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~ If you’re reading this you are already blessed.
~ Besides working out I’m the guy in the DJ booth.
~ Hits 97.3 Miami

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This trip wouldn’t have meaning if it  wasn’t for @djtovitz & @stevomiami. Thank you 🙏🏼 for everything. #RealGangster #F*CkTheRedLight 😂
The last show means I have to make it the best. Tonight I take it to @donodobaile!
When the owner says next time you come you’re not only going to DJ but we going to lift too! 😂- @silvioh.ricci
8 years in the game and the lights are on me in Brazil... Thank you @pinkelephant! It was a pleasure.
Saturday night we take the vibe to @pinkelephant!
Living that Hundred Limit life.
The vibe last night was crazy! I think I’m going back home using more funky in my sets. 😝 @shelivesp
As I continue this Brazilian tour! Tonight @shelivesp!
Thank you for the love bro!
Mixing #funky(Brazilian music) with #hiphop! Don’t let me start something new. 😝 Thank you @lions_nightclub & @bailedoleao!
T O N I G H T - @bailedoleao