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Tired of the school shit- but never tired of this movie. Happy almost wrap on #someonegreat OK !!?! @dewandawise @hereisgina @jennkaytin 😈
This legend and my friend from #hairspray @JohnTravolta walking into social media like… #WelcomeJohn #myPageDoesSeemConfusing
We told her “finding a needle in a haystack” was just an expression- but she ignored us. 📸 @seanmacd
Meeting an absolute icon of mine and being on her show was a dream. She is everything and more. Thank you for having me @itscarolburnett on #alittlehelpwithcarolburnett & helping me solve my procrastination problem. Watch on @netflix now xx
I’m training myself not to use puns in captions 📸@seanmacd
This guy (who definitely is in need of a bandaid) @carybrothers is my favorite human to drink whiskey with & one of my oldest friends in LA. He released a new album today & its 🔥. Download, stream, or whatever else you gotta do to get your paws on it.
just a gentle & terrifying reminder that this piece of confusing art(?) exists.... #oldheadshotday #kinda
A dog, a cat and the cast of #someoneGreat sing in a bodega -a love story from @jennkaytin. ❤️🌃📸 @hereisgina @dewandawise
so excited to see this cutie human today. nyc adventures ❤️
I have a thing for streaks and a little flare #someonegreat ✨#37piecesofFlair  Thank you @traciemartyn (for my skin)
just a light brunch @hereisgina @dewandawise @jennkaytin #SomeoneGreat 💡
Well, tonight was a dream. Backstage at SNL drinkin a beer with a few of my favorite men. (I may have fan-girled REAL hard) @nbcsnl