Mavi the Siberian Husky

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🌴 Miami, FL
🇹🇷 Mavi means 'blue' in Turkish
🐺 #MiamiHuskyPack
🐾 #MaviAdventures
❤️ @JennyPina
Look, but don't take.

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Throwback to the time we visited the Grove Harbour Marina! #SiberianHusky #MaviAdventures #MiamiHuskyPack
The weekend is finally here! I can't wait for more adventures!
The sky's the limit... 😎
Pet me and tell me I'm beautiful!
Run like the wind! 🍃
There's nothing like a dip in the ocean after getting all muddy... Even though I hate the ocean. 🙃
Goodnight, world. 💤
Today was perfect. 🚲
I'm not exactly a morning husky....
Rainy nights like these make me wanna cuddle...💤