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Happy #TongueOutTuesday! Did you know that a Masai giraffe's tongue can grow up to 18-20 inches long? They use these long tongues to grab leaves from trees.
Happy SSSSSST. Patrick’s Day! It’s a beautiful day to come visit the zoo. Just don’t forget to wear green!
Happy Birthday George! George the siamang was born here at the Greenville Zoo four years ago today! 🎉🎊🎉
Our red pandas celebrate #NationalNappingDay everyday 💤
We had a great time today at the @sec women’s basketball tournament at @bswarena for STEAM Day!
Looks like Adira is starting to get her baby teeth! 
Did you know the Greenville Zoo is participating in an important research study involving orangutan tooth emergence? The primary objective of the study is to provide a comprehensive updated tooth emergence chart for both Sumatran and Bornean orangutans. The need is for more consistent and specific age assignment to better serve husbandry and rehabilitation of orphans and to help build stronger cases for enforcement of existing laws that protect these endangered species in range countries. You can visit the orangutan SSP website at to learn more about this important project.
Happy World Wildlife Day! #DidYouKnow Over 3 billion people around the world depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for sustenance and livelihoods? Life on land needs healthy #LifeBelowWater #WorldWildlifeDay #WWD2019
We are proud to say that we were recently recognized by @conservewildcats as a Platinum Supporter for our $16,437 contribution to their Amur leopard conservation efforts. This contribution originated from our Amur leopard initiative on the “Quarters for Conservation” kiosk. This sizeable donation was made possible by our wonderful guests’ enthusiasm for supporting Amur leopards in the wild. We truly appreciate our zoo guests’ engagement in conservation initiatives such as these to make the world a better place. This donation placed the Greenville Zoo as #2 in their top 10 zoos that contributed in 2018. We are fortunate to have Amur leopards at the zoo as ambassadors for their species as they help educate, inspire and deliver valuable conservation messages.
Ozzie was workin it for the camera on National Pig Day! 📸📸📸
We just can’t get enough of our baby Red-tailed guenon! We hope you guys feel the same way! ❤️🐒
Friday feeling! 😃
Wondering what we worked on during our annual closure? Here’s a snapshot of some of the projects we were able to complete! Special shout out to the @gvlparksrec tree crew for their help.