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Philadelphia // Salon L // animal lover
Fake it til you make it ⚡️

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No better way to spend a Friday night ❤️ #BlumaBell #goodponiesgetgoodthings #allthegrass
There is nothing in the world that makes me feel more whole & most like myself than horses. Get to take this egg under my wing to train ❤️ just look at that face! ❤️
My favorite human, a cat adoption fundraiser, and wine. Life can’t get any better❤️
Happy day of dads !❤️ I’m grateful for you everyday. Thanks for putting up with me, supporting me, and cheering me on all these years ❤️
The OG roof babies #thursday
Well mom & I tried to get a decent pic, thanks stu
class of maxi’s 2018 🖤 you did a thing Chels 🖤
We had ourselves a day 🌞 a very good day 🌿
In honor of Noni’s nickname for me, “pumpkee,” @lizandrustattoos made this adorable boop of a pumpkin come to life! Pumpkee will live on forever in my heart as well as on my left arm😘😍 #pumpkinparty #pumpkeeforever #nonisgonnahauntmefromthegrave
MY GIRLFRIEND IS 21! 💖 I love you @steviealine 🍻 here’s to many more nights of fun 🌞
Blondieeee & short for sprang 🌞
🥀 code red💃🏼 Thanks to my lovely model @jadenperrillo for letting me play and bring your red back to life! 
#lorealprofessionnel #salonlmanayunk