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Chickens be like "CAT IN THE CHICKEN HOUSE!!!" #confusedcat
A girl and her best friend. #GoofyGunny #animalwhisperer
This is part of the Veteran's Day program at Summit Hills Elementary. Rodd Rapp, aka Double D, is leading the National Anthem. Assemblies like this are happening in tens of thousands of schools across our nation today. Thank you, Veterans!
Greetings: To My Single Somber Sister (a stolen poem written by Stinkerbell to Zoë Bug)

I have a single somber sister
Whose company I enjoy.
She sees me as a blister
Sitting swollen on her joy.

I always try to please her,
But I seem to have gone wrong. 
For she says she's pretty sure
That I really don't belong.

Yet every once in awhile,
On the third Tuesday of the year,
She suddenly ceases to pile
All the reasons I'm so queer.

And on these special days
My sister shares her smile
In a way that never delays
To go the extra mile.
#sappypoetry ❤
Gunny Man interrupted Peanut Head’s nap with hysterical barking when this guy walked onto our property to try and date our goats. They were not interested and told him to trample off. Peanut Head carefully walked the dejected beast back to his owners down the street. #rejected
When I give the horses and goats carrots for a treat, Gunny Man doesn't like to be left out. He really does eat them too. #goatsisterpeerpressure
This is happening right now. #saltedcaramel #caramelapples
I used to think Peanut Head had a work glove fetish. Then we moved to the money pit, and all I do is work. I've only had this particular pair a couple months, and I have others that I wear as well. I'm making progress on the Lilac creek bed though. #moneypit  #workglovefetish
These clowns are supposed to be helping me work on the dry creek bed. I took a short bathroom break, and I came back to this. #monsters #projectthatneverends
I just paid $2 for this bag of M&M's. I think I have a problem. #stayawake
I love the very different relationships my girls have with these horses, which have become such an important part of our family. This video is of Zoë bringing the horses in for the night, but I really wish I had video for what happened a few nights ago. 
Zoe has been working with PJ because he's a big scaredy-cat over every little thing that's new, trying to cure him of spooking when she's riding him. She had just returned from a walk with him in which he had a little freak out and stepped on her foot. She was chewing him out and slapping him with his lead rope, and all I could see was a teddy bear pummeling the hulk. PJ was snorting and pulling his lips up over his teeth smiling at her and nuzzling her. It was the sweetest thing. I wouldn't trade these horses for the world. #equinelove
We recently relocated the girls to their swanky new digs in the barn. Smart as chickens are not, they've been a little slow to figure out the whole roosting in a new spot thing. Part of my new nighttime routine is to pick up each chicken and gently place it on a branch, possibly while singing bedtime chicken songs. #novideo #chickensmarts