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A weekend with old friends and new... and oh yeah @blink182 🤘
Solar is innovation. Solar is clean energy. Solar is BEAUTY. 
According to the latest IPCC report we only have 12 years to rapidly decarbonize our economy in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change. 
The new solar facility in Pitkin County would reduce carbon emissions from their sanitation operations, taking the first step toward carbon neutrality.

While this project will not solve our climate crisis it is a step in the right direction and that’s what we need a lot of, at every level, in every sector right now. Small incremental change adds up! It’s actually the story of how I became an Olympian and the message behind @alex_bottle . It’s our small everyday actions that take us from ordinary to extraordinary!

Click the link in my bio to learn more about the Pitkin County solar project.
As human’s living down on earth with very real daily responsibilities and circumstances, it can be easy and quite normal to fall into a tunnel vision perspective of checking things off our ‘to do’ list and getting through another day.  Asking the questions, can one person really make a difference? Do my decisions, choices and actions really matter? 
Today I had the incredible privilege to pull back and get an aerial perspective with @ecoflight and some of our nation’s top climate researchers from @earthinstitute @columbialamontearth and I can say that from that higher perspective the answer is YES. Yes everything is interconnected. Yes nature is powerful and resilient and yes it is also incredibly fragile because when we do threaten it, it’s all connected! Yes it matters if we are conscious of our choices. Yes the choices we make create a ripple effect- spreading and influencing in ways that we cannot always see. Yes one person caring and standing up for the things we care about whether it is our oceans, forests, our national parks and wild lands, rivers, energy, transportation, wildlife, indigenous peoples, and our changing climate- it all matters because it’s all connected.

In terms of climate change- we need to see change within the next 8 years. We can choose to think that our situation is dire and give up hope. Or we can fight like hell for the things we value, love and cherish in this world. That in itself is a CHOICE. I choose to enjoy this life I’ve been given AND do all I can to stand up for, use my voice, my platform, and my daily actions to support our transition into what it’s going to take to create that change.

If this fires you up and you want to take action there are two things you can do. Today @protectourwinters is hosting a Happy Hour to discuss it’s 2020 strategy and vision at Marble Bar Aspen from 5-7pm. If you can’t make it, then click the link in my bio to subscribe to receive climate news and action from POW today!
~Relax, it’s summer~
May you be happy and free 💥💥💥
#happy4th #lakelife
Plastic pollution kills more than one million seabirds each year. When we beach recklessly, life in and around the ocean suffers. This summer the goal is to #RestoresyourShore as we move towards July 5th - the dirtiest beach day of the year. It’s on ALL OF US to protect our oceans and beaches from plastic with a year-round effort. Repost with #RestoreYourShore and @reef will donate $5 to @surfrider to support The Better Beach Alliance. Ditch the red solo cup this year and go reusable with @alexbottle Cheers friends 🙏
Tomorrow I’ll be taking my dear friend Jayne Gottlieb’s @aspenshakti Buddhi Immersion and Teacher Training. And who knows where that will lead! This is a practice that quite literally has changed my life. It has taught me how to nurture myself, cherish myself, celebrate my femininity, my sensuality, my sexuality and live my fullest self expression in the world. See below for the description and join me because there are still spots left!

Inside each of us lives an untamed power/energy that wants to be expressed and unleashed in order for us to experience our highest potential and most radiant selves. This powerful and dynamic yoga technology focuses on awakening, igniting and channeling SHAKTI so that the entire nervous system can exist at optimal vitality.  From a more scientific lens - the practice strengthens the nervous system, more specifically the connection between the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies.  This will shake up and out anything that is stuck, stagnant, no longer serving your vitality nor the best version of yourself. It will transform you if you truly dedicate yourself to it.

The focus of this training, unlike many others out there, will not be perfectly formulaic nor mimicable.  This training is about inspiring and pulling out the natural teacher/leader inside each participant and empowering participants to create and offer up this work as their own masterpiece, (or work in progress). It’s aim is to extricate the Guru inside each trainee and to help harness his/her magic to inspire, challenge and motivate future students and build unwavering confidence inside.  The curriculum uses improv, kriyas, breathwork, archetype work, self study, monologue/scenework/theatre, voice and projection, yoga principles and universal truths, conscious language study, dance techniques, plyometrics, anatomy and kinesthesiology to serve this mission. 
The practice itself, as well as the training empowers students to breakthrough stuck energy or self-destructive patterns that may affect their day to day lives as well as inevitably impact their leadership skills as a yoga practitioner. 
Aspen CO
June 19th-Sunday June 23rd
“Climb the mountain not to plant your flag, but to embrace the challenge, enjoy the air and behold the view. Climb it so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.” ― David McCullough Jr.

Climb it so you can see the world “and yourself”...& then you will no longer need the world to see you 😉
Happo One Japan 🍱🍛🍣🥟🍲
~Reflecting on a magical, snowy winter of going ⬆️and ⬇️ mountains around the world with good friends~ HAKUBA ALPS JAPAN
Exploring the backyard with this queen today
Spring time’s got me day dreaming about backcountry adventures. Who else has got the itch? Happy trails and be safe out there 👍 📸 @mikeyoshida