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That's so cool when you have enough time for your hobbies, so you can do whatever you want 😍

It's time to do something with these sea shells 🌊🛠
Нарешті отримала 😱 Які ж вони круті, скоро мій планер буде весь обклеїний ними❤
The best way to spend this cold snowy day is to stay home, fortunately I can spend most of this day in cozy blankets 😂☕️
Finally all exams are finished and I can do whatever I want ✨

Going to blog a little bit💻 didin't have any posts in a while 🙈

When I was on marketing conference in Kyiv, some ideas came up to my mind 💡 
So, going to do some exciting stuff😄 Stay tuned ✌
Finally, it's sunny again ☀ 
Wished I could spend more days here and just wander around✨

#travel_limbria #kyivgram
pastel blue vibes 💙

At least my feed is colorful. 
Can't wait when I finally finish this fucking projects 🙈
Thinking about what I need to pack for my next trip 🙈 
Recently, I've just understood that this palette is really perfect for traveling. It has a great variety of shades for all occasions✨

You can create different makeup looks: from natural to smokey eyes and glam evening looks👁

So when you're accidentally invited to a party, you can do appropriate makeup 💄 
I described this palette even more in my latest blog post and wrote my impressions. so don't forget to check it out ✨ link in the bio ⬆⬆⬆
why there're so many tasks🙈 
Anyway, there are just a few blank pages, gonna need a new planner ✨
Today I've written a new post about how my eyelashes became healthier and longer👁 
it was a spontaneous decision to write this post, but I just couldn't wait to post it ✨ check the link in my description box✌
Some of my travel essentials🌍 
Now I can just look at this pic and see what I should take with me on trip 🚅all of them I described in my recent post, it took quite awhile to finish it🙈 finally, it's up. 
I also share some of my travel tips which make my journey much more comfy🛫  Link is in the description box, check it out✨
Almost finished filling in these pages with ideas / to-do list for the year ✨ however I still have some free space which I need to fill in, any suggestions? 😍
Wavy girls 😂 so happy to be friends with you ✨