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Organic Cafe + Pressed Juicery with locations in Northern Arizona. Love your body, feed your soul.


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A LITTLE BIT OF WARMTH :: a reminder of the warmth to come. Vibrant juices loaded with organic vegetables, fruits, leafy greens and herbs. Take your pick! #loveyourbody #feedyoursoul #coldpressedjuice
COZY :: cold out there, warm in here. Hot daily soup, avocado toast and waffles galore. Did we mention tonics and coffee? (RG @kendallgalat) #hotdrinks #cozy #flagstaff
SEX DUST IS FOR LOVERS :: get dosed up. Happy love day. #valantinesday #sexdust
MATCHA MAGIC :: make your matcha work for you! Add collagen, spirulina or reishi for an extra special lift! #matcha
GOODS :: internal and external health and beauty collide. Supplements, lotions and potions. All natural, clean and glorious. (RG @hotofftheskillet )
RISE WITH THE SUN :: and join us for a superfood spiked latte. #turmeric #sundays #riseup
IT’S WARM IN HERE :: Get out of the cold! Join us for a cozy breakfast. Gluten free, vegan, no processed sugars, house made, love filled. #waffles #localjuicery
SWEETNESS :: we love you all so much. Thanks for making Local a part of your day. (RG @_tarynshank)
MATCHA SHINE :: because the sun is hiding today. Come get a little liquid lift. #matcha #latte #feedyoursoul
PB+J VIBES. Thanks for the snap of this most delightful smoothie @iantothewild. If ya’ll haven’t, you should. #vegan #organic #epic
NEW NEW NEW :: we just launched our new website (link in profile) along with two new food based cleanses. The Beauty Cleanse for brides, for glowing smooth skin, for a happy tummy and The Active Cleanse for athletes, for new mothers, for nourishing the whole body. #cleanse #feedyoursoul #loveyourbody
FEED YOUR SOUL :: It’s so much more than just the food. How are you nurturing you today? (RG @shhannonsipes) #sedona #feedyoursoul #nature