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Look who I found today at the #nbcu2018 upfronts...Eric Bana!! “Why Eric, shall we do a show together? I think we shall!” #DirtyJohn. Cannot wait.
To be his mother and learn all the lessons he is here to teach me is the most precious. I am so grateful. I know my own mother would have loved him so much. I honor her today, and all mothers everywhere, with love, compassion and admiration. Happy Mother’s Day!
Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrate today with @EveryMomCounts as they work toward making pregnancy and childbirth safer for all mothers. Because no mother should die in childbirth. Please donate if you can. Moms everywhere will feel your love. #MothersDay
Wearing my #Dartmouth green tonight for #CollegeSigningDay! And got to celebrate the value and opportunity of a college education by helping to kick off Dartmouth’s #CallToLead Campaign! All these years later I am still inspired and filled with gratitude that I was able to get the education that shaped so much of who I am. #BetterMakeRoom
#heroes My friends Jason and Danica Russell wrote a book with their kids Gavin and Everley called “A Little Radical” all about activism for kids. Then, to walk the walk and really be able to show their kids what that means, they sold everything, took their kids out of school for a year and are traveling the world being activists. Wow. At the moment they’re in India. Their book is so incredible and FUN and is a great way to teach your kids about getting involved in their world. If you have kids, get one! Yobes loves it. And if you want to follow along with these guys and support them on their trip check out @alittleradical and @jasonradical. Peace!
#heroes If you ask Joe Biden why his life’s passion has been putting an end to violence against women, he might tell you about his dad. His dad who always told him that the worst sin is abuse of power, and within the realm of that, any man who raises his hand against a woman. He’d tell you how his dad encouraged him to stand up and intervene if he ever saw such a thing. And he’d also tell you that it should include men and trans people too...the abuse of power enabling violence toward another is immoral, unjust, cowardly and wrong. And so Joe Biden has made it his life’s work to change the culture. To literally change a culture of violence and sexism. He has been a leader and inspiration for this work his entire life, and has encouraged so many young leaders today. Thank you Joe. We need you now more than ever. You inspire me to be braver. And demand better for all of us. #itsonus #BidenCourageAwards @vp44
#heroes As I sat bawling my eyes out through most of #springsteenonbroadway last night I thought about why it is that being in the presence of our heroes is so powerful and moving. I think it’s because a true hero, to me anyway, is one who is living in the truth and commitment of their own passion. And does so in such a pure and generous way, that they allow us to see our own possibility and potential in their brilliance. I’ve been admiring the poetry, music, storytelling, philosophizing, and truth-telling of @springsteen for 35 years now. Good lord. First concert was the “Born in the USA” tour. And to see someone so intimately, as I was able to last night, who I’ve admired and been inspired by for so long, changed, mind blown. And just grateful. And Patti you too!! Love y’all
Spending the day in NY today with this one and getting ready for tonight’s @itsonus Biden Courage Awards. Thank you @vp44 for never wavering from your mission to change the culture of sexual assault. And honoring the truly brave ones who stand up to insist on this change, and who are the guideposts for our future. #itsonus
Sure was fun to get together with these brilliant goofballs yesterday. #911onfox #emmymagazine
#dirtyjohn y’all! (Link in bio)
Humbled by the leadership of students and youth around the country today like these from @brownissues. Thank you for having the courage to go where so many far beyond your years won’t dare. Now the rest of us, let’s be reasonable enough to follow. #sensiblegunlawsnow #marchforourlives
Let’s march. The students are leading and I will follow. See y’all tomorrow, LA! And everywhere else, find a march and support all of our right to safety in our schools and communities. @everytown @sandyhookpromise @momsdemand #marchforourlives