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501c3 Non profit dog rescue 🐶 in Los Angeles that saves major medical Cocker Spaniels from high kill shelters across SoCal.

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❗️Warning: Graphic Content❗️ Butters, our newest rescue from Apple Valley, is one of the worst cases of neglect we have ever seen. She has mammary tumors that were ulcerated to the point that puss and blood were leaking out of her. 😭

She is going into surgery today to have the tumors removed. The vet did X-rays and an ultrasound, and from the looks of it, the cancer hasn’t spread into her lungs or other organs yet. We’re cautiously optimistic that Butters will be able to pull through after this intense surgery and still have a good many years of a healthy life a head of her. 
Please consider donating toward Butter’s surgery and care at
💖Beautiful Bridget! 💖

Bridget is an 8-year-old sweetheart in need of a forever home! She’s a little timid around new people, but she falls in love very easily. She’s great with other dogs! 🐶

Apply to adopt Bridget at!
Some happy news to come out of this hectic weekend, Muffin was adopted!!!💖🐶💖🐶 We’re so excited that this sweet senior finally has a home that will treasure her. It just goes to show that true love has no age limit! 🎉💖Congrats Muffin! 🎉💖
🐻Meet Paddington!🐻 Paddington was rescued on Wednesday from the Lancaster shelter. He is 5 years old and the best boy ever! He is so, so nice! Apply to adopt him today! 
We’d also like to thank everyone who asked about fostering. All of our dogs are currently housed and safe, like Paddington here who was evacuated from the Oaks Vet. 
If you are looking to help foster dogs evacuated because of the fire, please reach out to local shelters in need. We know the West Valley animal shelter in Chatsworth still need help!
We have found temporary housing for all of the dogs  displaced by the fire thanks to our amazing CCR volunteers. However, we are now looking for more permanent foster homes that can commit to keeping these dog for as long as it takes to get them adopted.

Emergency situations like this are why we need to expand our number of reliable foster homes, so we don’t have to rely on boarding facilities. It is so important to give a rescue dog a foster home. Please consider applying to be a foster today! *********************** Camp Cocker Rescue had 4 dogs staying in boarding facilities in the Agora Hills area yesterday that were forced to evacuate because of the Woolsey fire. All the dogs are safe, but we currently have nowhere for them to go. We are relying on the boarding facility to keep them comfortable, but we desperately want to get these dogs out of this chaos and into a home environment where they can feel safe.

Please, if you or someone you know lives in a part of Los Angeles not affected by the fire and is willing to open their home to a dog in need, we encourage you to apply to be a foster.

Please visit
Start your day right with a little Muffin in your life! 🥐🍳 Our blind, senior girl has had one hell of a week. After visiting the ophthalmologist, we found out that the glaucoma medication was no longer being effective in her left eye and the doctor recommended removing it to prevent her from being in any more pain.

The surgery went well, but there was some perfectly normal but not-so-fun side effects involving fluid leaking from her eye. Yuck! But after a full week of recovering, Muffin is back to being her cheery self!

Luckily, Muffin has a pending adoption in the works. We’re crossing our paws that after this rough week, she’ll finally have a happy ending and get to be with a forever family that loves her.
Camp Cocker Rescue reminds you to go out and vote today!!🇺🇸
❗️New Rescue Alert! ❗️ Meet Sabrina! Sabrina is a 9-year-old cocker spaniel who was turned into the Baldwin Park shelter because her owners “couldn’t take care of her anymore.” 😢

Sabrina has a some major skin issues and she is covered in ticks, most likely from living outside. She’s on her way to the groomers now, we’ll get her cleaned up soon! 🛁🐶
A whirlwind adventure for our new dog, Finn! 🐶✈️💖 Finn was found wandering the streets by a good samaritan. He still had a collar with an ID tag, but when we contacted the number they said he wasn’t their dog. The address on the tag was in Oakland, but Finn was found all the way in Southern California covered in mats and foxtails, so we think he may have been homeless for a very long time. 😢

Luckily, we had some adopters who wanted him right away! He spent the morning in an airplane flying to Las Vegas to meet them! We’re so happy he got scooped up so fast! 💖🎉Congrats Finn!! 🎉💖
Welcome to America!! 🇰🇷✈️🇺🇸 Meet our two new freedom flyers! Chloe and Mia have arrived safely in the US, and they are looking for forever homes. 
Both girls are small, quiet, and energetic. Apply to adopt them at!
Gimli and his foster siblings show off their cute Halloween costumes!! 🎃😍 Don’t be too scared of these pups. In fact, Gimli is available for adoption and is looking a forever home. Why not make this spooky holiday even more special by applying to adopt this cute skeleton?

Learn more about Gimli at!
Lily wants to wish the Camp Cocker Rescue village and all of her fans a Happy and Fun Halloween 🎃 👻 !