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VR Porn Queen, TEDx speaker, Ex-librarian, Slytherin, Chaotic Good.
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Snow and Irish coffee the morning after #thekasandwiching at a haunted hotel.
I'm at spooky haunted Stanley Hotel for Friday the 13 and #thekasandwiching
I went through a thrilling and tumultuous breakup today. #turnup
I finished this amazing book this weekend called Fuck Whales by Maddox. It was hilarious and nuanced and fun as fuck. You should order it now so you get it when it comes out on October 17.
Time to roll! Playing Demon City by/with @zak_smith_aka_zak_sabbath at @indiecade
Safety first.
Going to speak out for adult performer agency at #SlutWalk today. arsw17 #cam4noshame
Soylent break before the #SlutWalk #arsw17 #cam4noshame
My eyes turned into gems 💎 so I'm pretty well fucked. #dungeonsanddragons #mazeofthebluemedusa
Doing some friendship with @realmaddox at #ucbtheater on Saturday for @tournamentofnerds
What a thoughtful surprise from @slutsandscholars! Thank you, ladies!!
I'll be here tonight! One of the rare occasions I'm out of my house after midnight! Come have fun.