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A progressive, public liberal arts college on the shores of the Puget Sound.

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The #dance #students of Performance Lab wrapped up winter quarter with 2 days of #dance recital featuring #originalworks choreographed over the course of the class.
Students in the Evergreen program The Evolution of Constitutional Law Beyond the 20th Century are presenting moot court arguments today through a moot court exercise on the current Supreme Court case National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra. Judicial law clerks from the Washington State Supreme Court serve as judges. #prelaw #supremecourt #mocktrial
#facesofevergreen: "Red alder are trees that do really well in areas that have experienced a disturbance, so they're typically the first to come up after a severe windstorm or a fire. They generally only live for about 60 to 80 years. Based on core samples, we know that these guys are about 45 years old. So, our project is to develop a forest management program for this stand so that when the time comes for these trees to start dying, we can come in and make sure this land is going to grow and blend with the environment around it, and not just become a clearing." -- Katherine Kallus, class of '19
Happy #InternationalWomensDay! This year's theme is #pressforprogress, learn more at
Students in Evergreen’s Master of Environmental Studies program tour the @taylorshellfish mussel farm and talk with growers about the roles that biology, climate and water quality play in the #pnw’s commercial seafood industry. @evergreenmes
#facesofevergreen: "There's just so much variety here at Evergreen, and diversity when it comes to viewpoints and expectations of the world. It's kind of nice to encounter those. Especially someone like me who really wants to engage with different cultures and outlooks. I think the thing that really surprised me about Evergreen was how to do that in a way that is authentic, but also respectful." -- Devin Moncada, class of '18
Emily Washines MPA '10 is featured on the cover of the latest issue of The Evergreen Magazine. Evergreen photographer Shauna Bittle met Emily on the restored flood plain of Toppenish Creek, where Emily filmed her documentary, Return of the Wapato. Emily chose traditional dress to emphasize the Yakamas’ historical connection to this landscape. Read the story at
Late #February brings #winter weather and a visit with #speedythegeoduck, our intrepid #mascot.
#PurceHall’s alcoves are perfect nooks for coffee breaks and #facesofevergreen study sessions, like mastering the material for an M2O #openbook test.
#facesofevergreen: “The class was an experiment in itself. It was called Student Voices Matter. It was created to help students understand how students learn and how teachers teach best. That was a very meaningful experience for me as a student because I don’t think I had been taught how to learn in general. And also I didn’t know what a good teacher would look like in the past; but now I have this awareness and when I learn, I want to ask: ‘am I really learning?’ And I think that also opens up for change in education.” -- Thea Pan, class of '18
#facesofevergreen: “I only have one teacher right now. I like that because he knows the work that he’s giving out, and he knows when the work load is heavy. In high school, I would try to catch up in a certain class and end up lagging behind in another one.  I like being here because I don’t have to play that game of catch up anymore, which is nice.” — Quinn Cusimano, class of ‘20