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Happy Birthday sayang 😘
Autumn, when the night longer than the day πŸπŸ‚
Happy Halloween!
Throwback to the day where we had the passion to make all the decorations and foods  by ourselves πŸ˜‚
All from scratch πŸŽƒ boo!
Refreshing Sunday 🌞🌞
bleuish 🐱
almost 2 months.. still enjoying my life πŸ¦†
jidat πŸ™„
(no contacts)
simple make up aja supaya ringkas, pakai 7 items:
Canmake Bb cream, Pencil liner, Lip Tint, Gel liner, Brow zings, Naked heat & Dolly wink mascara.
grocery shopping πŸ™„
Supermarket flowers πŸ’
beautiful day 😚
thinking about what I should cook for dinner πŸ˜„
(coba lihat jendela belakangku)
highlight on hair, gak disengaja sih 😌
btw pagi ini dingin 😡
#comicoordi #comiinUK
Karena banyak yang nanya lewat DM, silakan menuju Blog 😚
bobo dulu ah πŸ˜ͺ