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43 year old Renaissance festival worker who lives in a van with 4 cats. I redefine crazy cat lady on a daily basis.

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Just realized this Dexcom sensor I've been wearing for 17 days hasn't asked me for a calibration since I restarted it. Still on point though. #LADA. #T1D #Diabetes
Good morning! Looks like I'm getting help from my passive aggressive pancreas toady. Also, today is my last pump class! Still waiting on insurance approval though. #LADA #T1D #Diabetes
Ready to go in Maryland! #BindTrump #MagicResistance #BroomsUp
Cats are as bad as toddlers when it comes to mom trying to shit in peace. #CatPeopleProblems
We are Dia-buddies. Frodo and I were recently diagnosed insulin dependent two months apart. I'm a pancreas for two. #Diabetes #T1D #LADA #FelineDiabetes
Because I'm not carrying enough stuff to keep me alive already. #Diabetes #T1D #LADA
Took the night off from the Dexcom after last nights bloody mess. This morning is going much better. Let the 2 hour warm up begin! #LADA #T1D #Diabetes
Yeah that sensor didn't survive. It drowned in blood.Replacement on its way. Tracking the night off from the CGM but now I'm hypo (of course). Fuck Mondays. #Diabetes #LADA #T1D
Well shit. That's new. First time I applied it sitting down, first one to bleed like this. Coincidence? It didn't hurt but it won't stop bleeding. #DexcomG6 #Diabetes #T1D #LADA
As a new diabetic and CGM user who works at renaissance festivals and sweats a lot I'm likely to need some help keeping things attached. I reached out to Jason from for a sample and be sent me three. Thank you! Can't wait to try them! Jason's company makes custom CGM patches for an extremely reasonable cost. Hope my skin doesn't reject them. #Diabetes #T1D #LADA
Yep I'm an adult. An adult who just did some extensive work in the heat and now my BG is bottoming out. Hooray Elmo juice! #LADA #Diabetes #T1D
Not today #Lyme Disease. Found this guy crawling up my leg after checking a kitty trap in dense brush. I actually felt it which surprises me.