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SFG-1 KB instructor • GFM-1 • L-1 and L-2 CrossFit • Assoc. of Science • NASM-CPT, CrossFit Olympic Lifting • Iron Maiden • SF TSC 1st place 4/16

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@seven_daggers with Mananero and Eagle Twin tomorrow night!
Doors @ 8, Show @ 9.
T-shirts available for $15.
Gray only women's tanks in M and L. $15
We will be placing another order for tanks (black or gray/ S, M, L, XL) Get your's pre-ordered through IM here or at the @seven_daggers page.
#slchardcore #sevendaggers
Back on track after Birthday celebrations and indulgences.
Cottage cheese, garden fresh tomato and avocado for the win!
#noregrets #fortyfied
Finishing off a beautiful birthday celebrating with those I ❤️ the most❣️
#daviscrew #our3sons #daxkloud #family❤︎
This man has made this life...unforgettable! 
We're going to make this our best year yet!
#fallcolorsdrive #birthdayweekend #zermatt #parkcity #mylove @anthony_e_davis
Honored to be interviewed by @thedragao @hardstyle_kbjj tomorrow. Tune in at 10 am on FB if you have nothing better to do!
#bodystrongslc #strongashec
I have a happy, blessed life because of friends! Thank you for the early surprise bday! You ladies are incredible and so good at keeping a secret!..(missed those who wanted to be there but couldn't)
#early40th #mytribe
Double push press finisher fun in KB class today! Way to get it done ladies!
#watchingtheclock #kettlebellclass #kettlebell #ironleaguegym #bodystrongslc
I could not be more proud of this friend and colleague for his tenacity, dedication and hard work! 
@will_da_beast1 became "Will da Beast Tamer" at the StrongFirst L-1 cert. last weekend in Seattle. 💪🏼
An already excellent, motivating and inspiring coach...he was willing to assume the role of "student" as he trained for 9 weeks.
Even for the natural athlete who's both mentally and physically strong, the process of training and certification for StrongFirst requires grit, perseverance and hard work!
Will went above and beyond...and absolutely rose to the occasion.
I'm grateful for the experience and opportunity I had to be part of your training process, Will. You're incredible!
Congrats again!!
#willdabeasttamer #strongfirst #utahsfirstbeasttamer #beasttamerchallenge #ironmaidenchallenge #programming #coaching #teamnobull
Double Beast deadlifts in KB class today. @edocen10 always makes it look easy! 
5 sets of 5 with the 48 kilo bells
#beastsandbelles #kettlebellclass #bodystrongslc #strongwomen #strongfirst
There will be naysayers, haters and even copycats. Work for what you believe in, be unapologetically you, and thank those who are there rain or shine....
Then be that person for someone else.
#lifegoals #coaching #friendship
#tbt to last year with that 32 kg pullup! I worked weeks for it!
Make goals, work, persist, believe, achieve...celebrate. Then Repeat...
#strongfirst #ironmaidenchallenge #bodystrongslc #strongwomen #goals #weightedpullup
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"Goals are dreams with deadlines" ~Diana Hunt
Since the Iron Maiden in August, I wanted to continue on the trajectory toward a heavier weighted pull-up. I hit 28 kg  3 weeks after the Iron Maiden (4 more kilos than my previous PR). Because I still felt strong, I set my next goal to pull-up the 32 kg kettlebell (half my bodyweight) by my birthday on October 8th. It didn't happen...In fact, I think I failed 20 or more reps with that bell in the last 5 weeks...but persistence paid off and today, I succeeded. (My excitement almost knocked me off the box after the pull-up.) What does your heart desire? Make goals, work, persist, believe, achieve...celebrate. Repeat! #strongfirst #ironmaidenchallenge #bodystrongslc
@seven_daggers had an amazing show last night along with I Hear Sirens and Iceburn. 
We appreciate everyone for coming out (and those who tried).
If you missed it, here's a sample of "Stitches". Seven Daggers will be playing again, hopefully in Dec.
Thanks again for everyone's support. Keep the SLC hardcore/music scene alive!
#slchardcore #sevendaggers #musicianswifelife
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