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Hi, I'm Ben and I'm a sprocker spaniel. My ma was a working springer, my pa was a working cocker. I like slippers, shoes, wellies, boots and slippers.

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Seeing as I’m staying at my grandparents this weekend, here’s a #tbt to my first ever car drive over there! I was still too little the to go outside so this was the best exploring I could do! 
I’m having a great time this week so far! I’ve been doing lots of running and playing, and of course snoozing on beddys I’m not supposed to be on 😏
Morning friends! We have been very busy this past week and ma and pa have been talking a lot about a big apple, I’m not sure why but they’ve been making me very hungry 😛 anyhoo, I’m off to stay at my grandparents for a week which is super exciting because I get to have lots of fun with my doggy cousins 🐼🐻🐻🐻 have a wonderful week buddies!
#tbt to my first ever camping trip - our own little beach spot for the night 😍
serious beach face! 😐 - it’s getting a bit chilly up here now - #equafleece on as soon as I’m finished playing in the sea now!
Shake your booty, it's Saturday night! Hope everybody's having a good weekend, we went to the beach this morning, it was the best until I lost my ball in the sea 😭
Look in to my eyes... feed me the treats... #tbt
Pa was away on a boys trip this weekend - can you tell I missed him?! I made sure to catch up on my quota of weekend cuddles last night 🐶❤️👨🏻
Goodbye Monday, hello Tuesday 👋
Here's my ball - throw again please 😬
Just making up for missing out on tongue out Tuesday this week - Gotta keep a clean nose for sniffing out treats!!
Happy Saturday buddies! Its a beautiful day today so ma and I have been making the most of the sunshine ☀️ We are so excited that it's autumn now! Can't wait play in all the piles of fallen leaves 🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁
Oh my dog, what are these?! 😲 #tbt