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Bertie’s Nursery School, for children 6 months - 4 years. We go above and beyond to inspire learning through laughter. #bertiesnurseryschool

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Come and see our wonderful nursery school and meet our happy Staff team, who are looking forward to welcoming prospective families to our next Open Day at
Bertie's Nursery School
Open Day Saturday 11 May 9.30am-11.00am
If you want further information, are planning your visit or just want to let us know you are coming- we'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to share this post with friends & family!
Get in touch via
T : 01275 217510
Congratulations to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the happy, happy news of the birth of your baby boy! 
Sending all our love from Bertie’s Nursery School and The Downs Preparatory School💙
“The Twinkle Toes planted their very own sunflower seeds. They explored the texture of the soil as they filled their pots and selected their seed, pushing it into the soil. We then spoke about how we would help the sunflower to grow by watering them. To finish off our activity we watered our plants. We can’t wait to watch them grow!”
We spent a lovely day at The North Somerset Show- so good to welcome so many happy visitors to our stand- most eager to grab a cuddle with Charlton, the treasured mascot of The Downs Preparatory School, thank you all for coming to say ‘Hello’ on such a happy family day out. Our thanks to the The North Somerset Show for awarding us second place in the Best Stand Competition.  The show is a gorgeous celebration of our beautiful county & the rural way of life ! 
See you next year! 🌳#thedownspreparatoryschool #bertiesnurseryschool
Happy 1 May & Happy Birthday to the 1st Duke of Wellington, who invented the Wellington boot. 
Wellies are essential part of our kit here at Bertie’s Nursery School, used everyday, when the children go outside and play! 
“The children in the Tweenies room enjoyed a spring walk to The Downs Preparatory School. We read 'Hooray for Hoppy' in the magical Treehouse Classroom and set out to discover the delights of spring in the  beautiful grounds, we are lucky to enjoy here in Wraxall. We saw baby lambs in the fields, smelt daffodils, felt the petals fallen from the magnolia tree and listened to the birds. We enjoyed our snack time in the Tree House and ventured out for a happy play in the Pre-Prep playground.”
“The Twinkle Toes room baked some Easter biscuits. They followed Jenny’s instructions by mixing the ingredients together, and patted their mixture flat so that they could put the Easter-shaped biscuit cutters through it. The Twinkle Toes sniffed the ingredients- learning how important it is to use the sense of smell to create delicious food. Very well-done Twinkle Toes your biscuits were edible works of art! “
We firmly believe in fresh air, wellies, muddy knees & space to grow at our exceptional & happy nursery & Pre-School. 
Come to visit us, and meet the team at our next
OPEN DAY Saturday 11 May 9.30am-11.00am. 
Contact our admissions team to book your place:
T: 01275 217510
“This morning we visited a local farm near the nursery. We saw lots of vehicles of different colours and sizes. The children observed the farmer feeding the cows and their calves. The farmer told us each cow had its own name, like us! The children were fascinated by the calves running around the barn, and laughed and laughed!”
#learningwithlaughter #spacetogrow
"The children have been learning all about Chinese New Year and engaged in many new experiences. We have explored lots of different traditions through reading the story ‘Dragon Dance’ by Joan Holub. During the week all children had the opportunity to try new foods; try on authentic Chinese clothes; mark make Chinese writing; make red letter envelopes and New Year decorations; participate in the dragon dance; make celebratory biscuits and role play in the home corner with chop sticks. The children enjoyed acting out these experiences with other people and learning about different ways of life."
"Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus! (Happy St David's Day!) The children in Twinkle Toes celebrated St David's Day by making their very own Welsh cakes. They helped mix the ingredients together using their fingers and a spoon. We also talked about how people celebrate St David's Day, by looking at pictures of children in their Welsh outfits and some daffodils."
Heavy snow has transformed Bertie’s & The Downs Preparatory School into a magical winter wonderland. Our team have been working since 5.00am to clear the drive, especially to make it safe for our neighbours @childrens_hospice_southwest 
Have a safe snow day, please keep warm & look after yourselves & each other!