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Personal Assistant to Stella Luna, Sienna May and Eli Christopher.


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GOODFELLAS  For real.  I have known these guys forever and they are more than friends...they truly are family.  I Love them all so much.  Not only are they great actors but they are just as decent as human beings can get.  @dizmihok @adamrodriguez @mrwupass ❤️
Happy Birthday to my rider...an original G....so many laughs so many real talks you can take it as well as you dish it out.  I appreciate you and am endlessly entertained by you and when I need it lifted up by you.  You always have my back and yes we still out here 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💋❤️ @esteestanley love you bitch
Started out trying to research the proper way to recycle electronics and ended up in a black hole of chocolate cake pictures on Pinterest.... #shondalandproblems #setlife #recycle #chocolatecake #ilovechocolatecake #maybetoomuch @apple @pinterest 😂😂😂
It’s just a fun @Refinery29 popup until @lenawaithe brings her talent, grace and presence....and moves you to tears.... her room is a must see.  For my young fans..These stories that are told...this history ...these pieces of art are gifts for us.  To show our inhumanity can hopefully help us find our humanity.  If you are in Los Angeles you really should go stand in this room and feel this vibe.  You will not be sorry #29rooms #thankyouLena #onelove
What a sad couple of weeks it has been in California.  I really needed this today.  Thanks @migos @j_corden @thetoptea....and thank you for all of the birthday wishes and love.  I didn’t even feel comfortable celebrating with so much death and destruction all around me and so many people suffering but I see you and heard you .  Thanks for the love.❤️ #grateful
#Repost @drhabibsadeghi with ・・・
Family - Our Beloved Brothers & Sisters Firefighters need the following items to be picked up and dropped off at ANY Fire Station ASAP: 1) Gallon Ziplock Bags, 2) Eye Drops, 3) Face Wipes, Energy Drinks, 4) Water, 5) Granola Bars, 6) Beef Jerky, 7) Sunscreen, 8) Gold Bond Powder, 9) Chapsticks. PLEASE PRAY for their safety while you hold these items, charge them with Healing Intention and then drop them off. #serviceisprayer Service IS The Highest Prayer - Family.
My SiSi is like a heart on fire ❤️🔥 😍😍😍
My voting squad ❤️
I’ll never understand why women side with The Patriarchy over other women do you really believe they have your best interest in mind? News flash THEY DONT.... stay woke get on the right side of history stop being mad I support black women and get grateful as women in this country we have a CHOICE and a CHANCE to support other women.... #vote ・・・make some new friends tooo
PSA: To the 47% of White Women who didn’t sell us out, you have 24 more hours to convince the 53% to vote on behalf of *all* of us women.
It’s high time folks realized: your whiteness will not save you from what patriarchy has for you (swipe).
This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by a Black Woman hoping and working for a very different 2018 Tuesday than the 2016 Tuesday. And @HBO and @crookedmedia 🙃. @mspackyetti 💯💯💯
@ijessewilliams messing up my makeup on a Monday morning... this woman saying “it means so much” is EVERYTHING... cynics say actors should stay out of political but the truth is.... we do have a platform and a voice... and we are citizens just like everyone else...we are so blessed to be in a position to make any kind of impact on people’s lives... Jesse is out there making a difference making people feel seen and heard ❤️💯💫 #powertothepeople #vote ##amendment4 @advancementproject @dreamdefendersaction ・・・
Politics is personal. Our personal lives are constantly impacted by policy, which means you’re involved in politics whether you say so or not.

Robin and i talked for while, about her children’s access to quality education, housing, the art world, her graphic design business, the many ways we are dissuaded from voting and the many reasons we won’t fall into the trap: we’re voting. And we’re voting for #Amendment4.
Door-to-door w @advancementproject & @dreamdefendersaction
My peoples!!!! November 6th is our day.... I want to hear from each and everyone of you!!!!! #vote ❤️💋❤️
Finally I’ve found Meredith’s new love interest!! He a dog tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @greysabc #tgit #shondalandproblems @alexlandi7