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Jumuah Mubarak 🌼 May Allah SWT protect and guide all of us and may He accept all of our supplications In Shaa Allah 😊
As Received: Don't forget that today is the first lecture on Understanding Shi'asm. All the deets are on the poster 🌼
We will be hosting our Pre-Exam Khatam tomorrow AFTER ASR (4:30pm) in the J.K
 In Shaa Allah πŸ’“ Refreshments will be served ✌Please note, the J.K. is up and running again x May Allah SWT reward all those who aided in it's speedy restoration πŸ’œ
If you had plans this coming Friday night,  they've just been cancelled! Come and join @saeedmo95 and Co. as they perform at Portia Primary in Landsdowne on the 10th of November. Sheikh Ismail Londt and Sheikh Ebrahim Gabriels will be there 😊
Jumuah Mubarak to one and all! May Allah SWT shower His choicest blessings upon us In Shaa Allah πŸ’œ Remember to join us for Jumuah at the UWC Sport's Stadium In Shaa Allah 🌼
We would like to wish Nabeelah Jhetam well on her journey as one of SASCO's first Muslim Representatives on their Committee.  We ask that The Almighty grants her success in all that she does and may He also make it easy for them to fulfill their promises made to students πŸ’œ
Jumuah Lecture to be rendered by Sheikh Abubakr Abduroaf. Come early for the Qira'ah πŸ’œ
If you've lost something in the J.K this week, this is for you ✌️🏾
UCT MSA will be having a Salaah Workshop this coming Saturday. Come and join them from 8:30am - 12:30pm πŸ’œ
Why not swap your lunch for something sweet? Come and grab a cupcake (or two) at the Dentistry Faculty's Cake Sale that's taking place in the Library Courtyard from 1pm πŸ’œ See you there 🌷
With the 28th just around the corner, don't forget to register online at or give them a call on 0216336413. Remember, all funds raised via entry fees go to charity 🌷
Vice Chair of @msacape Mustafa Al Obaidy on the topic of #Peace #Love #Happiness