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Wife. Mama. Birth Boot Camp Instructor. Coffee Drinker. Occasional crafter. Birth Lover. Laundry sorter.


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Day 14 of my cycle got me like “oh look at that sweet, tiny, perfect baby.....” and then talking down my ovaries like “guuuurl, you’ve got kids for days....chill, girl. Chill.” 😂😂😂 #ovaries #realtalk #givemeallthebabies #TMI
She’s my first girl to homeschool. The boys never colored their work. She’s so fun! #homeschool #colortheworld
Dirty hair and THM shake for lunch. #monday #thm #momlife
Sunday nap!
I got crafty for my last little class! Class 10 is so, so fun because it’s basically presents from start to finish!! I love it! 😍#birthbootcamp #lovelanguage #getyourcrafton #gumisfordad
I finished up another amazing Birth Boot Camp class tonight. I loved this tiny class so much!! We got to know each other so well and had fun learning and laughing the whole 10 weeks. I won over both dads who were super skeptical about why a birth class could last SO long! I can’t wait for our reunion and meet these two sweet little babies and hear their birth stories. Thank you, Katie and Bekah, for letting me be part of your birth journey! 😘 #birthbootcamp #amazingbirth #learnallthethings #dontforgetdads
A baby play date! Birth Boot Camp friends are the best! #birthbootcamp #babyplaydate
Labor Day Party preparations!! #jubileebirthcenter #goodiebags
Oh happy day! #starbucks #psl #happyday
I’m giving once a week cooking a shot. I did this years ago when I only had 2 children and it was awesome. I don’t enjoy cooking and I’m hoping that if I can do it all in one day it’ll make my week go smoother! What tips do you have for getting dinner on the table? #onceaweekcooking #planbetterlivebetter #ihatecooking #butmypeopleliketoeat
A sonic slush as big as your head and your big sister’s high heels. Living her best life.
I love the imagination of a toddler. Who else can have a tea party with a kitty cat friend? #teatimewithfriends #kittymama