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This is Gunny's life now. Bane's tail is a hazard, so Gunny is always squinting his eyes when he's standing behind Bane. I'm thinking we should get Gunny some goggles. Poor Gunny Man.
I'm sad about my phone.  My ankle buckled and my phone and iPad went flying. And so did I. Now I'm limping around and just sick about the waste of money. At least my iPad is okay. That's the good news. #itcanalwaysbeworse
Taking a break from work, work, work, work, at Mountain River Ranch. It's only fourish miles from our house, but this is our first time.
Bane is King of the Bridge. He's keeping me company today while I work on the lilac creek bed. It's supposed to get up to 92° today--much better than the 98° they were predicting yesterday. Regardless, we can always count on Bane to find a place to relax and be next to a person. He's a people dog.
Clayson @archer2221 demonstrates his excellent crab walking skills. #skills
The kids are having fun at the Steampunk exhibit. #summerdays🌞
First you tell me I can't eat the chickens, then you tell me I can't chase the chickens. Now you tell me I can't even lick the chickens? #chickennuggets
1️⃣ I just finished painting the frame for the bridge that Peanut Head is building to go over our lilac creek bed. 2️⃣ My cute Zoë Bug is looking a little bit country on her way to work at Cal Ranch today. She's running herself ragged this summer between working, volunteering at the zoo, taking an online class, and studying for the ACT. We've had to pick up the slack on her chores, and we're a little scared to be empty nesters in a few years. #countryliving
This weird little guy is our accident, and his name is Charlie. I say accident because we were never going to have a rooster. But then Zoë went and hatched him at TCHS, so she got to bring him home. For the past couple of months, he's been practicing his cocka-doodle-doo, and it has been downright laughable. We have heckled him. He has come a long way though, and he almost sounds like a rooster now. I will try to capture some video soon. #singitloudandproud
Super excited to be getting rid of this behemoth today. The previous owners left it here when we bought the house two years ago, and we haven't done anything about it until now because we've had bigger problems. I'm finally at a point where I can tackle painting the family room, so it's time for it to go. It was worth the $25 fee Best Buy charges for recycling. #bringonthepaint
Our garden is so happy with our July heat. I love hanging out in here.
This is not normal for a chicken. I found her trapped in a run with no shade. I don't know how long she was trapped, but she was panting and wilted. I'm hoping sitting in this bucket of water will cool her down. #pleasedontdie