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PE Vinyasa YTT Registration Has Begun! Immersion + Mentorship this Fall at @honestsoulyoga


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Today’s practice. ✨ A ceremony all my own. 💖 What is your practice looking like today? #yogainasundress #whyyes
Y’all I didn’t kill it! Grew this lil beauty and now she’s offering so many blooms in our front yard. #smallvictories 💕
My brain on a white board. I always have to have some notes on shoot because when the mic pack battery runs out it’s best not to guess where ya left off 🤣. #behindthescenes  I have a new 1 hour intermediate flow exploring controlled range of motion among other groovy things. It is in editing now. I’m excited for it hit Amazon Prime soon. Until then keep on keeping on with my 14Day and 30Day challenges.
I teach like I talk ... with my hands 🖐 😂🤣 #chicagogirlforever
Most change simply adds up over time. Sometimes it seems so slow that we fail to see how rapid it is. Some days, not so much, they feel like turning points. On those days I remember to be big.
Life has had some overwhelming moments lately. But practice helps. This week we’re doing all the heart opening. See ya there. 
Tues 10:30AM Yin @ Sukha South
Tues 6PM Glow @ Sukha East
Wed 9AM Flow @ Sukha South
Thurs 10:30AM Glow @ Sukha East. #atxyoga
Today I taught a class on the National Mall at the base of the steps to the Lincoln Memorial. It wasn’t lost on me that I was leading a practice rooted in the concept of wholeness while things feel divided. Im glad we have fun, laughter, movement, and meditation to remind us to move towards other people. Not away from them. 💖 #honestsoul @honestsoulyoga
Love that we not only work together but we love each other. Celebrating @katiecourlanderyoga on her dirty thirty. #dreamteam
Well, yes of course. I have felt this way and also watched others squirm with accountability. It’s uncomfortable! And that’s the shadow side of boundaries. Other people will (not might) push back. It’s a guarantee and it feels funk-nasty to encourage accountability and then the big waves that come with it (sorry the Boundary Fairy doesn’t leave ya money or candy. She leaves ya raw but also strong AF). But that edgy feeling doesn’t mean the boundaries or accountability or the discipline are wrong, it means we have a new opportunity to walk with someone through their discomfort of being on the receiving end (or be that person ourselves), experience the complexity of relationships, and realize that it is most often the behaviors (not the people) that are toxic. And luckily behavior can and does change. Stay firm. And remember, compassion and accountability are not at odds with each other.
I’ve been working on wanting things for myself (weird right!?). Sometimes the work it is quite literal and simple, an act like shopping for new running shoes and working through the urge to immediately return them out of guilt. Actually my sweet friends @kat1818 and @suzie_mills_hsy and my ever-patient husband made me aware of how often I don’t consider if something makes me feel good. If it works for someone else, then I’m groovy, and I find a way on my own to retrofit my feelings about it so as not to upset the apple cart. It’s strange though because only a really deep dive into knowing me would show this and now I see how limiting that’s been. Because already I go big. I create big. I share big. I love big. I dream big. But the new layer?  I can also want outcomes to be big for myself in the process. I’m excited to see how things get even bigger when I can more fully put my emotions and desires, not just my utility, into each choice. So #yesplease
I’m excited to be leading a class at Yoga on the Mall this Sunday, 10AM and then joining a huge at 11AM for the mainstage class. Don’t miss! ✨@honestsoulyoga