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No domestic violence against woman... no violence what so ever.. protect mother land..@demarco song badddddddd
New release DIPHERENCE :EYE RED.... Gaga production
Riddim badddd it play u like a guitar yo deffffffffff
FITNESS!!!!! Who wanna be apart it's a good look check it out
Does these lady sexy sassy and trendy? Jolies brassiere model contestant..@joliesbrassiere
Dipherence 1CHAIN and vershon real queffa at ferns for real studio.
Dipherence @joliesbrassiere presenting the beautiful models. Greatful moment
Neva stop exploring so me keep going and going
Dipherence vibing the purge riddim/ Ct scan
Give thanks.... morning peeps
I'm feeling this song... better days true word coming from the wise
Simplicity!!!!! Be overstanding and be smart...