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Thank you for the beautiful senior pictures @kaitlin_jae_photos. They are perfect. 😘
I'm so glad that Peanut Head put this helpful note reminding us not to eat below this line. I really think it's working. #creativesnacking #chocolateaddiction
Charlie is mad at me because I've initiated chicken therapy sessions just for him. Lately he's been super cocky and he likes to sneak up on me and attack my ankles. He has learned very quickly that that is not a good idea. Although none of my defensive kicks have solidly connected with him, Stinky helped me catch him so we could snuggle him and pet his wattle until he cried uncle. He HA-A-A-A-A-A-TED it, and now he runs when he sees me. #chickentherapy #iwin
Braiding onions was not as easy as all the You Tube videos made it look. #closeenough
This is what has been keeping me busy lately. We have tomatoes coming out our ears. Today was spaghetti sauce, but I've also made ketchup and salsa. #canningfrenzy
Bainbridge is sad about his drool bib. #droolisnotcool #itsonmywalls #splatterpattern
This is the range of sizes of eggs we collect on a daily basis. The smallest egg is from a young hen who just started laying. I have NO idea why we sometimes get the gigondo eggs.
My babies. ❤
Today Bane almost died. Thankfully I stopped the video before Peanut Head got the whole sentence out of his mouth. #scary
Who remembers this pole that Peanut Head climbed two years ago to change the lightbulb, but did not achieve success? Well, we rented a man lift for the weekend so we could trim our scraggly trees, which means we have a safe way to change the light bulb now!💡We finally have light. We know how to party.
This is Annie's AFTER first day of school picture because she has zero period and that is zero fun. Also it was dark and I was still in bed. #momfail
My baby is a senior. 😥 This growing up and becoming independent is for the birds. Bane agrees with me. Swipe left to see how he lost it. #classof2019