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Oh and here the Friday #mood comes 🤭😂.
I just blinked and half of the first month of a new year is gone! How come?! #ipkphotography #portrait #blackandwhite #mood #houston
Love me some sunny memories on this grumpy day! Happy New year everyone, it’s time to make things happen! #happynewyear #sunnyday #family #love #photographer #ipkphotography
On this beautiful Christmas Eve day i want to wish all of you lots of happy moments to enjoy and loved ones right by your side, today and always ❤️
1 week till Christmas! 💫 If it was up to me, i would have my lights and decorations up all year long 🎄  Per usual, i spent most of November and December photographing families as this is what i like to do around this time of the year. How cute are these twins?!
So you booked your session with me…
What’s next?! ⚡️
If you have a concept/idea to bring to reality, or just have certain vibe in mind - send me a moldboard! 🌸
Pinterest is awesome for this.
For some of my shoots I have not just one, but two boards - one for posing, and one for makeup/outfits👌🏼
It does help big time with the photoshoot flow and help you not to forget to get that one portrait/angle you always wanted to!💋
What to wear to all of these endless parties in December?! ❄️
Whatever you choose - layer it! 💥
When else go bold-zy if not during the Holiday season?
Bracelets, necklaces, rings, mix of different colored metals, altogether - yes, please!🖤
Good  Morning!
I love that Texas winter looks like this 😀
I feel like my studio space has been neglected lately, as with this gorgeous weather I have been shooting outside so much!
I am hoping to come back to move studio shoots in January, and I d love to get creative! I will have time for 1-2 top shoots, so hit me up with your creative ideas 🤩
I am thinking beauty shoot (where are my talented Mua’s?)
and a fashion urban shoot ‼️
Although white and rose gold were going strong for the past few seasons, I do feel like yellow gold will always has it’s crown 👑
Coming together with trending lately massive pieces gold tome metals look great and make a statement.🖖🏻
I also notices that for some reason on photos yellow looks especially good on a bare skin (rose does too actually)😿
Bring all of your accessories to your photoshoot as this is so much fun  to mix and match to create new looks!😍
Black and white photos have special place in my heart 💜
Just like black color in your wardrobe, those images will fit perfectly anywhere! 👌🏼
As a matter of fact, it is a perfect way to keep your family photos organized and stylish over the years - just imagine all black and white wall art representing your family growth, not having all those colors clashing on the walls!
And I absolutely love b&w in fashion and portraits, can never go wrong with it 😎
Send me a DM if you are felling like booking a session today 😉
There is nothing that will make a woman happy more than beautiful flowers with no reason! 🌹
Ok ok , Jewelry will do too!🤫
🔥This was such a special year and I am happy to give back!
 I mean, there should be always time for a little miracle  in our life !🔥
⚡️This time I am opening a giveaway for a professional photoshoot!
It could be anything you want - portfolio shoot, engagement session, beauty or fashion story, a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g at all!⚡️
❗️To enter a contest you simply need to:
• Be my follower!
• Tag 3 of your friends who might be interested in a comment section!
‼️The Results of this Giveaway will be announced  on December, 15th ‼️
🙏🏼Good luck and I can’t wait to shoot with the winner!👌🏼😏