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Some of my travel essentials🌍 
Now I can just look at this pic and see what I should take with me on trip 🚅all of them I described in my recent post, it took quite awhile to finish it🙈 finally, it's up. 
I also share some of my travel tips which make my journey much more comfy🛫  Link is in the description box, check it out✨
Almost finished filling in these pages with ideas / to-do list for the year ✨ however I still have some free space which I need to fill in, any suggestions? 😍
Wavy girls 😂 so happy to be friends with you ✨
Japanese day 🍥 🍣

Fun fact: actually I don't like sushi, so that plate of veggies is my savior today😂 頂きます
Je veux voyager. Je veux connaître de nouveaux pays et de nouvelles cultures 🌍 le voyage est magnifique. Je ne peux pas attendre de nouveaux voyages et adventures .
I want to travel. Want to get to know new countries and cultures🌍 Traveling is wonderful. Can't wait for new journeys and adventures ✨
Hope tulips will stay alive a little bit more, so I can enjoy them a little bit longer 🌷  anyway, it's still cool that they adorn my room during the week ✨
It's important to stay positive and find something that makes you happy✨ 😼I'm really happy that dyed my hair, now I can just look at it and it brightens my mood

And it's also important to have fun from time to time 😂
Spring 😍💞 Suppose, I really need to come up with some spring ideas for blog

P.S. New post is up on my blog ✨
So nice to spend my day off with family and have a lazy Sunday ✨😻
#tbt one more pic from Cyprus, a little bit of summer-y mood to the dashboard. 🌍 My new post about my trip to #Cyprus is already on my blog, so if you would like to know some ideas what to do on the island and where to eat in #AyiaNapa - Check it out! ✨

#tbt Was scrolling pics from the last year's trip to Cyprus and saw pics of these lovely cats which lived  the hotel's territory.

They're so fun and cute ❤️ Especially the little one, he was full of joy and always played. It was entertaining to watch and admire ✨

#travel_limbria #Cyprus #AyiaNapa #cats
Spring is coming✨ but I'm already in this wonderful spring/floral/bright mood

Didn't think that bright colored hair can increase your mood so much 😼