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My neighbor's apple tree is in bloom.
The #Tokyo #SkyTree at night. This is the taller of the two main towers in the city. Visited here a couple nights ago, mainly for the #aquarium, which was super fun. My son made friends with a playful South American fur seal and nicknamed him "Spineroo!" #すみだ水族館
Spent the day with my wife and son at #tokyodisneyland yesterday. They sure know how to create an experience! This is three different views of the castle at the center of the park. #東京ディズニーランド
Went out on a walk by myself through #Tokyo the other day to visit the currency and #cryptocurrency exchange and came across this little dog shrine. A small sanctuary in the middle of the city. #神道 #卍
Had an amazing lunch at a cosy 12 seat restaurant in #Akihabara where you place your order by purchasing tickets from a vending machine. This is a friend chicken cutlet, rice with curry and a bowl of soba noodles in hot broth with tempura bits and green onions. I washed it all down with a draft beer. Less than $10 for all this and it was so satisfying. #japanesefood #日本 #秋葉原
My son in his #yukata preparing to enter the #onsen baths in #Hokkaido considered by local folklore to be the gates of hell. #hotsprings #日本
The landscape in the northern prefecture of Japan is stunning in the winter. As expected, a photograph doesn't do it justice, but I'm still pleased with how this one turned out. #山 #Hokkaido #日本
One of the #yukijin (demons) protecting the town of #Noboribetsu in the prefecture of #Hokkaido in #Japan. This area is considered by local folklore to be the gateway to Hell due to the sulphurous hot springs. Certain local demons, such as the one in the photo, protect the town from the more malevolent ones.
Not the largest by far, but definitely one of my favorite snow sculptures at the Sapporo Snow Festival. A girl preening a mythical bird and there's a beaconing cat by her side.
The beautiful #TokyoTower all lit up in gold and orange like a torch or pile of embers.
I'm doing a thing on Twitter where I'm posting a book a day for seven days. I figured you guys might want to see these photos too. Anyone else read this book? What did you think? #7books #bibliophile #lefthandpath
Leveling up my #cartomancy skills with this book. Really enjoying it. Anyone else have an interest in #lenormand oracle cards?