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Week 2 of the Mad Swiss Titan’s #InfinityGaunletChallenge. The power stone is up for grabs. Can you dig deep and complete on of the most grueling tests to date?!?
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Oh Snap! This week is the start of something fun! @wwecesaro is ready to kick off our next challenge.
This week it’s @wwerollins turn to put @joshyg27 through a terrible (yet fun) workout. Can Joshy G burn it down or will it curtains for one half of the DeadBoys? Join now to find out.
Whatever It Takes
A fun little behind the scenes video of #ManVsMan. Become a member today to check out the full video and all of our workout demos.
🎥: @dro
This week @wwerollins and I unlock the greatest mystery of all. “The @blackandbravewrestling academy fitness test”. For years this test has been kept under wraps...UNTIL NOW! Sign up with @deadboysfitness today and see if you have what it takes to survive.
Jump for joy, it’s @wwerollins birthday! 🎁🎉
From @therock’s @nbctitangames to the mean streets of Venice Beach, @melodyschofield has stepped up to the @deadboysfitness challenge. This week is a tough one but we KNOW the DBF community is up for the challenge.
When @wwerollins and I started @deadboysfitness back in January, our goal was to help wrestling fans get off of the couch and get moving for about 30 minutes per day. We wanted to help people make better lifestyle choices so that they can live life to the fullest. Fast forward to today, where we have over 500 members who have made that commitment. We have an amazing community who love to challenge themselves by working out hard and supporting one another. We are pumped you have chosen us, and hope to continue motivating and entertaining you for a long time. YOU can’t kill 500 of us, because we are already DEAD!
What did you do @joshyg27?!? #ManVsMan
It all comes down to this! Tomorrow the epic showdown between @wwerollins and @beckylynchwwe is happening. Will Rollins reclaim the title of the man? Will Becks shatter another glass ceiling? Only way to find out is to sign up for @deadboysfitness. Plus you get all the amazing programming to help you achieve some new fitness goals. We like to have fun, you should to.
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