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This is my evening project this week. There are eleven pine trees total, and when I started pruning, their branches were all the way to the ground. I crawled around, huffing and puffing, and now there is sufficient clearance to clean out underneath and mow around them. I'm also running all the branches through the chipper shredder, which smells divine. Two more trees to go and then I can cross this project off my list. 🌲
The neighbors calves are always frolicking in our field because they can slip right through the fence. Their mamas get very concerned when we chase them back but Baney is still with us, because they think he is one of their babies. He's exactly the same size and color, just less cowish. 😂
I was feeling crafty today and I made this wreath. #springinspired
This is Annie's excited face. She just found out that she has been accepted into the U.S. Naval Academy's Summer STEM program in Annapolis, Maryland.
Happy Sweet Sixteen, Annika! 🎊🍬🎂🎁🎈🤡
We are so incredibly proud of our sweet Zoë Bug. She has accepted an academic scholarship at Idaho State University where she will start her long journey towards becoming a veterinarian. #ISU #Bengals
Best booth EVER for Senior stress relief. #puppies!
Annika made this traffic circle model for a presentation in her English class this week. The assignment was to solve a problem in society. Well, in Idaho Falls we have several traffic circles and they are most definitely a problem because too many people do not understand how they work. 
Enter this traffic circle education model.

The tank either A, sits in the middle of the circle to mete out consequences, or B, is used to illustrate that tanks and semis in the circle always have the right away because playing chicken with them never works out in your favor. You decide. 
#whenareweevergoingtousethis #everyday
This is really happening. 😱 #classof2019 #mybaby
We've been waiting in line at the horse vaccination clinic, so we took Banebridge inside for a weight check. When we adopted him in July, he weighed 170 lbs. and our vet told us that his six pack was really rolls of fat and that he needed to trim down. We reacted the same way we do when our doctor says that to us. "Whaaaaaat?!" Well, today Baney weighs 118 lbs. Crazy, right? We think he can probably put a few more pounds back on. He's looking really good, but he's always hungry.
I love letting Bane out of the paddock. His enthusiasm is infectious. #notanoutsidedog
Can't even work out by myself. #needygreedybabies