵 Minatsu Mitani 
🇩🇰 Rasmus Gemke is the winner of the Barcelona Spain Masters MS final. Congratulations! 🏸🏆 #BarcelonaWT
Exciting MS final at the Barcelona Spain Masters! 🏸🔝
🇹🇭 Suppanyu Avihingsanon
🇩🇰 Rasmus Gemke

And the WD winners are... 🇯🇵 Mayu Matsumoto and Wakana Nagahara. Congratulations! 🏸🏆 #BarcelonaWT
WD final! 🏸💪🏼🔝
The are the trophees for the Barcelona Spain Masters winners! 🏸🏆Who are they going to be? We’ll find out soon 🤩 
Barcelona Spain Masters' finals will start soon! 🏸🤩
⏱ 12.00h
📺 @laliga4sports 
WD 🇯🇵Matsumoto/Nagahara - 🇯🇵Sakuramoto/Takahata
MS 🇹🇭Avihingsanon - 🇩🇰Gemke
WS 🇩🇰Blichfeldt - 🇯🇵Mitani
XD 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Ellis/Smith - 🇩🇰Nohr/Thygesen
MD 🇰🇷 Kim/Lee - 🇹🇭Isara/Jongjit

Barcelona Spain Masters is entering now to its final stretch 🏸💪🏼😊 Don't miss the highlights! 
And the second XD finalists are... 🇩🇰 Niclas NOHR and Sara THYGESEN! 👏🏼👏🏼🏸
🇲🇾 CHEN/PECK 10 18