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Going through old paintings and drawings this weekend.  What do you do with old works- toss or keep?
I窶冦 getting excited for our loose watercolor floral workshop on Monday night!  #watercolorflowers #artworkshop #watercolorpainting #artstudio
More painting prep for upcoming workshops #acrylicpainting #floralpaintingworkshop #artstudio
Painting more crystals in prep for an upcoming workshop where we talk art, chakras, and Reiki #soexcited
Note to self: take the time to matte more drawings for more students, they just look so amazing at that finished state. #artistsoninstagram
Blind contour and modified blind contour during warmups in Beginning Drawing today
Desk view from last night- brainstorming some new ideas
Playing around on wood slices for a new workshop this Spring
Practice makes perfect.  I feel strongly in providing students (young and old) with high quality material in supplies as well as content.  A lot goes in preparing for providing those experiences and I love that part just as much.  Cheers to a weekend of trial and error, over preparing, and having fun while doing it!
Been painting some gems and crystals to try out some ideas for an upcoming workshop where we talk crystals, chakras, and Reike - stay tuned!  #amythyst
I took a Lettering workshop last night and it was so renewing- A reminder to all to try new things and put your creative needs first every now and then.  #momartist #artstudio #lettering
Collage works from MAKEart this week after looking at the artworks by Petra Ferweda and Ingela Arrhenius.  We focused on color scheme, composition, and harmony and I think they turned out spectacular #collage #colortheory #artstudioforkids #artteachersofinstagram