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Im not going to stop posting about this because a few days have past... we cannot let this go....imagine the grief of these families.  It will grow deeper every day.  As should ours... we should be furious.  We should be demanding these politicians get out of our country.  Paul Ryan and all of his buddies are the true terrorists.  We should be marching in the streets demanding they be ousted.  They have hijacked our country.  We should be causing straight anarchy until they are hiding in holes like Sadaam Hussein.  They have no problem busting up governments of other countries when their  leaders  terrorize.  They need a taste of their own medicine.
It窶冱 time to restore dignity to incarcerated women and reform the criminal justice system. Join me and support #cut50! Buy a tee and support omaze.com/dignity<http://omaze.com/dignity>
These politicians are punks ...using gun lovers to get rich and standing by while the children in this supposed great country are slaughtered in their schools... cling to your second amendment rights all you want .....the truth is ...your a pawn in a much bigger game and they've fooled you into thinking this is about you....and you fall for it...Suckers.  This country has never been perfect but we we should all hang our heads in shame that we cannot protect our innocent children whether its in school or shot in playgrounds because of the color of their skin.  We are failing epically.
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Can't wait for you all to see tonights episode....its sooo good!!!@camillaluddington @_matthew.morrison_ @joylenz @greysabc
@shondarhimes We really are working And making videos for Mariah #greysabc #tgif @mariahcarey
Today the cast and crew of @greysabc is donating all of our 5 dollar Friday money  to @loveleorescue for all they do for the animals who don't stand a chance.....#iainttoproudtobeg
Love my work family...it takes a village 笶、ク条沁ャ沁ャ沁ャ @seekellymccreary @ijessewilliams
2018 = Time窶冱 up on silence. Time窶冱 up on waiting. Time窶冱 up on tolerating discrimination, harassment or abuse. Sign the solidarity letter & donate to the @TIMESUPNOW Legal Defense Fund: Link in bio. #timesup