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501c3 Non profit dog rescue 🐶 in Los Angeles that saves major medical Cocker Spaniels from high kill shelters across SoCal.

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Look who’s on her way to meet a potential adopter!!! It’s our sweet ray of sunshine, ☀️Sunny! Let’s cross our paws for her!!💖
Camp Cocker Rescue need your help!! We’re breaking this guy out of the Downey Los Angeles shelter right now, and we suspect he might have mange. :( Donations are needed ASAP to get this guy checked out at a vet right away! 
You can donate here:
Look who got adopted!! Our one-eyed, winker Jena has found the perfect home with a Camp Cocker Alum! She’ll even have a one-eye, big sitter to keep her company. We’re so happy for Jena!!!
Sweet Lil Lucy is so happy for Jena—but when will Lucy meet her forever people? 💕🏡💝 Lucy doesn’t like to beg but— 😂 to give this sweetheart a home of her own! #lucyinthesky
Jena is on her way to meet her new family! Cross your paws 🐾 they’ll fall for her as much as we have! (If not more)💕💕 We love you Jena! #roadtrip
Remember Big FIggy from Camille’s puppies April 2018? How could you forget?! 😂😍 Swipe to see him now as Tater Tot!! ➡️➡️➡️ #sohandsome
Grover starts physical therapy today! 💕 Grover tore his ACL last week and received surgery already. We need him in tip top shape for his future adopters! 💕 So handsome Grover Bear!! #acupuncture #caninephysicaltherapy @twohandsfourpaws
Poor Grover Bear 🙀💕 Grover tore his meniscus and cruciate ligament before the weekend and had his surgery yesterday. We weren’t going to wait. Surgery was successful and now the crate rest recovery starts and PT! Donations appreciated for this unanticipated expense. Donate link in bio! $5 is all we ask! Thank you so much for sticking by Grover through all his needs! He won’t have to worry- he knows we got his back! ⬆️⬆️
“Docking” is a marketing term to soften language of amputation. “Docking” sounds professional right? It’s a selling point for puppy sales. How often do Craigslist Breeders refer to #dockedtails A LOT! 😿 its an amputation if a major limb on a dogs body that they need to have a healthy balanced back! We know a bit about this because our beloved cocker spaniel breed is being mutilated by breeders who continue to amputate the tails (again, until the AKC stops designating this as part of the breed standard for cockers, the breeders will not stop this cruel practice) Tail amputations are generally done within two days of birth, no anesthesia or pain medication.  Many backyard breeders perform it themselves with scissors or garden clippers.  When not done at a vet, often the tail amputation is so messed up that a puppy can actually bleed to death. Breeders will tell you "oh it's no big deal, it doesn't hurt that much because the tail is still soft at that age". They are wrong. Docking a puppy's tail involves cutting through muscles, tendons, blood vessels, highly sensitive nerves and severing bone and cartilage connections. Nature gave the dog a long natural tail of vertebrae for a reason. To serve as a way to balance the dog’s back. So when you amputate the tail, you are permanently putting the dog’s ability to balance and protect his/her back at risk. Cocker Spaniels with amputated tails are at most risk for having back problems later in life.  The common age for a slipped vertebrae in a cocker spaniel is between eight and nine years old. (double click HERE to view a video clip of a cocker spaniel that has paralysis from a slipped back disc) Back surgery is not something all pet owners can afford (between a $2,500 MRI and a $6,000 surgery, it's the price of a used car!). Many pet owners that are not prepared for major medical bills and didn't get #petinsurance will euthanize the dog because they don't want to care for a paralyzed dog.  Back surgery is considered urgent once a slipped disc happens.  If you can get your dog in to surgery within 48 hours, there is the best chance for the dog to regain feeling in the spinal cord. (Full Article on FB)
Frannie is so adorable 💕it’s hard to speculate why she’s still with us. Adopt a beautiful girl like Frannie! 💕💕💕💕
👁 One Eyed Wigglebutt Club! 👁💕💕 ADOPT a Winker! 😂 Jena and Grover in the back are available for adoption and WOW are they sweethearts!! 💕🐾💕🐾
Lily slept in this morning 💕