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Dana Lohmüller | Cologne | Germany 🇩🇪
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Dancing in the streets of Taipei 💕 dress by @jollyjollyboutique (*pr-sample) #taipei #dancing 
在街上跳舞 @jollyjollyboutique #連衣裙 #台北
| Werbung | 
How cool are the tattoos by @paperself_tw !? 🦋💕 Especially for the upcoming festival season, don’t you think so!? Wishing you a wonderful weekend 💋 #paperself_tw #butterflytattoo 
蝴蝶 🦋 @paperself_tw #蝴蝶 #黥
🎂 Happy Birthday, baby! 🎈May the next year be full of even more love, laughter and happiness!! @mr.wallenstein #loveyou #happybirthday 
祝你生日快樂 ❤️ 我愛你 #生日快樂 #我愛你 #愛
Summer Mood 🌴🙃 And yes, my eyes kinda disappear when I’m smiling... 😄 #taipei 
晴朗的日子在台北 #台北
Shopping in sunny Taipei ☀️💕 | How cool does the @ponyeffect_seoul store look!? 😱 #taipei #taipeishopping

在台北購物 💕 #台北 #購物
| Werbung | 💌: “Dear mommy, Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for being the best mom one could think of and for teaching me what unconditional love really means. There wasn’t one single day in my entire life where I didn’t feel loved by you and daddy. You are my heros. Always have. Always will. I hope one day I will be an as loving and caring mum as you are. When I look in the mirror, I can see a lot of you, which is beautiful, cause it reminds me that you’re always with me. Even when I’m more than 9.000 km away from you today... You are the strongest woman I know, but you also taught me that it’s okay to be sad or weak sometimes. Thanks for always being there for me. I love you!! ❤️” | Due to Mother’s Day @mariejolingerie is celebrating the similarities of mother & daughter with the #everydayheroines campaign. Let me know in the comments what you and your mommy have in common. ❤️ @rigbyandpeller #mariejo #mariejolingerie #mothersday 
母親節快樂 ❤️ #母親節快樂
Hell, YES!!! 🍦🍓 You find these bubble waffles all over here in Taipei. Check out when you’re in town! 👌 #bubblewaffle #taipei #foodie #benniunddanaaufreisen

我喜歡華夫餅 ❤️ #胡扯 #愛 #台北 #吃吃吃 #好吃 #唯午茶記憶
| Werbung |
Well, it’s not an engagement ring, but it’s the @tomford Summer Soleil Collection 2018 blush. 😎☀️ And if you ask me, it’s not diamonds that are a girls best friend, but cosmetics (and sweets). So, obviously I said YES to the @tomford Summer Soleil collection. What would you say? #cosmeticsareagirlsbestfriend #tomfordbeauty #tomfordsummersoleilcollection
| Werbung | 
May I introduce you to our travelbuddy No.1: the @garmin_beatyesterday zūmo 395LM motorbike navigation system ❤️ It has already been our best friend on our 1.000 km motorbike roadtrip through Vietnam and now it takes us everywhere we wanna go in Taipei. Head over to the Garmin website to learn more! 🛵 #garmin #garminzumo #cruising
These claw machines are THE SHIT in Taipei... let’s see if it gets me addicted as well! 🕹😜 Have you ever gotten something good out of one? #clawmachine #taipei #discoverasia | | | 
你贏過的最好的東西是什麼?#賭博 #遊戲 #台北
~ Dreaming of all the adventures that’ll come our way. ❤️ #happymonday #dreaming | 
夢想即將到來的冒險 #台北 #星期一 #
Lunch break with @mr.wallenstein ❤️ | I hope you all had a wonderful 1st of May - we’re still in Taipei and absolutely in love with the country. But we’re slowly starting to plan our next trips. Do you have any recommendations? What’s your favorite Asian country? Where should we go? What do we need to see? Indonesia? India? Japan? ...? Let us know👇😍 #whatsnext #travelasia 📷 by @ed_mosaic_photography