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I haven’t spoken about this because honestly I haven’t had time nor the energy to actually tell people how I really feel I’m just the type to sit back watch and listen. This picture represents a place I don’t deserve to be after the loss of who I claim to be my mother(my real mother is like my sister/best friend). Grandma you never kicked me out, never charged me rent all you truly cared about was that my room was clean and I always kept you up to date with electronics. Pop is on his first cruise without you and I wouldn’t let him go alone. You passed and family took sides leaving pop split when he needed to be whole but I just stayed quiet and made sure at the end of the night I slept on your side of the bed with him. As time goes on we have came back together and I’d think you would be at peace at this point but trust me when I say there is still work to be done. At dinner last night someone asked who we missing... Pop said Tonia and for a split second I believed him. “Anthony do this, fix that!” Things you would wake me up for after I only slept a couple hours. I’m holding the man down as best as I can I hope you see it. People want me to move out and become a “man” but I think a true man knows that family comes first. If he don’t want me to leave then I will grow old with him in the same house you raised me in. 
I miss you...
Dinner time with my ladies.
I’m just going to leave this up for a little....
Trying to be cool in Wynwood.
~ Monday Vibes ~
A vibe with @rysovalid_.
Don’t be a boss, be an example and a leader.