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SFG-1 Kettlebell, Iron Maiden, GFM-1, Personal Trainer, L-2 CrossFit, Assoc. of Science, NASM-CPT, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, TSC 1st place 4/16

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Kettlebell Saturdays are skill and variety days @ 10 am! Join me @ironleaguethegym 
Who knows, you may learn something new! •
Check my website for full class schedule. Link in bio. •
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Kettlebell Classes in full swing at the new 6:30 class tonight @ironleaguethegym!
Join me Mondays and Wednesdays @ 6:30 
Saturdays @ 10 am
Continued KB classes are with @mattsteadman27 Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 8 am
Mondays and Fridays w/ @bodystrongslc 10 am
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Don't forget to sign up today to get your cool TSC tshirt! 
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Last day to receive a free t-shirt with registration for the StrongFirst TSC at Iron League Fitness October 28th!
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Same classes, new location! Join me at @ironleaguethegym for my evening Kettlebell classes beginning August 14th, Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm!
. . .
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We are adding 3 new Kettlebell classes to our schedule here at Iron League Fitness!! @bodystrongslc will be teaching a Monday and Wednesday 6:30pm and a Saturday 10am class on top of her 10am classes on Mondays and Fridays!! This will go into effect August 14th!! Tell your friends and come learn from a great coach!! #ironleaguefitness #strongfirst #strongwomen #strength #kettlebell #utahfitness #utahfitfam #westjordan #fitness #kettlebellinstructor
Incorporating Ground Force Method into my classes have taken training to a new level...creating wider foundations for better movement, mobility and recovery...including invaluable insights for my own training and recovery.
I still have much to learn, but the GFM has been one of the most valuable and applicable certs I've taken.
So lucky to have learned from great teachers two weekends ago.
#gfm #movement #functionalmovement #bodystrongslc #mobility #trainwithpurpose
"Sissies hate doing the hanging leg raise..." - Pavel Tsatsouline 😂
Working today on tension, strength and flexibility with HLR sets: 5,5,4,4,3,2,2.
I love potent, effective exercises and this one is great for strong grip, lats and hardstyle abs!
#summerabs #betterlatethannever #abslikepavel #hlr
Working on the wedge this week! Thank you @thedragao for the lifting session while you here for the #GFM cert and sharing with me the magic of the wedge. My hamstrings and triceps are destroyed.
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We will be a host again @ironleaguethegym for the bi-annual Tactical Strength Challenge Oct. 28th! Sign up before August 15th to get a free shirt!
All levels of skill and strength encouraged to participate. We want this to be our largest group yet! Sign up today! Details for training will be coming in August!

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Feeling grateful to have had the opportunity to be instructed by these incredible masters of movement this weekend! 
Thank you @kettlebility for flawless instruction of the GFM! You're truly a role model of strength, passion, and leadership!
Zar and @thedragao, you both make me better! Thank you for your influence and advice!
And it was a delight meeting the original Beast Tamer Shaun Cairns all the way from South Africa! I've never seen a man so big and strong move so well! 
#groundforcemethod #cert #masters #movement #dreamteam
(First off...Can you read my new shirt?!)
I love the smell of bumper plates in the morning and there's nothing that brings more energy and empowerment to the ladies class than lifting weights! Deadlift, Bench and Power cleans create a great mix of pull, push and power!
Worried about getting bulky, ladies?
#1. You need more testosterone for that. (Look at these strong ladies! Still feminine AH.)
#2. Strength training is recommended and encouraged for bone health, improved joint function, increased metabolism and decreased risk of injury.
#3. Strong and curvy is empowering! I've done the skinny-fat thing...low calories, cardio for days. Believe me, nobody likes flat, saggy glutes.
Thank you @idratherbestrong for sending the awesome baseball T all the way from Quebec! It's true! I'd rather be strong...just like you and these ladies!..Also, thank you for inspiring from up north, by being a great example of StrongFirst strength and teaching and empowering women too! 💪🏼❤️
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These amazing ladies completed over 6 weeks of training in the Iron Bride and Belles class! We worked on safe/ sound movement, skill, becoming stronger and more conditioned while improving body composition. Every one improved...losing body fat and inches, but what I love the most is how many other things they "gained" in those weeks from one pic to the next.
The first picture in the post was just taken at the last illustrates how these ladies have become "more"...more confident, more capable, stronger and self-efficient over the last month and a half.
They can all demonstrate basic KB skills and lift heavier objects than they thought possible 2 months ago! And do it with willingness and confidence!
Congrats to the beautiful bride @rache_pache2 who tied the knot last week and her amazing friends for becoming "more"!...
Stronger, more confident, and more capable women! And having fun while doing it! I know I've had a blast!
Can't wait for more class time with y'all! See you ladies soon! 💕
@mneffster @makenzie.barney @lexiemcummings @otleyannie
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Some of the most beautiful country I've seen was in the Zion Subway this weekend! 
Rappelled for the first time, swam through pools, trekked over boulders all in great company! Adventure at it's finest in an amazing place! 
Can't wait to do more backcountry treks like this one!
#adventure #summer17 #subwayzionutah #beUTAHful @ammanbeth @tenilleholmes derek Holmes Kaydee Jensen