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I'm asking for your help. The Endangered Species Act is one of the world’s most effective laws for protecting wildlife but it is currently under terrible threat. Join me and @world_wildlife in telling the US Administration to protect wildlife and stop its assault on the Endangered Species Act. We shouldn’t have to fight to defend such an effective law but these are unusual times so here we go. If we all click the link in my bio to support, we can blow past our goal. Join in making a difference.
Back together again with my favs I could not love these men more @rupaulofficial @yanismarshall #waitforit 👠
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Our mission is to bring awareness to and ultimately stop whaling in Iceland—a front-runner in this unnecessary hunt. Currently, Iceland is violating one of the most sacred wildlife conservation agreements of our time—the International Moratorium on Commercial Whaling (IWC)—by brutally slaughtering one of the most sentient and threatened species in the oceans. We cannot stand by and watch this violent attack on one of the most fundamental principles of wildlife conservation. We can no longer remain silent as this majestic species nears extinction in our lifetime. This is where we draw the line! TAKE ACTION NOW: Click the link in our bio and sign to #StopTheHunt. #StopIcelandWhaling.
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Let’s #StopTheHunt 🚫🐋
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Right now Fin whales are being slaughtered in Iceland 🇮🇸 and I’d like you to join us in signing a petition and boycott Iceland as a travel destination until they end the madness and leave our great whales to swim in their ocean realm in peace ✌️. As if we haven’t already put them through enough. To do nothing is allow the slaughter to continue. Link in my bio. #Stopthehunt #StopIcelandWhaling @sea_legacy  @racingextinction @bluespherefoundation @paulnicklen @shawnheinrichs Photo: Humpack whales 🐋 Pacific Ocean
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Let’s speak up for species on the brink of extinction! 
Three changes to endangered species protections have just been proposed - injecting economic and non-science-based influence into the law... But we can each do something to stop it 👉 Text PROTECT to 52886
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Can you imagine if Serena showed up in denim shorts to play tennis?  All hell would break loose... just saying it seems a lot of tennis players have expressed themselves through their outfits.  Without even having life threatening medical issues
Because everyday should be Women's Equality Day. Read the @elleusa link in bio.
If this isn't #MondayMotivation I don't know what is. Thank you @serenawilliams for being such an incredible example of an extraordinary woman.  It takes great courage to be vocal about private struggles and she does it with such grace and generosity of spirit.  A true champ in every sense of the word. 🏆🏆🏆
@therealdebbieallen are you ready for me? I'm  on my way...to Day 1...on set.  #season15 #imagratefulbeast #@shondarhimes #youdaqueen #letsgetthisfillintheblank @greysabc @nicolewinhoffer I love you too 🙌🏽🙏🏽👊🏼🌈💋❤️ #ialsorefusetogrowup
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Thousands of scientists from almost 50 countries are expressing alarm this week at the expansion of the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. A new report in BioScience outlines the dangers of building a continuous and impermeable border wall, because it would harm animals and plants in this sensitive region. Bypassed environmental laws, habitat destruction, and losses to conservation and scientific research cause a lot of concern. Read more from our scientists via the link in our bio.

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He's like ...why are humans so fucked up though? 😂
Okay Seattle lets do this...