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Gunny Man makes me laugh the way he delicately eats from a fork. You can give him a treat without fear of losing your hand, unlike some of his friends.
"The Year of the Farm Pants" is up on the blog. www.controllingmychaos.com
Peanut Head and I are at his annual shooting range club banquet. It is being held at a bar, and as you can see, it looks like the inside of a dumpster. I came for the altercations. The last time we came, a bunch of the older gentlemen members got into a very entertaining disagreement. Right now they're knocking the drinks back. I expect the entertainment will be starting soon. #cheapdate
Gunny Man is helping me by putting the stamps on our Christmas Cards. It's a sticky job. #neweyebrows
The pink haters have been messing with my sign. I don't really get the "greater than duh" part though. #pinkislove
We have a Furbo in the house. Read about our Dog Stalker camera/app. Link in my profile.
I spent this past week painting my sewing/craft room, and I'm finally ready to start putting things away. It will be a slow process though, because I'm going to purge and organize as I go.
Today I’m stripping this room down and washing the ceiling and walls in preparation for fresh paint. It has taken me all week to pack the contents up and store them all over the house. I have way too many craft and sewing supplies. I’ll be purging and organizing as I bring things back in. I’ve been dreaming about this space for months, and I’m beyond excited to roll that first coat of paint on. Bet you can’t guess what color it will be. #myhappyplace😊
Just got our family pics back. Now I can order our Christmas, er New Years, cards. Slightly behind this year, but life is good.
The Bunnery Sergeant is not too keen on sledding. #scardycat
Today we hit the after Christmas clearance sales to stock up on treat  containers for next year, and then we took the girls to Barnes & Noble to spend all their gift cards. #booklovers