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Tonight on @latenightseth! He really makes me laugh.  #LNSM #911onFox
In #Rwanda, where I visited as @UNDP Goodwill Ambassador, 61% of the parliamentary seats are held by women. Which is amazing and as it should be around the world! Women account for nearly half of the world population, yet we hold fewer than a fourth of governmental seats worldwide. In the U.S., that number is under 20%. #TimeIsNow for more #womenleaders. #IWD2018
Born many years ago on this day! Shown here with my twin (happy birthday Cynthia!), fashion game strong. Birthdays fill me with gratitude. And with any luck, cake. Thanks for all your sweet birthday wishes. Y’all make my day every day!
VOOOOOTE!!! I might be a bit of a broken record about this between now and the 2018 mid-terms, or better yet, just watch this on a loop!  Make your voice heard and change your world! [link in bio]
I feel so seen!! I mean are you kidding me?! Thank you to @rachellehruska and all the incredible woman stitchers at @linguafrancanyc who  generously and conscientiously hand stitch each of these labors of love and coziness! My my my. I’m a lucky girl.
For #supersoulsunday...the cover I did for @OprahMagazine! In honor of @DressforSuccess collaborating with @Talbotsofficial and supporting women globally to achieve economic independence! #GiveConfidenceHopeStyle
#wcw because...Michelle! (Even Yoby feels a sense of calm)
Mrs. Michelle Obama laying it down today for #SCOY18. Talking about the power our counselors and educators have to show kids their value and their strength. And couldn’t we all have that power really, if we chose to take it? @michelleobama’s last speech as First Lady was to school counselors a year ago, and she vowed to continue this work. She has, with the huge strides that #reachhigher and #bettermakeroom have made this year. Today’s was her first major speech since the one a year ago and I for one really needed to hear it. Forever grateful for the powerful reflection she shows all of us of who we can be, and her dedication to the country and humanity.
Celebrating School Counselors with @reachhigher2020! Continuing @michelleobama’s legacy to honor and support  those who are doing this important and challenging work...inspiring and guiding kids to get educated!!! Education changes lives. Thank you to those who work so tirelessly for our kids and all of us. #scoy18 #reachhigher #bettermakeroom
911 happens @911onfox
Is it a #tbt when the SAG awards were 2 days ago? And t stands for Thursday?? Whatever. I loved this glam look created by @annabelleharron, @christy_coleman and @bridgetbragerhair! Thank you @elisabettafranchi @jimmychoo @jacquieaiche for all the sparkle! (And that 2nd shot is with great director/producer Shawn Levy, aspiring and conspiring!)
Holding hearts over LA! And talking about upstanders...those who stand up and do something when they see injustice. Today’s Womens’ Marches around the country were filled with upstanders. And when you put a bunch of upstanders together...that’s a movement! Especially when it’s HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF THEM! And we’re going to upstand all the way to the voting booth! #love #womensmarch2018 #powertothepolls