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Love how @commonroomph uses pages of #bookof40 as their inspirational "quote of the day".😊 #lifeinspiredideas #commonroomph #quoteoftheday
Another nice photo from the #bookof40 promo: @missygalang and Frankie!
As part of the Book of 40 book-shopping promo mechanics, people had to send photos of themselves with the book. Got so many cute pictures that I will share in the coming weeks, like this one of @catcantada 😊#bookof40 #lifeinspiredideas
One of the best Mother's Day gifts ever! A pile of books from the list of books recommended to me from the Book of 40 book-shopping promo! Hubby @joellimchoc said he would evetually get all the books on the list for me. Inspired by Idea 36 in Book of 40, "Books make life (and you!) better!" #lifeinspiredideas #bookof40 #books #kingdomcome #foodwars #womenwhorunwiththewolves #platoandaplatypuswalkintoabar #onepunchman #avisitfromthegoonsquad #eleanorandpark #einsteinsdreams #theamazingadventuresofkavalierandklay #linchpin #mudsweatandtears #drunktankpink #thehusbandssecret #amoveablefeast #lockeandkey #geniusrecipes #ataleforthetimebeing #barbariandays
So I have an official, government-issued piece of parchment, complete with gold seal, that declares me officially an author. 😎
A boat called "Book of 40 Adventure", one of the five boats donated to the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation from a portion of Book of 40 sales. The boats will be used by families in Romblon❤️
Congratulations @fabogram for winning the $1,000-book shopping spree promo from #bookof40! Yup, the book had a promo as part of bringing Idea 36 "Books make life (and you!)better!" to life! #lifeinspiredideas
#bookof40 is participating in Re-Store today, a pop-up store that let's you shop while giving directly to the causes you believe in. At Circuit, Makati❤️
#Repost @bookbed with @repostapp
Enjoy supporting causes? Love finding useful products? Want to make a difference? If you're checking off all these, we recommend heading over to @cloverhartly's Project RE-STORE this Sunday at Circuit Lane in Makati! You'll find items by Filipino brands at affordable prices - including some of our bookmarks and other merch here on #Bookbed! And what's exactly great about this? 100% of the net proceeds of your purchase goes to a cause of your choice! By just shopping, you get to help change lives. Visit www.cloverhartly.com for more details, and make sure to drop by the pop-up store this April 30! #ShopToGiveBack #ReadingNation
Do a little shopping to change the world. Drop by the RE-STORE pop-up shop on April 30! There will be a mix of good stuff (including #bookof40 at a discounted price) and good causes! See www.cloverhartly.com for details. #ShopToGiveBack #lifeinspiredideas
Silver and Bronze for the Book of 40 "Pinuno Mural", created with @zapremo and his street art group @anggerilya @cspublishinghouse
With Book of 40 publisher @gaylecerteza at the Adobo Design Awards night