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VR Porn Queen, TEDx speaker, Ex-librarian, Slytherin, Chaotic Good.
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I had an amazing time with a lot of really funny people last night viewing #Thrashtopia (on @jointeamalpha) with @whitneysmoore and co!
Post-Thrashtopia meet up w @dahhhhling @khailanonymous @whitneysmoore @jessemckeil
Portrait before xbiz by my beautiful @ruledbythesun 笶、ク
Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch, who watches over you? Build a little birdhouse in your soul. #theymightbegiants
Ayyyy bb! Your cloaca is looking mighty swollen, girl. Why don't you scoop up my spermatophore, cutie? 沽ウ沽ャ
My episode of @sextalkwithmymom is out! Go listen, it's fun. https://goo.gl/E374WA
Holy shit! @alondraexcene has glasses that turns lights into hearts!
Happy #ValentinesDay! Anyone else heading to @hooters to shred their exes and eat free wings?
He can't quite figure out how to calibrate the Oculus Rift for his IPD.
汳解汳解汳 I love Dr. Manus. His new office feels like the hippest nightclub.
Laying around in this frigid February winter