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Hope you had a lovely start to your Sunday, @kristina0nther0cks ❤️ #Repost (@get_repost)
Breakfast with my @bookof40 ☕
A feature about #bookof40 in this month's #goodhousekeeping. It's also the first time I publicly declared that I am releasing a new book this year! #lifeinspiredideas @certeza
Hope #bookof40 continues to inspire you @romyisagirl!❤️ #Repost @romyisagirl (@get_repost)
I was so psyched when I found out I was one of the winners of @chichajo's blog giveaway! I didn't want to pass up the chance of getting the @bookof40 by advertising creative Kat Gomez-Limchoc @greetingsearthgirl. It's a book of ideas and creative collaborations, perfect to create a spark in you (and me!).
When Joey included some inside pages on her IG stories, the 25th idea resonated with me (swipe left, it's the 3rd pic) so much that I finally decided to pursue an item on my bucket list that's been there since college (you'd remember it during my annual year-ender entries of my Tabulas blog). It's funny because after that, I saw posts from a couple of people that I could consult about that exact item!
Thank you so much @bookof40/@greetingsearthgirl and @chichajo. 💕Wishing you more creative and inspiring pursuits!
Happy reading, @Kristina0nther0cks! #bookof40 #lifeinspiredideas
Sending off #bookof40 to the winners of the Best Friend Day giveaway collab with @chichajo! Hope you enjoy the book, Mil-Anne, Romy, Gel, Christine and Joy! #lifeinspiredideas
Love how @fabogram, the #bookof40 book-shopping spree winner shared his prize with people! See how many books he got for Kishance! (Love how this little girl obviously loves books!) #bookof40 #lifeinspiredideas #books #welovebooks
So happy to meet Cely Avellana who came to our family party so she could meet me, having read #bookof40 in just 1 night (finishing at 4 am!). She said it reminded her so much of her late husband, agency founder, copywriter and director, Totoy Avellana. Love hearing how the book has touched people I have yet to meet😊❤️
Look at how good that looks! From my best friend @chichajo's blogpost about Best Friend Day, featuring my favorite Osso Buco, and a #bookof40 giveaway. Inspired by two ideas in my own book, "Delight in shrimp brains and Virgilio Martinez" and "Be a lifelong learner", I am now telling myself to learn how to cook this! #lifeinspiredideas
As #bookof40 says, "Seize every reason to celebrate!" It was Best Friend Day yesterday, and my best friend @chichajo celebrated with a @bookof40 giveaway and a super delicious-looking recipe post about osso buco, one of my favorite dishes that she so awesomely cooks! Every time I think about how lucky I am to have a best fried like Joey, it is always a cause for celebration.💖
At the Tambuli Awards where Book of 40 "Pinuno Mural" was a finalist. @anggerilya #bookof40
Posted by Reni Oryani on FB: "Just finished reading BOOK OF 40 this afternoon. Among the best reads I've had. I got loads of insights. I understand myself and my part in this world more." #bookof40
At the tail end of the summer, am jealous of @sidxsam's photo at the beach with #bookof40