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PA // stylist in the making // animal lover
Fake it til you make it ⚡️

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I didn't come this far, to only come this far. And I couldn't have ever even gotten this far without all the incredible people who supported me through this mini milestone in my life. Thank you to EVERY single person who has let me practice & create on them while I was learning & growing in beauty school. Here's to an uncountable amount of better things in life. Now everyone come to Philly and let me play with your hair 🤘🏻💥🍻⚔️💓✨💋
forever & ever my partner in crimeeee 🖤 #flannelgang
Beigey blonde or bust💥
Pumpkin spice & everything nice 😘🍂✨
On Saturdays, we adventure. ❤️
HAPPY day of birth to the best mom in the world who is clearly happiest with a martini in her hand. I owe all my coolness & compassion to you lady 🦄🤘🏻😘
SEA | GLASS 🦄🐚🌺💜
We're matching #andwedidntplanit #orsoyouthink 🎃
MOM ❤️❤️❤️
Real life Rapunzel ✨🎠🏰 💖
Holy transformation 👻🖤💥💃🏻 ||
So lucky to start a career doing what I love everyday! I have 18 days left at Empire in Moosic before I get thrown out into the real world. Come visit me 😘