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Join me this Saturday July 22nd at the Atlanta Kickback 12-4 pm
Join me this Saturday July 22nd at the Atlanta Kickback
Join me this Saturday July 22nd at the Atlanta Kickback
Join me this Saturday July 22nd at the Atlanta Kickback
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IF YOU HAVE A TEENAGE GIRL IN YOUR LIFE... GET THIS BOOK FOR HER!!! Fifteen year old high school sophomore, Lianna Champion, deals with the same everyday struggles of classwork, peer pressure, and special projects as the other teens walking the crowded halls of Triumph High School. The similarities end once the bell rings signaling the end of the school day when she heads to the daycare center to retrieve her baby girl.

Overcome by both verbal and non-verbal attacks regarding her pregnancy, Lianna reveals her history of sexual abuse to her teacher. Her revelation sets off a firestorm leaving her mother angry and seeking revenge while Lianna struggles with life as a teen mom. Will she have the strength to move forward amid the chaos, or will she succumb to the predictions of the naysayers and become another statistic?

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I remember when I stopped @timonkdurrett outside of the Apple Store and asked for a photo because I knew he was famous. He was so cool and gladly allowed the photo. Now with the fame of #QueenSugar everyone knows who he is!  Thank you for being so awesome Timon. I'll never forget your kindness. Check him out on @queensugarown!
Such a beautiful review for my novel Sophomore Mom. Get your copy today.
Journey to Love:
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Wealthy, debonair bachelor Christian Tyler, a building contractor from Los Angeles, agrees to take on the task of building a youth center in the town of Bethany, Tennessee. Completely out of his element, and unaware of what lies ahead, Christian remains open minded as he uses his skill to pursue the philanthropic opportunity. 
Shelby Lamar, the town’s self-proclaimed gold digger, sets her sights on the handsome new man in town. With a reputation for getting what she wants, Shelby stops at nothing in order to carry out her plan. A chance meeting at the grocery store provides her with enough information to get the ball rolling in her pursuit of adding Christian to her list of benefactors. 
Unlike her former conquests, Christian does not easily bow down to her advances. What she finds in Christian is a lot more than her next mark. Will he be the one who teaches her the true meaning of love, or will he be blinded by her seduction and become her next victim?
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Positive Deception:
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Maxwell Lee, a prominent Chicago businessman, and minister has aspirations of becoming a pastor. As a bachelor, Maxwell is viewed as a hot commodity to women both at church and at work. Although he has his pick of dozens of women, he sets his sights on the beautiful photographer, Lina Fairweather, but his childhood crush, Maxine Miller, is not willing to give up her plans of becoming his one and only. When a life altering deception is exposed, will Maxwell trust the God that he openly shares with others, or will he turn his back on everything he believes in.
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Jacob S. Render has gone to great lengths and traveled far in hopes of starting a new life. Haunted by his past and those whom he left behind, Jacob devises a plan to return home and reclaim what is rightfully his.
Always the chick on the side, Marie is fed up with the life she has led. Determined to make a change for the better, she makes tough decisions that will completely alter her life. With no one else to turn to, Marie seeks refuge in the only person she can count on.
When these parallel lives intersect, secrets are revealed that will change them forever.
Have you read Girl, Naw!

Girl Naw:
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Who counsels the counselor? Antoinette Walker is good at solvings other women’s problems. But skeletons are busting out of her closet. How will she respond when her past comes knocking?