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A question we frequently receive : WHAT CAUSES #ACNE?? In general, breakouts are caused by the buildup of dead skin cells, excess oil, and bacteria. When excess oil and skin cells clump together, they can form an impaction, or plug, in a pore. Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) bacteria live harmlessly on the skin but when trapped inside the pore, they can multiply, causing breakouts. This then results in inflammation, causing the redness and pain that is typically associated with acne. NEW Breakout Clearing Booster uses Salicylic Acid,(a BHA), to stimulate NATURAL exfoliation, helping to clear impacted pores and minimize breakouts! #clearlyglowing #askdermalogica
Say bye bye to breakouts! NEW #BreakoutClearing Booster uses patented TT technology (along with Salicylic Acid & Niacinamide) to kill breakout causing bacteria in as little as 15 minutes, AND reduce the appearance of breakouts – #protip: it can be applied in the morning and worn under makeup!
Blackheads have you thinking WTF?! Try our NEW Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask to soften skin & help get rid of blackheads. Fizz on!
#repost from @lilireinhart “Anyone who knows me, knows that I am incredibly passionate about skincare. As someone who developed acne at age 13, I’ve been working towards healthy skin for a while now. From seeing multiple dermatologists to trying dozens of topical treatments, I’ve learned to see my skin as an important investment. Acne is temporary— but my skin is forever, and it’s worth taking care of. That is why I am so excited to partner with @dermalogica to help launch their two new Clear Start products, along with serving as the creative consultant for their new #ClearlyGlowing Facefit - a 10 minute facial to help you achieve healthy glowing skin. 🔆”
We're GLOWING with excitement - we've partnered with @lilireinhart as our creative consultant for our NEW #ClearlyGlowing FaceFit Facial that includes our two NEW Clear Start products 💙 What is a FaceFit Facial you may ask? It's a $10 facial to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin ✨ Clearly Glowing FaceFit Facial available EXCLUSIVELY at @ultabeauty - click link in bio to learn more! *USA only
Summer Skin Care Hack - a good #doublecleanse and exfoliating. The combination of sweat, dead skin cells, and thick products like sunscreen can build up (yuck!) and cause dullness & breakouts! By using an oil based cleanser you are removing all of the build up of sweat, sunscreen, & excess oil in your pores, allowing your cleanser to do its job. A gentle chemical exfoliant (like Daily Microfoliant) will then remove the dead skin cells! Happy Glowing
#didyouknow things like your environment, lifestyle, & stress damage your skin? NEW #BioLuminC Serum works with your skin to enhance it’s own natural barriers to protect from these triggers while also improving the appearance of your skin. *Shop link in bio #askdermalogica
Does diet affect your skin? Our favorite celebrity dermatologist @drwhitneybowe and influencer @honestlykate talk about how diet & lifestyle can impact your skin - and why EVERYONE should be incorporating a Vitamin C Serum into their routine (like BioLumin-C Serum!) Watch the full video through the link in our bio!
Have you ever used a spot treatment for #breakouts that left your skin dry or more red than before you applied it? (Even though the breakout had reduced in size?) 🙋‍♀️ Let us introduce NEW Breakout Clearing Booster - not only does it use Salicylic Acid to clear breakouts, but it also uses Niacinamide & Seaweed Extract to lock in moisture and even skin tone. YES PLEASE!
Happy #4thofjuly 🇺🇸 🎇 Friendly reminder that just 30 minutes unprotected in the sun can undo a month’s worth of effort fighting dark spots & hyperpigmentation ☀️ WEAR YOUR SPF! #regram @ariannachayleneblean
Get your FIZZ on with NEW Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask - ingredients like sulfur, kaolin clay, & turmeric help to clear pores, absorb oil, and remove blackheads before they become breakouts 👊
#repost from @melodyslife First day of summer and my goal is to wear as less makeup as possible! My skin has been so good thanks to @dermalogica 🙈❤️ i have been raving about these products on my stories but seriously i am so shocked to see how clear my skin is! (No breakouts, no dark spots! 👏🏽👏🏽) #clearlyglowing