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Wrestling 🤼‍♂️ and Weather🌪 are my Passions! 130lb.

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I am leaving Instagram later today.
Hurricane Michael Key Messages from NHC.
Here I am! Having a blast listening to Platinum at the New Miller Lite Oasis!
My Google Home!
Sunburn from today!
Look at what I found! A Green Bay Packer moral at a Sentry Store!
I am a dog now!
Chris has successfully revamped his YouTube Channel. He went to Kohl's this week and got a lot of new stuff. Make sure to subscribe to his channel and watch his videos that that he can make a Facebook Page in 2 weeks. He is hoping to do more videos like this. Watch here:
My running feet for today
Heading to see Star Wars tonight! Had to rebook due to car problems! I am lucky to find a ticket!