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Do a little shopping to change the world. Drop by the RE-STORE pop-up shop on April 30! There will be a mix of good stuff (including #bookof40 at a discounted price) and good causes! See www.cloverhartly.com for details. #ShopToGiveBack #lifeinspiredideas
Silver and Bronze for the Book of 40 "Pinuno Mural", created with @zapremo and his street art group @anggerilya @cspublishinghouse
With Book of 40 publisher @gaylecerteza at the Adobo Design Awards night
Sharing @felicianodes' post on Facebook here: A good way to end my looooooong weekend! Finished reading Kat Gomez-Limchoc's Book of 40!!!! Thank you for bringing this book to life, you are soooooooo awesome!!!! Here's my top 5 ideas from the book
1 E-N-E-R-G-Y
2 Find the work you love to do
3 Staying healthy means having more fun
4 Spend to create memories 
5 Be unapologetically, authentically you

And of course I love my collab with you! hahaha 🀣

Get a copy here: https://www.facebook.com/commerce/products/1190282311015347/?rid=30737426757&rt=6
Hope you enjoyed #bookof40 @tinypoem! I am enjoying the feels of your book #heartbreakdiaries today! #lifeinspiredideas
Sharing this news with all of Book of 40's collaborators! The book, entered by the publisher, Certeza & Sons, is a finalist in 3 categories in the Adobo Design Awards. (The awards nights is on April 19). Hugs to all of you!😘
This artwork by @moonstar886cycle that he created for #bookof40 (For Idea 39 "Your life manifests your thoughts") is right by the door to remind me of my daily intention as I step out into the day. (According to Herbert, the silhouette is really based on my head)❀️
I followed my own advice. In #bookof40, Idea 25 says, "Do it. Whatever it is you said you want to do. Just do it already." So two and a half weeks ago, I started growing my own vegetables which I've been wanting to do for some time. I am so enjoying discovering this side of me that loves dirt, seeds and watching green things grow, I started an IG account chronicling this: @greetingsearthgirl. Follow me in my dirty adventures!:-p #lifeinspiredideas #urbangarden #urbangardening #garden #growingmyownveggies
One of the ideas in #bookof40 is to "Seize every reason for a celebration", which is about marking life's milestones with a sense of gratitude and deliberate joy and revelry! So even if it's a "minor" birthday, my 8-year old Liv still had a small but rambunctious celebration with a handful of family and friends. @chichajo with @repostapp
Rainbow cake, sprinkles, scavenger hunts, sleepovers, bed time stories, bubble baths...happiest birthday to a special little girl who we love very much πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Still get thrilled when I know people are in the middle of reading my book😊 #Repost @catjuanledesma with @repostapp
Just got my copy of @bookof40: a creative compilation of ideas out together by Kat Gomez-Limchoc. This is definitely going to be on my bedside table for the next week. Thank you, Kat & team for being kind enough to send me this creative book filled with life lessons. ✨#trylocalph (ps: thank you for my wall decal @whitewallsph)
An excerpt from @mymomfriday's blog (mymomfriday.com) post "Musings at 44" which mentions #bookof40. ----------------------------------------------Put "wife" first before "mommy".
I recently received this book, BOOK OF 40, and it chronicled the life experiences of the author, Kat Gomez-Limchoc, while presenting it through 40 inspired ideas and commemorating her 40th birthday. It was such a creative endeavor. The tone is light and fun, yet thought-provoking and interesting.  I'm not done reading yet, but after digesting a third of the book, it made me reflect on my own life and how I can pursue more enriching experiences for myself and my loved ones. 
The ideas she shared in the book are very relatable, and I'm sure my friends will love this book too. Ang daming lightbulb moments! One takeaway for me is idea #10 -- Keep Crushing on the Hubby.  She said, "we have neglected to take care of ourselves as a couple, when our schedules of work and other family responsibilities have become too full." I am guilty of this. The top-of-mind for me is what the kids like/need. I often forget what J likes and need.  This is something I have to work on -- to put him first.
Happy to be in the company of these books. Hope @mymomfriday enjoyed them all❀️#loveandgravity #greatsexbook #bookof40 #Repost @mymomfriday with @repostapp
A very interesting mix I got here, waiting to be flipped and devoured. I love that all three were written by Filipino authors. πŸ‘
#BookOf40 #greatsexbook #LoveAndGravity #MomFindsPH #MomFridayGiftIdea #love #marriage #inspirational