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Took me a week of evenings and all of this morning, but I won. #takethat
#7 was not our lucky number today. This sweet girl was adopted by someone luckier than us. Even though I've already named her Princess Buttercup (think of the nickname possibilities!), it wasn't meant to be. I hope she has a good life and that she and her new owner are very happy together.
Just finished the backsplash on the first counter. Almost halfway done now. New counters in ten years! (After the girls finish college) #icanlivewithitnow
Today is the Equine Vaccination Clinic and our boys are excited. Bo has gotten much better about getting in the trailer, so this is easier than it was last time.
Today was demo day, which is usually a lot of fun, but taking this tile out was not fun. It took me all day, and it was impossible to save the wall. So now I get to learn how to replace drywall before I start tiling my new backsplash. It will be 3x6 inch charcoal gray subway tile, and it will go up to the cabinets. It will probably take me six months to do the whole kitchen. Blah! #DIYtroubles
Just wrapped up six hours on campus. Reality is terrifying. #prevet
Zoë Bug is excited to be checking out Utah State today. #prevet
My favorite picture fell down from over the kitchen window, and broke the window. 😥
I am in the process of painting my kitchen, and sadly I am not an orangutan, because I can't reach the spot over these cabinets with any of our ladders. Any suggestions?
PJ is afraid of mice. How funny is that? #scaredycat
Gunny Man makes me laugh the way he delicately eats from a fork. You can give him a treat without fear of losing your hand, unlike some of his friends.
"The Year of the Farm Pants" is up on the blog. www.controllingmychaos.com