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13,100 children are imprisoned right now in federal custody — alone, without their families -- facing horrifying neglect and abuse. 
Today, we will give these kids a defender who will step in front of the abuse they are facing, a protector who will ensure that the atrocities end, and an advocate who will make sure those responsible are held accountable. .

Holly and her team have inspected more than 30 detention centers over the last few years, saving countless kids. 
Last month, their legal team found a premature infant so ill she would have died without immediate treatment. Their lawyers and doctors fought federal authorities to transport the baby to the hospital.  And saved her life.  Same with 3 more gravely ill toddlers. 
The team is finding kids held in solitary confinement, kids forcibly sedated with drugs, use of pepper spray against kids . . . the atrocities go on and on. .

As an attorney of record in the crucial FLORES settlement, Holly’s team is one of only a handful of legal teams in the world with the right to access CBP facilities, demand inspections, obtain full medical files of the kids, and procure the census of every child detained. This makes them absolutely vital to investigating, communicating and advocating in the nationwide movement to protect the children and end the abuse.  Holly’s team has brought 3 class actions with national impact.  Her funding is gone to see these suits to completion and we must ensure this vital work continues. .

We will BOTH continue to rehabilitate and reunify these babies. AND we will defend them to end this cycle of horror. $240,000 will get Holly’s team what they need to continue this AND/BOTH work for 2 years: get to the sites for inspections, interview kids, remove them to protect their health & safety, and build legal cases to ensure that these government atrocities end. .

There are 13,100 kids right now desperately praying for a defender. Let’s do this. 
As always, every penny @together.rising receives from your tax-deductible gifts will go to help these kids.  Please give at link above or
Visiting parts of the remaining Berlin Wall that now comprise the East Side Gallery. A living reminder of the devastating impact of walls built, and the power and grace of freedom. #berlineastsidegallery
Berlin with bestie.
Today I am honored to be at #CannesLions with @undp talking about @lionssharefund with so many amazing partners like @theeconomist who have already committed to giving a percentage of their media spend to conservation and wildlife preservation every time animals are used in advertising. Our goal is that every brand and consumer will make this commitment to endangered species and to our world! What a simple brilliant way to give back to the animals and the earth. When you want to take action but don’t quite know how...#LionsShare! @lionssharefund
Made it to @cannes_lions! Thank you @americanexpress for such a beautiful soft landing. #carbonebycenturion @undp #lionforlions @lionssharefund
New York stories...
1. The premier of #JETT which is the thrilling collaboration of 2 of my best friends @carlagugino and Sebastian Gutierrez, along with an amazing cast. It’s on @Cinemax and you have to see it. You’ll be blown away!
2. Here with #DamonDaunno after @oklahomabway, the Tony-winning revival that’s a spectacularly stunning recreation on so many levels. Yee-ow!!! #Oklahoma!
3. @constitutionbwy #whattheconstitutionmeanstome. Wowowow. Thank you to @heidischreck for this incredibly meaningful and thought provoking play and performance. Go.
African Children’s Choir! What a beautiful night we had in NYC with these kids who always bring light and joy and magic wherever they go. Thanks to all who came out (and flew in from the south...y’all know who you are!). A true community that reaches across the world through song, dance, education and love. @acchoir
With so many strong candidates out there we need to make sure we hear from all of them in the debates.  Would you donate a dollar to @kirstengillibrand to ensure that she is part of the conversation? I want everyone to have the chance to know her like I do!  Thank you! Link to donate is in my bio.
As many of y’all know I hold the @acchoir near and dear to my heart, mostly because I’ve spent years seeing the incredible work they do, and of course listening to the choir sing! I’m so excited to co-host the 10th Choir gala in NYC with my sweet friends @carlagugino and @malinakerman. If you’re in NY on June 10 you have to come! And if you’ve come before I know you’ll be there to get a chance to see the incredible #AfricanChildrensChoir perform again! Link with all the #gala info is in my bio.#Repost @acchoir
@conniebritton hosted our very first New York City Gala in 2009 and has traveled to Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda to support our programs. She has been an incredible ambassador for us and our educational mission to help Africa's most vulnerable children today, so they can help Africa tomorrow. 
Thank you Connie for hosting our 10th Anniversary Gala in NYC! 
#ACCHeartsNYC #ChangeMakersGala #AfricanChildrensChoir #ChangeMakers10
#Repost @katiecouric
Happy Mother’s Day you phenomenal mothers everywhere! I’ve been really feeling it this weekend: the joy, challenge and deep soul satisfaction of mothering. I honor all mothers. And this shirt in particular is honoring and acknowledging the strong & resilient migrant women who are fighting to keep their families together. My heart is with these mothers, children and families and this t-shirt by benefits @fams2gether’s family reunification efforts.
Bears repeating. @gloriasteinem