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@seven_daggers slayed last night at the LA Guns show. One of their best performances to date. 
I’m always crushing on the frontman...
Thanks to fans and friends who came out despite the storm. 🎸🤘🏼🖤
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When plans for intensity change, resort to the consistency that you know.
After I took a barbell to the temple earlier this week, “max” week turned into lifts at lower intensity.
Lessons learned...
1. Be aware of your surroundings! Look above you as you’re coming out of a 4-point crawl at the gym (especially near the barbell rack). If there’s a bar there, don’t stand up, keep crawling! 
2. Working and sweating this week still made me feel better, even with the mild headache. 
3. Like I tell my clients, “there will be days like this...but don’t dwell on them. Better days, stronger days are on the horizon.”
Anyone else out there lost a battle to the iron?
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#notmyfinestpress #consistencytrumpsintensityftw
Kettlebell Class
Tuesday/ Thursday @ 6 pm
Saturday @ 10 am
Come learn something new and improve in skill and strength...
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^*Client Spotlight!^*
Kayleen, a beautiful mother of 5, retested today after 12 sessions of personal training... and saw some big results!
* Her 5 RM deadlift increased by 30#
* 12 kg kettlebell military press doubled for reps...
- her 5 reps on the right increased to 10 reps,
- And 4 reps on the left increased to 12 reps.
* Her flexed arm hang doubled from 7 sec. to 15 sec.
* And her 500 m row improved by a few seconds as well.
Kayleen is a busy mom of 5, but it’s important to her to make time for herself and her fitness goals.
Super proud of her hard work, dedication (and trust) in improving herself physically and mentally .
Don’t have a home gym like Kayleen? No worries! I’m accepting a couple more clients to train at @blackflagstrengthandfitness immediately.
DM me with questions.
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Im pleased to announce that Black Flag Strength and Fitness is a hosting facility for the StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge on April 14th. 
All skill levels and abilities are welcome to participate in the worldwide competition. Novice, Open and Elite divisions. 
1 RM deadlift, max pull-ups (flexed arm hang), 5 min. KB snatch test.
Training begins soon...
Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 pm and Saturdays 10 am. 
Registration in bio. •
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Please bring in your gently used winter clothing! It’s our last week of the drive! Thank you.
Repost from @blackflagstrengthandfitness @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost 
This is the last week to get your cold weather gear into the gym. I'll be delivering all of this awesome stuff on Friday. Thank you to all that have already given! WE CAN STILL DO BETTER! Bring your gently used cold weather gear to the gym. Everything will stay in the community! Help out your neighbors! #noonedeservestobecold #community #give #strongcommunity #utahstrong #utahgyms #sandyut #coldweathee #blackflagstrengthandfitness
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20 years ago today, I married my crush... @anthony_e_davis. We loved music, the simple things and he made me laugh. 
He loved and adopted my 2 y.o. son as his own and made me a mother twice more.
When I saw his talent and knew of the leadership, creativity and of his hard work ethic, we created a landscape business together. 
When our kids had slightly grown, he believed in me and my dreams and put me through the rest of my schooling and helped me become certified in training, in addition to putting up with my crazy addiction to lifting and competition. He encouraged me to start my own coaching business, and was right there by my side. 
We’ve seen life, love , miracles, death, heartache and despair, but are still here for each other, through it all. 
20+ years is a lifetime and I can’t wait what the rest of ours’ has in store together.

These pictures include the ticket stub to Anthony’s hardcore show I went to in 1992 when I met him the first time, and what we looked like back in the day.

The picture of us together is on our engagement day. That morning I totaled my car, and took the day off of work. Anthony kept with his plan, took me to Silver Lake at Brighton ski resort and proposed. 
On the way back, Frank Sinatra’s “World on a String” song came on Sunny 107.5, a 20’s Jazz/ Big band station we loved. 
When we got back to his parents house, he surprised me with a candlelight dinner with food from Long Life Vegi House that his parents had picked up. His mom had her best place settings out for us and the fireplace lit. 
One of the hardest mornings had become one of the happiest days in memory. And I’m thankful for my Anthony, our life together, our boys, and the blessings of his family I married into. Life is never perfect. But my life is so much better with you in it, Anthony. I love you! ♥️
By far the best gym to be in on a Saturday morning!
Serious about strength here, but also about creating community. 
We even have a cute little mascot!
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Happy 17th today, Adrien! 
Ever since you were a baby, you’ve had a smile on your face, a laugh in your heart and a love of life. My heart almost exploded the day you were born, as you taught me how to love more deeply as a mother.
You’re life has already been filled with ups and downs, adventure, learning, friendship, love and Sport. Life is Never easy, but there is always something to learn from...
I’m excited to see what lies ahead for you and what you choose to do your 17th year! 
You’re incredibly gifted and I’m proud to be your mom! 
Love you, and always❣️
#adriencole #amothersheart #youaresixteengoingonseventeen🎵
Tonight’s Kettlebell Class included...
Ground Force Method Flow w/ crawls.
Prying Goblet squats, 
Halos and Windmills for the warm up.
Then ALL the carries! 
Cook Carries (10 min.)
Double KB carries for time under tension (overhead, rack, farmer.)
KB Mixed carries (Lt. arm waiter/ Rt. arm rack position, Lt. arm rack/ Rt. arm suitcase, Lt. arm waiter/ Rt. arm suitcase. Then switch and repeat)
You go, I go.
Ended with a fun finisher!
Kettlebell Classes Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 6 pm. Saturdays @ 10 am.
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Looking forward to this read presented by #StrongFirst about one of the strongest lifters of all time, Dr. Judd Basiotto. The 131 lb. sports psychologist squatted 600 lbs. at age 44, despite back surgery just one year prior. 
I love an inspirational story. ♥️ 💪🏼
#inspirationalstories #achievetheimpossible #strength #motivation