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Homemade FIG, PUMPKIN & APPLE Butters! Run, don't walk to the blog for recipe details! With @theinspiredhome_com ✌🏼✨🌿#healthygrocerygirl #hggcommunity #contributor #realfood #recipe
Always working on this!! Anyone overthink, overanalyze or get emotionally drained from situations that are usually in the end not worth stressing over? It's a habit I am continuously working on. To breath, let go, trust, to not sweat the small stuff & to set up boundaries if necessary. There is always something we can stress or worry over if we look for it. There is a lot we can control like our attitude but so much that is out of our control & for that we have to learn to let go & breath. Just some Sunday ramblings if anyone can relate!✌🏼✨🌿📸: @thoughtfullymagazine #healthygrocerygirl #hggcommunity #wellness #health #goodvibes #relax #rest #trust #believe
Cozy Quinoa Enchilada Casserole for dinner! View or print the recipe by heading to our blog at 🍽 What are you having for dinner?!✌🏼✨🌿 #healthygrocerygirl #hggcommunity #plantbased #recipes #realfood
Today's agenda... clean & organize. Not my favorite "chore" but I feel so much better when everything is tidy! I once read that clutter can contribute to anxiety which personally I find to be true! Anyone else tackling a home or organization project this weekend? ✌🏼✨🌿#healthygrocerygirl #hggcommunity #home #organization #homestyle
Fri-YAY & Baked Applesauce Bars! 🙌🏼 These are #glutenfree, #vegan & have no added sugar! Before the Holiday recipes start rolling in these are a fun way to use up Fall apples!! Head to the blog for the recipe: It's an older recipe so just search APPLE in the search bar! ✌🏼✨🌿 #healthygrocerygirl #hggcommunity #realfood
Natural Morning Sickness Remedies! 🤢New blog post & video is up! I'm sharing what has been helpful for me and would love to know what has worked for you!!✌🏼✨🌿 #healthygrocerygirl #hggcommunity #pregnancy
It's almost Halloween! Buahahhaha! Celebrate with this hearty Pumpkin Chickpea Curry! 🔊Turn the sound on for recipe instructions & head to the blog to view / print the full recipe!! Also edit to the cook time! This soup is easily ready to go after cooking for 30-45 minutes✌🏼✨🌿#healthygrocerygirl #hggcommunity #healthyeats
I've partnered with @sunsweetgrowersinc to share "5 Ways To Boost Bone Health" plus an Almond & Prune Energy Bar recipe on the blog today! These bars are so tasty made with just a few ingredients. Head to ✌🏼✨🌿 #ambassador #sponsor #healthygrocerygirl #hggcommunity #bonehealth #Sunsweetstrong
Are you traveling this Holiday season? Road trip, airplane, bicycle?! You'll likely need some tasty, healthy snacks! Head to today for more details on how to make Eggplant Jerky! It's a great on-the-go snack! Other travel snacks / food I love include plant-based protein bars, fruit like apples or bananas, homemade trail-mix, rice cakes, nut butter, oatmeal packets and tea bags. What are your go-to travel foods?! With @theinspiredhome_com ✌🏼✨🌿#contributor #healthygrocerygirl #hggcommunity #healthyeating #travel #recipe #plantbased
I fell in love with this saying during our years #ttc. I wanted the saying huge on my wall to serve as a daily reminder to be more present & enjoy my life even when in a season of waiting. To try & not wish for the past or worry about the future. That THESE are the golden & good days. Right now! Words are so powerful to help get us through tough times. Do you have a favorite saying, quote or verse? I'd love to hear it in the comments below! ⠀
Aaron & I designed the font art & the frames are from @framebridge ✌🏼✨🌿 #home #homedecor #healthygrocerygirl #hggcommunity
Mmmmmm Pumpkin Pecan Milkshakes! Click the link in bio to to search for them on the blog - so perfect to celebrate Fall & Halloween! ✌🏼🎃 #healthygrocerygirl #hggcommunity #halloween #pumpkin #realfood #dairyfree #plantbased #glutenfree #foodblog
Baby Bump! 👶🏼 It's amazing to see my body change, especially the past few weeks! My pants no longer fit & I'm always hungry but easily full! Also THANK YOU to everyone for your incredibly kind & joy-filled comments from our announcement the other day! You all are the best & so sweet!! This baby is way loved! We posted an announcement video & blog post if you'd like to check that out - I share a few more details about our journey. or click the link in bio @healthygrocerygirl ✨ Photo is from 14 weeks but we are a little over 15 weeks today! ✌🏼✨🌿 @megan.roosevelt #hggbaby #healthygrocerygirl #pregnancy