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43 year old Renaissance festival worker who lives in a van with 4 cats. I redefine crazy cat lady on a daily basis. Dx'd insulin dependent LADA 4/18.

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Welcome to Cherry"s Watering Hole. Everyone is welcome! I give them fresh water every morning and love watching everyone come to bathe and drink. I need a better camera. #Nature
Apparently my pancreas has challenged my insulin pump to a duel. I have NO insulin on board because this keeps happening today. Basal rate has been temp set to none for 4 hrs. The high was because I had to correct for a low and overdid it because I panicked. #LADA is a pain. #Diabetes #T1D
Today has not been a good #diabetes day. Struggling to stay high enough. My pancreas must working overtime. I only gave 1 unit to cover lunch and have been struggling since. #LADA #T1D
Post-Easter $1 score! Bring on the hypo! Who am I kidding? I'm just going to eat them. 2.5g per candy.  #Diabetes #LADA #T1D
Had no sweets yesterday so welcome to mid-morning tea. I'll need about 3.5 units of insulin to cover this. Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself. #Diabetes #LADA #T1D #COOKIES
Poplar trees are the worst.
Went to the dentist just before 1. When I left the house my bg was 119. It climbed all the way to 155 just from stress and has now brought itself back down. No insulin on board. #Diabetes #LADA #T1D
It's going to be *that* kind of night, is it? #Diabetes #LADA #T1D
Hello Moon. You look lovely tonight.
Much better today with a new infusion set. On my second cup of tea and only one unit of insulin on board as it should be. It's taken 4u the past three days due to that kinked cannula. #Diabetes #LADA #T1D
Morti thinks we should just stay in bed today.
Wondering why it was taking so much more insulin than usual to maintain range. This did not cause an occlusion alarm yet a lot of insulin fired out of it when I pulled the site. I was about to pitch a bottle of insulin thinking it had gone bad. #Diabetes #LADA #T1D #TandemTSlimX2