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VR Porn Queen, TEDx speaker, Ex-librarian, Slytherin, Chaotic Good, APAC President
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I survived the #Sharkasaurus!
I got D20 earrings!
I got to meet @travismcelroy at #GenCon! #theadventurezone #mbmbam
Wow, Google Maps is ice cold tonight. Try "go fuck yourself, I'm doing my best, ok???"
Another #SDCC throwback with the beautiful and brilliant @twitchmetaljess whom I adore.
See you tonight, GenCon! PM me if I kinda know you and you want to come to our party tonight.
Smooching @heyitsaprilagain at Comic Con Wired Cafe 😍
I made a new little robotic friend.
I wrote about losing @januaryseraph on my tumblr http://goo.gl/rZw38J I hope my catharsis helps others.
Message me if you need to talk about this.
Last night I met the coolest celebrity, #crystalthemonkey 🐵. She was in The Hangover, Night at the Museum, Community, Big Bang Theory, Malcom in the Middle and American Pie. She cleaned underneath my fingernails!
I brought a bunch of @soylent to #SDCC and decided to taste/review Cafe Chai Soylent!