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Whether you’re looking to burn fat, build muscle, or simply improve your performance in the gym, nutrition is an aspect you cannot overlook. To start maximizing your progress, one thing that you’ll want to start doing is tracking your macros.

Macros have been a buzzword in the fitness industry recently and for good reason: they’re important for maximum success.

If you aren’t getting enough of one particular macro, you may start to experience some negative outcomes. For example, a diet lacking in protein could lead to an unwanted loss of muscle mass. A diet that isn’t delivering sufficient carbohydrates may result in an individual who is tired and unable to complete intense workout sessions. Finally, diets that are very low in dietary fat often cause the person to become extremely hungry during the day, and may also lead to abnormally low testosterone levels.

Setting Your Macros
Now that you have a better idea of what macros are, how do you establish your appropriate quantities of each? There are many ways to set your macros based on your specific goal, and the number of macros you have will vary considerably from individual to individual, or even from day to day.
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#BodyZone Gym member, Mr. @randeepchauhan experiences a weight-loss transformation in 1 month with natural diet and dedicated personal training under the supervision of our Head Trainer, @aarav_chauhan 
Mr. Randeep started his programme at 119kg and brought it down to 108 in a period of 30 days!

A self-made perfectionist.
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Bodyzone weekly #schedule
BodyZone wishes you a Happy #Janmashtami.
The #pain you feel today is the #strength you feel tomorrow.
He is absolutely killing it with that #Extreme leg session!
Hardcore #Squat session featuring our gym member, @saliltaneja 
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Some #Bhangra to kill your #boredom.

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