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Crazy rain is coming down right now. ☔ This short video shows my lilac drainage ditch in action. It also shows how bad our porch floods. We're pulling the entire porch out this summer, sloping the ground AWAY from the house (what a concept), and putting the porch back down. #summergoals
Assuming the mindset of the dentist's chair, Mr. Bo Jangles is chanting "I'm in my happy place. I'm in my happy place." Teeth floating is never fun. #horseproblems
This is why @horsegurlzoe had to learn how to drive a stick. Today she's pulling a horse trailer for the first time. #cowgirlgoals
I got the mini wall tiled today and started on the long wall, laying down my level row. That part where the tile bridges the cut out for the stove was a surprise, because I found out that the countertop on the left is a quarter inch higher than the one on the left. For all the math haters out there, I used a lot of math today. #mathinreallife
Today is the two year anniversary of the day we moved to the country, and I've loved every minute of it. And Peanut Head doesn't say "I hate this blankety-blank place" quite as often. 😬
This weekend we got our corn planted and got started on the garden fence. I told the girls that my Dad used to pay me fifty cents a post. They're working for free because horses.
Drywall is replaced and patched, and electrical box extenders are installed. I can’t even tell that I used some-teen pieces of drywall either. I am ready for tile—my favorite part!
I've been wanting to make these since @christensengardens posted the ones she made for the garden. This is my first set, and I have more to make, but I couldn't wait to put these in the garden. Does anyone else still need to finish planting their garden, or is it just us? #latestart
Goal #1 for this summer is to wrap up the backsplash project I started over spring break. I just finished the demo, and it went much faster this time. Check out that boarded up window behind the stove. There were two windows in Zoe's room before the previous owners added onto the tiny farmhouse. It will probably take me all week to replace the drywall and prep it for tile. I have lots of outside work to keep me busy between taping and mudding.
Peanut Head and I have been working all week on getting this raised bed prepped for planting. We were hoping to get our garden planted this weekend, but this took so long. Once the end was put on, we couldn't wheel the dirt, grass, planter soil, and compost in, but instead had to fill it bucket by bucket, mixing as we went. We made a huge dent in my dirt pile from the dry creek bed, and now we actually have room to plant our corn. 🌽
The horses had their hooves trimmed today, and T-Bear likes to chew on what the farrier left behind. T-Bear has settled in nicely, but he follows Zoe around like a teenage boy with a crush. Like Zoe said, he's more of a people dog than a dog dog. He sure is a sweet heart. ❤
This big guy is going to live with us until fall, while his mom works at a Spa/Ranch in Wyoming. His name is T-Bear, and he's a Mastiff-Labradore mix. We spent our day prepping our planting beds AND I got my strawberries in. It was a beautiful day.