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43 year old Renaissance festival worker who lives in a van with 4 cats. I redefine crazy cat lady on a daily basis. Dx'd insulin dependent LADA 4/18.

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Last night's fireworks at LARF. Today is our last day. Perfect overcast weather to put on your heavy garb and join us at the renaissance festival. Fireworks tonight, too.
Dinner- giant stuffed peppers. Half a pepper is only 15g of carbs. #Diabetes #T1D #LADA
WTF? I took a nap. When I woke up I just started climbing. I haven't eaten anything and have had nothing but water. #Diabetes is stupid. #LADA #T1D
Feeding time! Front to back: Dandy, Sam, Tadpole, Dot and Rosie. #CatsOfInstagram #CatsOfTwitter
Fixed and now it's too late for me to go back to bed. Grrr #DiabeticProblems
Love when a new sensor wakes me up reading 43 at 5:30 in the morning.  Finger stick says 110. #LADA #Diabetes #T1D
Kitty cuddle puddle. Dot, Sam and Tadpole. #CatsOfInstagram #CatsOfTwitter
Every day Morti snuggles in my hair. #CatsOfInstagram #CatsOfTwitter
Dandy's agitated face. #CatsOfInstagram #CatsOfTwitter
Lap full of sleepy Morti. Good start to Monday.
Gonna be a long rain day at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival.
This epitomizes my Louisiana experience.