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Happy wedding day to these two! From a 30° engagement shoot to a gorgeous Saturday in July, I can’t wait for you to say “I do!”
It was warmer this day in early spring than this past week in July! Which makes me think August is going to be ☀️😎☀️. I do love myself some heat though. Get me in that lake every hot day and I’m in heaven! Are you a hot, warm, cool, or frozen weather person??
Just landed from a 4 day trip in NYC. I can’t wait to go through all the pictures and share some highlights here. That city is bigger than words. We walked 31 miles, biked 6, and road the subway through even more and I still feel like I only got a glimpse. It was a girls weekend to remember and I’m glad I get to go back to my quiet little spot in this world.
Tonight on the boat... 🌊
Last night I went to bed at 930 and didn’t hear a single firework pop all day. The benefits of a fire ban for some crotchety “old” people like me. 😅. I hope you guys had fun yesterday 🇺🇸. Here’s to a day of beach play and more grilling!
Sooo I’ve finished 2 seasons of Outlander in two weeks and half the first book in one. 🤓 As beautiful as that scenery is, I think any Scott would envy our Cascade Mountains and dynamic Washington vistas. #pnwonderland
This beautiful family has been vacationing in their happy place since 1975! They hired me to photograph what might be their last full family visit to their Chelan cabin, as it will probably go up for sale this next year. Such a bittersweet feeling as they smiled through all the memories they’ve made in this exact spot with loved ones who are here and in memory of those that passed. My heart was very full after our time together. 💙
Favorite flower go 👇🏼
I’ve always wanted a secret garden. I don’t need anything fancy, I imagine dense coverage with seasonal blooms, little pathways, a few hidden benches, and eventually some ducks. (I. Love. Ducks.) 🦆🦆🦆🦆
My kids and I love the endless orchards in Lake Chelan and Manson. Learning the process and care involved with the trees and fruit variety is fascinating. Meeting the families that have grown up in their parent’s orchards is a real treat.
Sometimes I think the one thing I would have done differently in my wedding were the flowers, but then I remember how it was my grandmother who pieced my Costco flowers into bouquets for me and my bridesmaids and I wouldn’t want it any other way. They remind me it’s not about the “where,” but the “who” that will always stand out in your wedding day.
Currently sitting down in a coffee shop getting all my random thoughts and to-do lists down and done. WITHOUT kids. 😱😱. My neighbor triplets (yes I won the neighbor lottery!) volunteered to come watch my kids all morning so I could go out! Maybe with a little bit of nudging from mom, but they’re still the sweetest regardless! I’m on cloud 9 ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️