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Hi, I'm Ben and I'm a sprocker spaniel. My ma was a working springer, my pa was a working cocker. I like slippers, shoes, wellies, boots and slippers.

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I’ve been jealous all week of everyone’s snow fun!! We got a wee bit this morning but apparently there’s unusually warm weather on the way for Christmas 😭
perfect start to the weekend this morning - snowy walk with ma and pa up the Pentlands ❄️ This is a rare moment where I actually do what I’m told in front of the camera 😜
papa, is today the last day of school before the Christmas holidays?!!!! Yeah yeah yeah??!! No son, one more week to go 😭😭😭😭😭😭
This blanket was the perfect warmer  after a play in the snow this weekend. I hope Santa gets me one of my own for Christmas 🎄 What is everyone asking for this year?
had a great weekend up in  Balquhidder - snowy walks, snoozing by the fire and sleeping in the beddy 😁 - one of my happy places!
#tbt to puppy stretches in the sunshine ☀️ nothing better than stretching out the old leggys
Reminiscing about the weekend and the beautiful Sunday morning walk we went on ❄️☀️ Looking forward to lots more cold, sunny walks this winter!
ever since I turned two I want to cuddle so much more. I’m still badass but who doesn’t like a snuggle?! Am I right?!
Sunday night already 😭 I had a great time exploring my grandparents’ new house this weekend! They didn’t have much furniture but what they did have was good enough for me! Perfect snuggle spot by the fire, I can’t wait it to go again!
Hands up whose had their Christmas haircut 💇🏻‍♂️ I got mine on Wednesday and I’m feeling ready for anything! Hope you all have something nice planned this weekend, I’m going to see my Grandparents new house today!
Once a snuggle bug, always a snuggle bug #tbt
#tot (tuckered out Tuesday) - I was playing with my tiger face toy after dinner but got too tired and fell asleep on top of the couch 🙃 💤