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VR Porn Queen, TEDx speaker, Ex-librarian, Slytherin, Chaotic Good.
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Porn sets, conventions/conferences, press, and parties.
#TBT 19 years old. One of my first photo shoots. I think my eyeshadow is pink highlighter marker. I wore white undies and still felt very risqué. Photo by @kmwphoto.
My mom's family has 2 traditions: Italian blown glass ornaments and creepy ass #annalee dolls (no relation to @annaleevrx, though she finds them endearing, because her taste is apparently as bizarre as their weird faces are. I'm burdening her with one of them as punishment for my friendship.)
I think I slept on my mascara in some weird way before I shot this.
Fight to save #NetNeutrality before Dec 14! https://www.battleforthenet.com
Vamping with @karolynprg last weekend. We didn't choose the babe life, the babe life chose us.
I love @soylent when it's in my body and on my body. No they don't pay me for this. #justafan
Wowww @zak_smith_aka_zak_sabbath created an amazing table top Hot Springs Island with sound effects. 🎲
Vacation at Rotlia (Hot Springs Island)! Clouds of daggers and venomous centipedes and ogre-riding salamander men and copper snakes.
#tbt 2009 in my first home in LA. Photo by Joe Rubinstein, makeup by @sonia_makeupartist
Mark Kernes wrote a really nice thing about my Rolling Stone thing yesterday for @avn http://bit.ly/2yOAEzq