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Guten morgen ✌

My absolute backpack must-haves:
🌍 phone
🌎 phone charger 🌏 earphones 🌍 power bank
🌎 wallet 🌏 first aid kit

Always have these items when I travel somewhere, I just pick my backpack and fill it in with my must-haves, food, water etc✨

What are your bag/backpack essentials? 👜

Italy, I love you😍 
This summer I've absolutely fallen in love with this charming country ✨

These tiny streets, beautiful lakes, small wonderful cities, pizza with wine, lemon ice cream, pasta etc 😍 so many things which I love 💞

Would you like to visit Italy? Or maybe you were there, would you like to revisit it? Why?🌍 #travel_limbria
Getting inspired✨ 
Want to redecorate a little bit my room🤔 while I was looking through my summer photos, decided that I want to do some travel DIYs, any ideas what should I do?🖌✂️ #travel_limbria
On my b-day received a #100дел #100bucketlist poster 🙈 one of the tasks is to have 100 flights. I counted and I had only 28 flights, almost 1/3 of the way is done😂

have you ever traveled by plane? how many times?✈️ #travel_limbria
I post so rarely now🙈 
and there're some reasons for it: I just don't feel like posting every day even though there are tons of pics which I'd like to post, I don't even check IG every day now🙈 
2. and now I mostly prefer to spend my time on something else rather than on ig. that's it.

And I feel so happy that I don't feel that pressure "I need to post smth immediately", I just don't care about social media that much✌ and it feels so good

But I don't say that I'll not post anymore. I will, but now I'll do it just only when I want it✨  and maybe it will take for me a little time to do🙈
That time when we almost reached the peak of the mountain 🗻 But we just turned back on our half way😂

However, we had enough time to taste cappuccino and strudel ☕️😄 P.s. I just can't not eat strudels, they're so delicious❤ It was like a paradise for me in Austria as I had lots of opportunities(and excuses) to eat strudel😂
#tbt to July 2017, when I was in Croatia and had an opportunity to explore Split and dive a little bit into #GoT atmosphere 🐲
Explore the world. Appreciate little things. Enjoy every freakin day✨
Life is so wonderful, don't waste your time on bullshit ✌

Pss 🤗 be happy ✨🌍 P.S. how beautiful it is on Sacro Monte 😍 It's such a peaceful place 🗻
Все тот же любимый Белладжио 🇮🇹 Теперь это одно из тех мест, куда хочетсч вернуться вновь ❤
Вилла Борромео - находиться в живописном уголке Италии, на острове Белла, окруженым озером Лаго-Маджоре 🌍

Очень красивая вилла, а виды с неё открываются ещё волшебней ✨

Вот посещая такие виллы и прочие роскошные места, понимаю, что убрать это все занимает кучу времени и сил. Ну его эти виллы😂
Белладжио - еще один уютный и очаровательный городок 😍

Обязательно приплывите/приедьте сюда, возьмите джелато(мороженное) и погуляйте улочками города, покупайтесь в озере Комо и насладитесь великолепными видами❤🇮🇹 С каждым таким колоритным городком, Италия покоряет моё сердце все больше 💞
Небольшой городок Лимоне на берегу озера Камо🇮🇹 Безумно понравился, такой душевный и красивый 😍 Теперь это один из самых любимых городов Италии ❤

Всё эти домики, улочки, множество растений и великолепный вид на озеро 💞