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VR Porn Queen, TEDx speaker, Ex-librarian, Slytherin, Chaotic Good.
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This is my first ever VR shoot which took place four years ago today. It’s my VR Porniversary and I’m so grateful for everything that’s happened in the last four years.
This small mammal enjoys the flavor of my face #gonzo
Ain't we so damn cute in our 80s outfits! W @chaunteuse for @xtianbretz's 80s horror birthday (My shirt is by @bohemian_society)
Catch me on @thenextweb in like 40 min! https://t.co/fKvHSzq6iY (s/o to @misseskissesxo for this rad bra I'm wearing!)
Wednesday morning at 11 am Pacific Time: I'm doing a live Q&A for @thenextweb! I also took over their mailing list this week so subscribe and check it out! https://answers.thenextweb.com/s/ela-darling-V3r1N0
I got another book that I am in! Future Presence by @provenself, Senior Editor of Wired Magazine. In which I call myself "Pee Monster" 😂 Buy it here and you might win an Oculus Rift! http://futurepresencebook.com #futurepresence
Here's a photo of me holding a book that includes a picture of me reading books (and an interview). #Allinadayssexwork by @wayfaringphoto #ADSW #Sexworkiswork.  https://amzn.to/2qjI6M3
Gonzo's new little bed crate, decorated with @olivergalart because he's bougie as fuck.
Earl Gray, room temperature because I talked on the phone too long before drinking it.
Snuggling up in Wade Watts's bed.
Sunshine in January by @ruledbythesun