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501c3 Non profit dog rescue 🐶 in Los Angeles that saves major medical Cocker Spaniels from high kill shelters across SoCal.

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Camp Cocker dog Nelson is showing off his fancy new summer cut! 🛁🐶✂️Who knew there was a true cocker spaniel under all those curls? 😍

Nelson is about 4 to 5 years old, and he is super affectionate and loving! He’s a total belly rub king!👑 He does have some separation anxiety 😢, so he’s perfect for a homebody or someone who can bring him to doggy daycare. 
Apply to adopt Nelson at!

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Saffy (formerly Sophia of Sydney’s puppies) has also found a truly and amazingly loving 💕🌟💖forever home as well!

Follow her everyday life @saffybellethecocker
Liam is living it up in his new forever home 💖🏠 with his new sister, CCR Alum Layla from 2017! 
Follow their adventures @laylaandliampaul

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Watson is made the big trip out to Oklahoma to spend the rest of his forever family! 💖🏠 Thanks to the help of our wonderful volunteer pilot, Watson flew to Las Vegas to meet his new dad, and then finished the rest of the journey the next day! He’s an expert in flying now! ✈️ We’re so happy for Watson and his new family! Congrats little guy! 🥳🎉💕 #campcockerrescue #adoptdontshop #adoption #cockerspaniel #savethedogchangetheworld
Check out these great new pins filled with love❤️🐾 now available in our Etsy shop!

100% of the proceeds go directly toward paying for the medical care for our summer rescue doggies!

Plus we are having a special summer SALE ☀️! If you buy 2, you get 1 free!  These make great gifts for anyone who supports animal rescues! 
Find them at our Etsy store here:

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Zoinks, Scoobs! It’s #transformationtuesday 
Scooby was recently rescued from the Carson City, Los Angeles shelter, where he had been left in really bad shape. This poor guy had tons of foxtails in his paws. It was so bad that the vet needed to sedate him so she could do exploratory surgery to find them all (you can see his shaved paws in photo #2) 
Since then, all of Scooby’s sores have healed up, and he has a fresh haircut to help keep cool as a 🥒 clumber spaniel mix in this summer heat. Who knew there was a total love bug 💖🐞 under all that hair?

Now this sweet Scooby is looking for his perfect Shaggy! Apply to adopt Scooby at!

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Sydney is SO PRECIOUS! 😍🥰💖 Apply to adopt Sydney at!
Paddington 🐶🐻 hopes you had a happy and safe 4th of July! 🇺🇸 Apply to adopt this patriotic cutie at!
🎉🇺🇸Happy 4th of July from Camp Cocker Rescue🎉🇺🇸
☔️When it rains, it pours! ☔️ Camp Cocker has two back to back rescues that have ended up at the vet for serious medical treatments. 
Sienna, rescued a little over a week ago, was brought to the vet after she wouldn’t eat breakfast and was acting lethargic. Turns out she had a pneumonia and 104 degree fever! 🤒😢 She’s been on fluids, antibiotics, and some oxygen, and she’s slowly 🐌getting better day by day. 
Scooby, the newest, Camp Cocker dog, was rescued from the Carson, Los Angeles shelter needing a lot of work. He had several abscesses on his paws, and he needed to be sedated in order for tens of foxtails to be flushed out and removed from his skin. 😰

He still needs a dental surgery and a chest mass removed and biopsied, so this poor dude has a long road ahead of him.

Please consider donating to help these guys a fresh start on their best paw forward! 🐾💖 You can donate at
☀️💖🌟Welcome to Camp Cocker Rescue, Sienna! ☀️💖🌟 Sienna was recently rescued from the SEAACA animal shelter, where she was left matted and trembling. We brought her to the vet for a check up and simple shave down, and she is already feeling much better!

We think Sienna is 3 to 4 years old. She is very timid (she flinches at fast movements 😢) but she is very sweet.

Apply to adopt her at!
It’s #transformationtuesday!

Look who is celebrating his Gotcha Day! It's our very special rescue boy, Fred!!! Fred was found on the street by a Good Samaritan and was turned over to the West Valley, Los Angeles Animal Shelter in October 2017 where he immediately became a medical alert because of his weak back legs. 
We rescued Fred from the shelter and brought him to our vet who told us that Fred had long term spinal issues that were likely caused by trauma. Since there was nothing that could be surgically done, we brought Fred to our favorite animal physical therapists at Two Hands Four Paws to help strengthen his back legs. 
Fred worked super hard at physical therapy, and now he can run and play like any dog out there! We are so happy to see such amazing progress, and we're even more happy to seem him live such a happy and energetic life with his adopters. 
You can see all what a great dog Fred is by following his adventures on Instagram!