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The world should be a better place
Live show tonight at @thevenuegrandterrace . Happy Birthday Green Beard!
Tonight, Grand Terrace, Ca | King Dice Live #FuxWitAKing
Being positive is not enough. It’s a good start but you level up when you slay the negativity around you. Protect your peace and then spread that for culture. The glow up is real. 📷: @mightymuds
Wise words from a wise man! 💯
➕➕➕STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE!!!! Get the funk from ‘round you!!! #ViewsFromThe9 #KingDice #FuxWitAKing
You know what it is! San Diego, Ca!! Come show love to @drecatmusic @mark4ord @zellyvibes @selfprovoked818  and all the acts rocking. @thefreshstate and @theguttedcigar ! 840 5th Avenue spot 200
Santa Ana welcomed us with open arms!! @thefreshstate is hosting @selfprovoked818 #GoodJujuTour courtesy of @theguttedcigar tonight in San Diego!!! I wanna see you all there!!! #FuxWitAKing #KingDice #tourlife
We got a special guest list popping!!! Tonight is the last stop on The #GoodJuJuTour and we want to extend our appreciation to you! We’re in San Diego hit up @thefreshstate for the special guest list!
#GoodJuJuTour tonight in Santa Ana, California at Original Mikes. @selfprovoked818  @mark4ord @zellyvibes @drecatmusic ... it’s lit! #FuxWitAKing #Tourlife
🌩 I got to thinking about life again, as I often do. Had some thoughts on this world-shaking Thunderstorm I experienced and what I could learn from it. #FuxWitAKing #KingDice #viewsfromthe9
Humbled by praise from a man I truly respect!!! 💯 #goodjujutour @theguttedcigar @thefreshstate @ricscales @knew_balance @killcrey @kackjing @oghiphopeddie @dj_root