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Just can't get enough of summer fruits 😍

And I'm so addicted to apricots ✨ What is your fav fruit?🍒🍐🍉
Back home ✨

Wish my hair stayed purple longer, at least I had lavender hair during the first days on my vacation 💜🌊
I just couldn't not do a selfie in this place ✨ Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea was there with her little dragons🐲

Are you waiting for the season 7 of #GameOfThrones? ✨
Relaxing while I'm listening to nature sounds/my fav music 🎶 
There're so many beautiful spots here 🌏📷
It's time to explore Split ✌

Did you know that it's one of the places in Croatia where Game of Thrones was filmed? 🎥

In Split there is the Diocletian’s Palace where Daenarys had her throne room👑 here she also trained her dragons🐲
Vacation time ✨

And of course we just had to visit a local restaurant and try local food and wine 🍷 
If you visit Split/Tragir, just don't forget to visit the island 🏝 You can find here a lovely konoba(restaurant) which is called Dida Moj ✨ 
there is a charming and friendly vibe there👌 
and did I mention that food there was also good?🍜 don't forget to try local food/food which is popular there(čevapi, octopus salad, octopus risotto etc) and local wine 🍷
A little bit of preparation ✌🌍 While I'm waiting for mt hair to be dyed with @lorealhair 💜, I think about travel destinations and places I'd love to visit this summer 💭 🙈

Do you have any travel plans for this summer? oor Where dolls you live to travel?🌏
when you don't know what to write in the caption, just use smiles 😂✨🌍 Happy Friday ✌
So happy to have finally free Saturdays✌ 
Just watching #Houseofcards 📺 eating cherry strudel 🍒 (and from time to time I try to reorganize /redecorate my room as I come up with some new ideas/details) 🙈

p.s. am I the only one who thinks that it became more boring? I don't know, it became it seems that it's less dynamic now😶
Thought that I would be free after I passed all exams, but no😥 
At least there are less tasks I need to do and less courses I need to visit now🙈

So that way I'm gonna spend a little bit much time on things I want to achieve this summer ✨

do you have any summer goals?☀️ P.s. Just noticed that my hand is reflected in my sunglasses 😎