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Exploring new cafés in the city ☕️ Tried Snickers latte, with salty caramel ❤ so freakin' delicious and this strawberry tart, omg🍓 
How often do you go to cafés? ✨
So great when you can meet with friends once in a while (apart from seeing each other in uni) ☕ 😂
How to stop procrastinating😥 
Just can't motivate myself enough, everything I need to do is just so boring 🙈 
Even though some of the tasks are pretty fun, I just keep procrastinating ✨ How do you motivate yourself?
Thinking about what to do this summer 💭 ☀️ absolutely want to swim a lot as last summer I didn't have much opportunity 🙈🏊🏼 Do u have any plans for the summer ?✨
Наконец-то доделала рамку😍 
Теперь в ней собрались крупицы воспоминаний из разных путешествий 🌍
Let me go back to the sea 🌊 I want to feel that breeze and hear the sound of waves again and again 🎶 
#travel_limbria #Biryuchiy
I feel so happy when I have an opportunity just to relax and enjoy the life. 
I can travel, walk around, meet w/ friends 🌍✨ just do whatever I want without any stress (or almost without 😂) _
What do you like to do on the weekend? ✨
A few days ago I was in Chernivtsi and it was quite cold there😬 returned to my city and 💥 its hot☀️ Yay. perfect weather for picnic 😍

Suppose, it can be a really nice idea to start regularly going on picnics🥐 Do you like picnics?🍇
A small summary about Chernivtsi. It's charming and beautiful. These small pastel houses, narrow streets, cobblestone roads 🏘
It has its own interesting history✨ and the city wasn't demaged /destroyed during WW1 and WW2. That's incredible 🙈
And food. You can find really cool and non-expencive places with delicious food 🍲 
There are also a few wonderful places where you can enjoy coffee (there different types and they're so tasty!) ☕ 
Have you ever been to Chernivtsi?  Did you like local cuisine? 
#travel_limbria #Chernivtsi
Finally I recreated some planner ideas 🌍 
Sometimes I don't have much ideas how to fill some pages🤔 But I really want tohave something inspiring and motivating ✨ 
Do you have a planner? What do you write their down? I also love writing lists (of movies, book, cities I want to visit/visited etc)😍
Just walking around and exploring 🌍

Chernivtsi is quite a small city, but  still charming and lovely ✨
#travel_limbria #Chernivtsi
A few room details ✨
Did this new babe to store my necklaces (and some bracelets) 😄

Actually, I have a fresh new DIY post on my blog, don't forget to check it out ✨