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Thank you to everyone who voted me #choicescifitvactor and more importantly, voted all of us #choicescifitvshow! For all the hours and hours of creative effort and hard work from hundreds of people, I'm beyond thrilled at the impact our show has had.

To the amazing people who helped make this show, and to the cast who made this an incredible experience, thank you. We're all looking forward to 12 more episodes that I know will be most fun 12 hours of your darn life. Watch with us and keep in touch! 
Shadowhunters fans, you've made this amazing! If you see me, say hello!

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You love it.
Primate hand.
Long haired mountain goat. Comes with the cat combo meal.

Photo @eskim0oo
Budapest cat.
Melissa and Tinkerbell of Corte Capitani.
Bear hug
If she looks away long enough I can steal her beer.
Greece heightening.
Stupid gravity.
Not sure on his name but he's a great boy.
Don't be so modest. She made varsity.