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When your sister gives YOU a present on HER birthday. Thank you @sophiabush #wecareandwevote #therightsideofhistory #therightjacket
This isn't just injustice, it is inhumanity. 
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This is a powerful photo taken by @alseib for the @latimes. These priests and pastors are laying hands on this this man who is about to have his deportation hearing. His 6 year old son was taken away from him and is now in a shelter 3,000 miles away. He worries he will be deported without his son like so many already have been. I posted an article about a man who actually was deported back to Guatemala while is daughter is still somewhere in the U.S. on my public FB page. This heartless policy has been a real disaster.
Did you guys see this? In honor of what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday @glblctzn is putting on a Johannesburg!! I want to go! What a way to lift up the work of fighting poverty and its impact by reminding us all of this man’s courageous relentless and world changing life. We need this right now. Justice, liberty, equality and freedom from poverty for all are worth every bit of our let’s all channel our inner Mandela. Be on the right side of history. #bethegeneration
Another year around the sun with this soul sister! Happy birthday @sophiabush! You are a spitfire and a light in the darkness 🎂💥🌈
Happy July 4th to you and yours. #life #love #liberty
With the great Senator Elizabeth Warren today who always manages to remind us of our humanity in the midst of what sometimes feels like such division. Shine on @elizabethwarrenma and thanks for your leadership. #familiesbelongtogether
The streets in Boston were teeming this morning with peaceful protesters rallying in support of unjustly incarcerated immigrant children and families and calling for humane immigration policy. I was born in Boston but in truth only lived there the first year of my life. But being there today to march through such a historic American city, with emblems of liberty - hard won liberty - everywhere you look, was particularly powerful in this time when so much of our American value system is in question and under siege. These marches are powerful tools for reminding ourselves who we really are, and speaking the truth to what has in fact always been OUR power. #familiesbelongtogether
I'll be marching in Boston. Where will you be? Find a march near you if you can at, and wear white tomorrow in solidarity and support of immigrant children and families. #familiesbelongtogether
Back in the saddle again! SMILF season 2. #Boston @sho_smilf
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No #MuslimBan #DemocracyNow
6/24 #Tornillo. Trying to see over the TX border wall yesterday toward the tent city where hundreds of children who have been taken from their parents are being held. I had to see for myself, to try to understand better the horrific reports resulting from recent American policy change at the border for those seeking asylum. There was little to see, we were not allowed access to the children or anywhere near where they are staying. But what I did see were hundreds of people gathering peacefully to try to give voice to these voiceless children and refugees caught in the maelstrom of a policy of division and hate, children and families who have already come from life threatening conditions. Clearly the debate right now is about what makes a human legal or illegal. Apparently we as Americans have multiple and varying perspectives on that. But where I hope we might all agree is that no child should endure, at the hands of the US government, OUR government, the irreparable trauma of being abruptly taken from parents and siblings, possibly forever, and subjected to prison-like conditions. No innocent child should be imprisoned and criminalized, with or without family. These children may never recover. These families most certainly won’t recover. This is a level of abuse and inhumanity that represents only the darkest of our American soul. We can be better. We are better. And what I know is that these children need advocacy. And love. And family. Instead we don’t even have a plan of how to get them back to their families. In this moment as Americans we have failed. I deeply hope we will find the best in ourselves again. And the one sure way to do that is at the voting booth this year. It matters that much. The world deserves better from this land that we love. And dammit so do we. #keepfamiliestogether #endfamilydetention
Ethiopia stopped international adoption less than a year after I was able to adopt Yoby. There are still 5 million orphans in the country with no infrastructure to support them so Yoby’s adoption agency, Wide Horizons for Children, is now working with communities to help try to keep families in deep poverty together and alive. We visited this school where WHFC has created a feeding program for children who have no food at home. For many of them this is the only meal they will have in the day, and some walk over 6 miles each day to get there.  But after this lunch we had a killer soccer game and dance off! There is so much universal language.