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Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter on her 9th birthday.. daddy love you always and forever.. give her a shout out peeps. Bless
Dah spliff yah mek me high a than Mount Everest
Future generation we a defend..positively@tenstep record@yaadboiiz@nightlyfetv@orvillematterson
YAAD VIBES.... Vershon queffa and DIPHERENCE 1CHAIN
Mind active on another levels.. @yaadboiizfilms @producer_tenstep @adonvimusic @donvilmaze @dalynkwent @jahkmode_jackson @vaughndutch_di_engineer @oraine.gordon @orvillenitelyfe team work “levels” 2018 full force.. music music
Dipherence & Natty king and the wello well family on the enz
Connection.... my chargies
My chargie dem....growing fast 💪💪
Get there.... Dipherence in person and the breezy squad ago pass tru.. December 9 O'Neils place
INTOXICATED EXTREME DECEMBER 9 O'Neils place hagley park road.. support the thing
She nuh listen me affi just lol lol... funeral..settings.. family first substance over hype
Watch breezy squad dance move Dipherence clean and fresh single