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My baby is off to Civil Air Patrol Encampment. People are going to yell at her, make her do a lot of push-ups, and call her a maggot. She's super excited. #justlikeherdad
Off and on all week the girls and I have been working in the school district's book warehouse, marking boxes for distribution to teachers. The girls are on my last nerve, but I need their muscles. #welovebooks
The girls got Grandma Mama Llama on a horse! Who's next? #toughgrandma
Whoo Hoo! Phase two of I don't know how many for our creek drainage bed through the Lilacs is done. Now to slope everything down to it, lay weed cloth, gravel, and river rock. #satisfaction
Poor Pajama-Rama is such a Delicate Flower and is losing his manly facial hair due to sunburn. Zoe, being the Helicopter Horse Mom that she is, goes out to apply sunblock for babies to his face twice a day. #delicateflower
Happy "75th" Birthday, Mama Llama!
This is finally happening. #procrastinationisreal
Why, Birds?! My newly painted door! How is it even possible to poop on a vertical surface? Seems like a suicidal move to me, but I see no bird carcass on my porch. #evilbirds
I need some advice before I start the second coat of paint. The door on the right is the before. My question is, should I keep the frame around the glass white (like before) or the same teal as the door like I've done? I have at least one more coat to do and an antiquing black glaze to streak on (the second picture is my inspiration). Advice please. 😬
When I see the horsey boys in their grazing muzzles, this is what I see. #hannibalhorse
This is what happens when you have slacker goats. We have to put the horses in the paddock to keep the grass mowed. They aren't complaining though, because they've been spending a large proportion of their time in grazing muzzles. Which just goes to show you, don't send a goat to do a horse's job.
Stinky texted this picture to me with the message "We have a new cat." Look carefully. Then she texted the next picture to me. #summerbuzzcut✂️