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Coffee break ☕
А зима все бушует. Снова начало мести ❄
I have these coasters for so long time and have never used them, suppose they just continue being as decor 😂✨ but still love them so much😍
Everything is so grey and moody outside😔 but as my hair is now red, nothing looks so sullen, it brightens my mood🙈😻
P.s. It's insane how much I love this hair color✨
Got back to reviewing makeup products, new post is up on my blog🙈
This time it's Fleur de Force eyeshadow palette from @feelunique. .
Let's just appreciate how beautiful are these shades😍
If year ago I was told that I would dye my hair in red, I would laughed and probably said "no way"🙈 Before I always had said that I would never dye my hair in red shade, I just couldn't imagine my self redheaded✨
As I finally cleaned my room really well and I have free space, I can finally decorate my room the way I wanted 🙈 🌑 .
DIY moon art is up on my blog, it's so easy to do😻
Adventures bring more fun and happiness to me than just staying at home 🌍

#travel_limbria #Lviv #Ukraine
Travel as much as possible. My resolution for this year, for the future ✌✨ #travel_limbria #Tallinn #Estonia
#tbt just take me back, 'cause I want one more husky ride😍

#travel_limbria #Finland #ranuazoo
Прошло 20 лет 🙈 и мой друг ещё со мной 😂
Кажется, что только когда убираешь, пересматриваешь альбомы и старые фотографии 🙈 нц хотя бы так, все равно, было круто поглядеть на фотографии ❤

#throwback #childhood
Busy girl😂

#travel_limbria #Lviv #Ukraine