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The new sport of jet surfing is evolving and we can be part of it! Join my quest to test electric jet surf boards

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Luke Cederman’s years-long YouTube web series, “The Raglan Surf Report” is criminally, criminally under reported. This guy is down there in god’s own country, the fabulous New Zealand (albeit on the objectively inferior northern island, but still), making video after hilarious video chronicling the struggles of what it means to be a surfer in today’s hectic world. Give the man a subscribe, willya?
There are so many Jetboards out there that it might get confusing trying to figure out which one is meant for you.
Finding your soulmate is no easy task! :(
Today, Mike attempts to solve this conundrum by dishing out special tips to help you chose the right jet board.
Take a look!
There is not one right way to ride a wave.
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Last year the perpetually positive and widely traveled surfer Kepa Acero broke his neck surfing his beloved Mundaka.  After his accident Acero was asked if he was afraid to go back to Mundaka. In true surfer fashion and one who is undeterred from a never-ending quest for good waves, Acero answered, “There is nothing I want more than to return to Mundaka and paddle the same wave in which I damaged myself and be back in the green room again.”
Another warm day set for Icebox Open surf contest on Saturday... 👍
A jetsurf session with our new big wave legend Jeff! 4m waves on the local beach was a big fun!
10 of the best surf locations in the world...
Surfer!!!! :) :)
The Winters Olympics are in full swing, and that can mean only one thing: The Summer Olympics are just two short years away.
A true love...
Newcastle City Council lifeguards have closed beaches from Nobbys to Merewether and are urging extreme caution over the next few days. Stockton Beach remains open.
Changing lives with the magic of surfing: Disabled Surfers makes dreams a reality...