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Peanut Head and I found this fancy cookie stamp at Williams-Sonoma. Making Raspberry Shortbread Thumbprints are so much easier with this thing.
Christmas card photo sesh 2018.
This is the extent of Black Friday  shopping that Peanut Head and I do. We bought new tires for my car and went to Home Depot and Lowe's because #moneypit
I told the girls that when they stop doing our Christmas decorating for us, Peanut Head and I are going to buy a tinsel tree (probably blue) and call it good. Annie tried to put Christmas music on, but that's where I draw the line on Thanksgiving day.
It's a good day to stay inside by the fire. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.
I started this room back in January, and I promised pictures. For those of you that were waiting, I'm sorry for the delay. Pictures are up on the blog now. https://www.controllingmychaos.com/2018/11/farmhouse-love-episode-13-sewing-craft.html?m=1
I had so much fun today, learning about and helping to make fresh apple cider. We were using a chipper/shredder to prep the apples for the press! How cool is that? #honeycrispapples #cider #fallfun
This is what happens when you don't respect people's privacy and you barge in on them in the bathroom. #respectthebubble
Studious. 🤓
Trying to catch up on my email and he's all up in my business. This is All. The. Time. He follows me around like an abandoned puppy. #needy #ilovehim
Thank you for the beautiful senior pictures @kaitlin_jae_photos. They are perfect. 😘
I'm so glad that Peanut Head put this helpful note reminding us not to eat below this line. I really think it's working. #creativesnacking #chocolateaddiction