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Hard work, consistency and self belief pays off.

Great hamstrings and glutes session with @johnjones26 @binous1.

Fueled by @jbcnutrition, unleash the beast pre workout, was definitely released this week.

Let's keep attacking prep.

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Sometimes we have to go back to basics and lift some heavy ass weight on the bar not a fancy machine.
Its been over a year since I performed barbell back Squats but after watching @tomplatz and 3 exercise before hand it was time to do it again.
Great discussion with @global_health_coach_kiru on why we need to train and the importance for our body and mind.
Today I got to tell my story and experience with meditation and yoga to over 100 people that are seeking something too, happiness.
Check in day with my coach @jrllewellin and for all my online clients with me.

I have many coaches helping me because the best I can be in every field.
Coaching is the fastest way reach levels of success in a shorter time.

Prep coach  @jrllewellin

Hypertrophy coach @klausriis_ifbbpro

Business coach @jtfoxxofficial

Mind coach

Posing coach @mike_leica_gelsei

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Today was shoulder day, usually with some chest but we hit shoulders with so much volume, chest was fatigue too lol.

Zero carbs, does it matter, not at all, my energy comes from my spirit and soul, lets do this!

Thanks to @klausriis_ifbbpro for the push.
Another week closer to my goal.
Lookimg forward to checking in with coach @jrllewellin_ifbb_pro tomorrow, he's cracking the whip.

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Telling 7 time Mr Olympia @philheath a funny story about what happen after the last time we met a few years back.
Making memories lol.

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Today im going to discuss and give a little information on sodium. Most of the sodium we intake today comes has sodium and chloride better know has SALT.
They are both electrolytes and important minerals with an electrical charge.
They are important for maintaining fluid balance, the contraction and relaxation of a muscle.

Sodium itself plays an important role because it helps transport nutrients into cells so they can be used for energy, repairing damage tissue and growth. Sodium functions in muscle contration and nerve impluse transmission.

When the body is under extream physical stress, where alot of sweat is being released, particularly in warm conditions, the body loses alot of sodium, this can be very dangerous and known as HYPONATREMIA.
One of the biggest reasons why gym users get serve cramps is also related to a electrolyte imbalance.
To combat this and get the best contraction add table or as I prefer sea salt to your meals, especially around training.
Some, infact most, intra workout drinks contain added electrolytes. READ THE LABELS.

But dont go from one extream to the other. If you've never added salt, start small, just salt your post workout meal, otherwise the increace sodium will only make you retain water and the force the body to get rid of more, leaving you more Dehydrated and lacking important minerals.
Also, although processed food are high in sodium and in all honestly most people consume to much, avoid them and eat clean, stay lean and train mean
The recommended daily allowance for an althele under stress from physical exercise is 1500-4500 mg, the average untrained american consumes 6000mg plus, stay away from fast food period, well once a week is fine, ask your coach!

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We don't just train, we push until our eye balls bleed. That's what makes separates the boys from the men.
@johnjones26 @binous1

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Transformation Tuesday

Everyone sees the end results, they are fixated on that, but I see the journey ahead as an opportunity to grow, to learn, to fail, make mistakes and to adapt from them.

For me it's always been about personal growth, more that what you see on the outside, but what is felt and experienced on the inside, that is whats more rewarding.

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To build quality muscle we need the activation of the fast twitch type 2 explosive fibres, even more so the fast twitch type 2B fibres.

The muscle is made up of many different fibre types depending on a few factors, genetics, muscle role/function and chosen long term activity.
We have slow twitch fibres that are small in size, produce a small amount of energy for a longer duration.
We have fast twitch fibres that are bigger, deliver more power and energy.
The fast twitch fibres have A and B fibres.
The B fibres are the reserved fibres because the are very taxing on the energy storage, they only come in when the fast twitch A fibres have maxed out and you are forcing through those last few grind-ed out reps. 
They say "its all about those last few reps". It certainly is if you want maximum grow, because these fibres are very big and powerful.
The reps leading to those grind-ed out ones are just to get you there, the set starts at that point.

We also have transverse fibres that will change to either slow or fast depending on your choosen function. 
SO WHAT CAN WE DO to take advantage of those all important fast twitch type 2B fibres and maximise size and strength?

A great technique to force type 2b fibres to activate is REST PAUSE SETS.
This is were you take the muscle to compete concentric failure, keeping reps low to moderate 6-12 depending on muscle group targeted.
After you grind out those important last 1-2 reps, rest for 10 seconds and rep out another few reps of grind with the same weight. 
This will take the muscle to the point where the these fibres are forced to activate, by only recovering enough to restore a small amount of energy, they are forced to keep firing.

These sets can be very effective for type 2b fibre activation, muscle growth and strength but choose an exercise that is safe to do so and have a spotter on hand for safety whilst grinding those reps to failure.
Another point to remember is that this technique can be very taxing on your nervous system so don't over do it! 
Choose 1 or 2 exercises in your routine to apply this too and apply just 2 REST PAUSE sets per exercise maximum.