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Хто довольний вчора пішов на роботу як закрив солку за 20хв😂 #lordsmobile 
Таки годне квк було, багато хто і не пойме, про що я😄 На черзі дг, готовий?) @ghost1482 
А в вг уже стрім з результатами квк і подарунками😍
Це було аж в 2013😱 чк швидко летить час ⏳

Did my nails, now they match my #plannerlover ✨ Love nudes so much lately 
See that cute gold dog? It's one of the characters from The Secret Life of Pets🐶 See how you can upcycle your toys and turn them into these cute Christmas ornaments 🎄 Check the link in my profile 📲
did you know that you need a cat hair brush to paint in petrykivka painting style? 😱
Yep, you heard me right, I remember that time when I heard it😵 it's kind of mind blowing 😂

More interesting facts about Ukraine you can find in my latest blog post 👌 check th link in my profile 📲  p.s. No cats are harmed 🐈
Sunny Italy ☀️ When we were in Limone sul Garda, we went to one of the  restaurants on the embankment🍝 Somehow we started talking with a waiter, what a shock it was when he said that his wife is Ukrainian 😱 
That was a really nice talk, his wife is from Mykolayiv and they were going to visit Ukraine this year before Christmas🎄 Hope they're going to have great time here✨

Exploring my home town🌍

Why not to travel around your city? Try to be a tourist, see smth new and visit new places, and explore, explore, explore 👀🚶🏻‍♀️ I heard about this roof a few times and saw some pics from here, but had never been there till @stasbb_ led me there😅 and it was so pretty there😂

The thing is, that I have been in this shopping mall a few times, but had never gone upstairs 😂 
sometimes you just need to go a little bit further to find something interesting✌ 
А я все нахожу себе минутку и читаю, черпаю знания из книги @geniusmarketingofficial 
Пора наконец-то взяться за email-маркетинг, а не избегать его😂 А то все не могу избавиться от чувства, что это тааааааак сложно 😅 Буду пробовать ✌  #книгаgm #книгаворонкапродаж
Guten morgen ✌

My absolute backpack must-haves:
🌍 phone
🌎 phone charger 🌏 earphones 🌍 power bank
🌎 wallet 🌏 first aid kit

Always have these items when I travel somewhere, I just pick my backpack and fill it in with my must-haves, food, water etc✨

What are your bag/backpack essentials? 👜

Italy, I love you😍 
This summer I've absolutely fallen in love with this charming country ✨

These tiny streets, beautiful lakes, small wonderful cities, pizza with wine, lemon ice cream, pasta etc 😍 so many things which I love 💞

Would you like to visit Italy? Or maybe you were there, would you like to revisit it? Why?🌍 #travel_limbria
Getting inspired✨ 
Want to redecorate a little bit my room🤔 while I was looking through my summer photos, decided that I want to do some travel DIYs, any ideas what should I do?🖌✂️ #travel_limbria
On my b-day received a #100дел #100bucketlist poster 🙈 one of the tasks is to have 100 flights. I counted and I had only 28 flights, almost 1/3 of the way is done😂

have you ever traveled by plane? how many times?✈️ #travel_limbria
I post so rarely now🙈 
and there're some reasons for it: I just don't feel like posting every day even though there are tons of pics which I'd like to post, I don't even check IG every day now🙈 
2. and now I mostly prefer to spend my time on something else rather than on ig. that's it.

And I feel so happy that I don't feel that pressure "I need to post smth immediately", I just don't care about social media that much✌ and it feels so good

But I don't say that I'll not post anymore. I will, but now I'll do it just only when I want it✨  and maybe it will take for me a little time to do🙈